Kids Clothing and Toy Store Opening on Clinton Ave.

Brooklyn Junior, maker of children’s clothing and longtime vendor at The Brooklyn Flea, is taking the next step forward with the opening of its first store in the former Little House on Clinton space at 150 Clinton Avenue just north of Myrtle. In addition to its own line of t-shirts, onesies and kimonos, they’ll be selling a selection of toys, games and accessories. The store opening is scheduled for Halloween night. GMAP

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  • that location is going to be killer (in the bad sense). Hope the rent is low enough and they have enough savings to allow the biz to build up the word of mouth. Hope they do well but not sure if that location is good or not for that kind of retail

  • noice! who’s wee ones?

  • quote:
    t-shirts, onesies and kimonos


    what are onesies btw? and do babies need to be so fabulous these days?


  • onesies are the bodysuits w/ snaps on the bottom that babies wear, they are very convenient.
    And shouldn’t everybody want to look fabulous?

    It is going to be a store and workshop where most of the clothes will be made.
    fyi it is my wife’s business.

  • dear husband of lady opening this store:

    ignore the other comment. it’s a great location, filling a major void in north clinton hill. clinton hill is swimming with kids these days and “still hip” is killing it (in the good way). bon chance.

  • My kids wear clothes from this company and they are FABULOUS!
    They have done great at the Brooklyn Flea so hopefully people will shop here too. The owners happen to be lovely people so here’s hoping they do well.
    I’ve been on a strict lemon juice diet the last few months so I can squeeze into their onesies. THAT’S how fabulous they are!

  • “ignore the other comment” – stop preaching ignorance cause head in the ground doesn’t help the dude & his wife with success at this biz. I hope the store does well – ie a store front doing well is always a ton better an empty one and this kind of retail is missing in that area.

    nyurb, I walk/drive by those blocks all the time and live close by so just giving some honest opinion here. customers via the normal street traffic is going to be low (ie most of the traffic on those blocks are people looking to eat at one of the establishments and most are not ones pushing strollers). Glad to see your wife is using the location primarily as the production facility vs. store front for walk-in traffic – sounds like she got the right idea. good luck

  • It’s a modern world and the internet is a wonderful thing. We are not expecting make it entirely on foot traffic in the beginning.
    We live in and love the neighborhood and the space is perfect for us.

  • nyurb, you & wife should pass out some flyers or even show off the merchandise during the daytime on halloween – do it near 313 clinton ave where there’ll be tons of young kids and parents watching the halloween shows and believe those blocks will be sealed off to traffic. besides the shows, there should be some other performers on the blocks too

  • i have an 11 mo. old and live on the CH/BS border. i am so there. i think. this is probably a 15 min walk for me.

  • m4l: what halloween shows?

  • blowfish, every yr, the residents of 313 clinton puts out some really nice halloween displays on the lot and also puts on ~20 minute shows starting late afternoon/evening. this yr is 1st yr the blocks will be sealed off and carnaval performers will be entertaining the crowd. Someone was telling me some of their prior yr shows are on youtube – do a search for 313 clinton ave and see it yields any hits. there’ll be tons of babies, kids,… there

  • seen a couple of the shows… beutiful mansion, actors, and lots of special effects. it’s very impressive.

  • that is a great idea m4l

  • Oooo, fancy kids store in the hood. Should do well. Copy Area kids’ inventory more than Courderoy Kids or Acorn… you need to have some lowish ticket items for foot traffic.

  • No need to copy my inventory, there are enough lines to go around……

  • Hi, this is the lady from Brooklyn Junior.
    Thanks everyone for the input. I design, make, sew and silkscreen my own line of clothing so the store will be a bit different from the stores mentioned above. Not sure if i would call it fancy; very colorful and well made.
    With the support of our customers at the Flea our business grew and got to a point where I could not run it from our appartment and my husband’s shop. The Little House on Clinton is a great option for us.
    In addition to the Brooklyn Junior brand I will carry some toys and little kid’s accessories of mostly Brooklyn Based designers. Stop by to say hi and thanks.