Community Groups Sue City over Broadway Triangle

Opponents of the controversial plan to develop the 31-acre area of East Williamsburg called the Broadway Triangle sued the city yesterday in Supreme Court, charging racial and religious discrimination as well as failure to comply with due process. The coalition of 40 North Brooklyn community groups alleges that the plan for 1,895 new units of housing favor the Hasidic community by including a disproportionate number of three- and four-bedroom apartments to house larger Jewish families and by capping building height at eight stories, since Jews can’t take the elevator on the Sabbath. The suit points out that nearly half of the public housing in the area is currently occupied by Hasidic Jews, despite federal court orders requiring the end of discriminatory practices and despite the fact that the waiting list for such housing has remained at over 90 percent Latino and African American for more than 30 years. It also claims that the Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council and the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg received exclusive development rights in a no-bid process through their connections to Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Williamsburg), and that the city failed to submit its plans for review by Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Community Board 3, as required by land use regulations. Addressing some of these claims back in July, Councilman David Yassky (D-Williamsburg) said, “I want more housing, but I don’t want skyscrapers in the middle of Brooklyn … I can’t imagine that there are real grounds for a lawsuit.” GMAP
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  • Yassky can’t imagine? 90 percent of for 30 years convinces me.

    Hispanics have large families too, and eight stories is aethetically better. But face it, Hasidic Jews are a closed society who abide by their own laws. Clearly grounds for a lawsuit.

  • Such are the fruits of NYC’s political system that still thrives on a toxic combimation of overweaning government and a racial/ethnic spoils system.

  • 90%? That’s totally outrageous. Yet Yassky doesn’t see it? Well, bad eyesight is only one of his many problems.

  • Jews can’t take the elevator on the Sabbath? WTF? Elevators weren’t even invented in the Old Testament, Torah, or whatever the fairy tale they choose to use is called. First they can’t tear toilet paper or even change their babies diaper, and now elevators? Sheesh. Glad I’m agnostic.

  • What percentage of NYC public housing is currently black and latino?

  • being that this is a hasidic area why should it be any surprise that half the public housing in the area is for hasidics? The Marcy project are almost all Black and Latino does this mean that no more public housing for blacks and latinos should be allowed in that area? Should no more Black or Latino people be allowed to move into those projects. Black and Latino groups are living in a glass house. Who are they kidding? They are the rascist

  • But BBB, if Hasidics want to move into the Marcy projects, no one’s stopping them. The reverse is not true, apparently.

    Would you rather live in projects, American 20th century housing’s greatest error, or in low-rise single or multi-family homes?

  • williamsburgguy- Perhaps you’d like to do a little research on religious beliefs before you post in ignorance. Bitter bubble- meet willamsburgguy- I’m sure you’ll both be very happy together.

  • “Black and Latino groups are living in a glass house. Who are they kidding? They are the rascist”

    Uh what?

  • IJ- I don’t know that there is any official policy- in fact that would be unconstitutional, but I have no doubt they can make it very difficult. I’m Jewish and I hate this kind of behavior. And I’m sure many will use this thread as an opportunity to bash Jews, Blacks and Hispanics. In fact, they already started.

  • Posted by: bitter_bubble_buyer at September 10, 2009 10:49 AM:
    “being that this is a hasidic area why should it be any surprise that half the public housing in the area is for hasidics?”

    Isn’t this called racial discrimination?

  • according to there own arguments since half the public housing in the area is for Hasidics no more should be provided. Based on that premise since I am sure that half the public housing in NYC is used by Blacks and Latinos no more should be provided or it is racial discrimination

  • BBB – by saying it is “for” hasidics, i.e. set aside for one group, that is discrimination. Do you mean half of the housing there is occupied by Hasidim?

  • Ah, I actually see your point there.

  • ditto did you read the suit that is what the suit says.

  • I don’t get the elevator issue — don’t most high-rises with even a modest number of observant Jews have a Shabbas elevator that runs continuously and stops on every floor? Or am I missing something here?

  • BBB – I didn’t read the suit, just brownstoner’s summary which states that it is occupied by hasidics.

  • Boerumresident, it may not and it also depends on how orthodox or what sect. Among my people we agree to disagree :-)

  • Boerum the entire suit is stupid and outrageous. They are going to get laughed at hard for even bringing it

  • Bxgrl — Thanks. I didn’t realize there were any major sects that objected to Shabbas elevators, but you are right, the beauty of religious freedom is the right to disagree.

  • The issue as I understand it is that the area in question is mixed in terms of its residents. A large number of Hispanic families live in close proximity to a large number of Hasidic families. When public housing is built in the area one would think that the occupancy would reflect the mix in the area but apparantly it does not. The Satmar Hasidic constituents get the lion’s share of housing. They are very insular and conservative and view everyone outside their tight circle with suspicion, it is not merely an anti-Hispanic thing. They have a great deal of political and financial clout (which begs the question of why they should have public housing built for them in the first place), but in Brooklyn, no politicain will raise the question and risk alianating the Orthodox vote, or worse, be called an anti-semite in the press. That’s the reality here.

  • it’s all sh*t. These politicians should be strung up. The people getting the hand outs are THIEVES AND CRIMINALS!!!! Cannot afford kids, don’t have ’em!

    is there one single person in New York city with any kind of morals????

  • I think its a sad commentary on the state of most of our politics today that no matter what group you are, if we don’t get our way we call the other side anti-semitic or racist. Even sadder- our politicians have become so spineless they forget they have a diversity of constituents and will sell out anyone for anything.

  • “is there one single person in New York city with any kind of morals????”


  • DH- mwah ha ha ha ha ha J/Kg :-)

  • I think after the discussion, it’s worth repeating my original post (with spelling corrections!):

    “Such are the fruits of NYC’s political system that still thrives on a toxic combination of overweaning government and a racial/ethnic spoils system.”

  • Woah – Benson/Bxgrl – I think you guys just agreed on something *group hug*

  • A large amount of brooklyn Hasidics are below the federal poverty line. You can have political clout by voting as a single block, you don’t necessarily need to be that well-funded.

    I see Wine Lover is off meds

  • “is there one single person in New York city with any kind of morals????”

    Derek Jeter.

  • “A large amount of brooklyn Hasidics are below the federal poverty line”

    What’s the federal poverty line though for a family of 8?

  • The hasidic community’s clout comes from both block voting and political contributions. There are more Hispanics in Brooklyn than Hasidim and yet Hispanic groups have nowhere near the same political clout.
    In terms of the suit, most black and hispanics families tend not to be that large in NY so the question of whether the proposed apartment sizes really matches a diverse demographic is a valid question.

  • Acting as a political bloc has always been a huge issue in the Black and Hispanic communities. It is only recently that their political clout has been recognized. I say good for them.

  • Minard if they did not build housing that would allow for Hasidic families by making the apartments too small would that not be discriminatory practice?

  • The Hasidics are treating the North side of Bedford Stuyveasnt like the West Bank. Building at any cost without restrictions. They are still on pace to complete their goal, unite the Jewish communitty from Williamsburg to Brighton Beach.

    Hitler should had finished the job!

  • Woah – steps away from thread as things are about to get grimey.

  • The true face of this suit shows its face…..

  • Bubble — NYCHA has a long history of favoring whites over blacks and latinos in the distribution of “choice” public housing. In the 80s and early 90s, NYCHA actually published separate availability lists (the lists prospective tenants are given showing where there are public housing openings) with “W”s and “B”s at the top. The “W” lists were shown to whites, and the “B” lists were offered to blacks and latinos. The “W” lists routinely listed projects in Staten Island, the lower East Side and Queens (nicer projects, if you will) as available that did not appear on the “B” lists. The Legal Aid Society sued NYCHA over these practices in a case captioned Davis v. NYCHA, and to settle the suit NYCHA entered into a consent decree agreeing to offer blacks and latinos apartments in the better projects.

    The Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund also brought suit against NYCHA for giving Jewish tenants in the Williamsburg projects preferential treatment over black and latino tenants. The allegations were that Jewish tenants were allowed to bend the rules (e.g., one tenant living in a 3 bedroom apt, which is grounds for NYCHA to move the tenant to a studio or 1 bedroom) in ways that black and latino tenants couldn’t. I believe NYCHA entered into a consent decree in that case as well.

    So the fact that black and latino tenants are suspicious of NYCHA is not unfounded.

  • Wow.

    *joins dirtyhipster*

  • Crooklyn, excuse me??????

    I am making a big assumption here that you’re not a WASP and if you’re not, after Hitler finished with the Jews, guess who would be next on his list. Read a bit of History will ya?


    P.S. I don’t give a fuck if I get pelalty box for that.

  • Crooklyn, tell us a little more about yourself. You need a time out from Mr. B.

  • Kens- Crooklyn is a mere worthless P.O.S speck on the ass of a fruit fly. He would never show up, never confront anyone because people like him are cowards. They have nothing,they accomplish nothing, they are nothing.

    Oh wait- let me take the back. They do accomplish something. They make themselves look like the trash they are.

  • Crooklyn should be banned for that comment. Disgusting.

  • Why isn’t Crooklyn instantly banned? forever!

  • I agree with Biff. Crooklyn should be permanently banned from this site. I also think that if he were a man, he’d take up Kens’ offer, but of course he won’t.

  • We have an Internet thug in Kensingtonian.

    I don’t think you’ll be the one standing Dick and trust me I’ll say it to your face.

    The truth has gotten your panties wet, now you know how the rest of us minorities feel.


    Don’t listen to the Communnity board

    Don’t obey by Zoning laws

    They don’t do anything unless it directly benefits them.


  • any lunatic with an email account can post to this site. instead of getting upset, which is the intent of these types of comments, email Mr. B and i’m sure he will take down the offending comment.

  • Hey Crooklyn- unless you’re Native American you don’t belong here either. But you wouldn’t have the brains to recognize that. Ignorant jerk.

  • I would say we have a complete moron in you, Crooklyn. I’ve met Kens- your ass wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Girls…. It’s called freedom of speech. Deal with it!

    All ya had said some stupid things from time to time.

  • Not the first time this idiot has made comments about Jews. Why was he not removed the first time.?

  • Hey Moron;

    Freedom of speech relates to GOVERNMENT censorship. This is a private web-site, and Mr. B. can moderate it any way he damn pleases.

  • Not on the level you’ve stooped to. You’ve set the bar at a new low. I’d congratulate you but a schmuck like you would think it was a compliment.

    Posted by: Crooklyn at September 10, 2009 2:20 PM”

    This coming from the same person who posted:

    “Thanks Guys. I’m really looking forward to joining the community. I really love Brooklyn.
    Posted by: Crooklyn at January 7, 2009 5:44 PM in response to House of the Day: 404 Hancock Street”

    With neighbours like this…

  • did anyone actually email Mr. B? Did he respond?

  • Crooklyn you know that Spike Lee was a product of affirmitive action right?

  • anti-semetic remarks are bad… mmmmmkay??

  • I emailed him.

    BBB- that has nothing to do with Crooklyn. Crooklyn is a brainless, no talent, uneducated neo nazi who is an embarrassment to Spike Lee. Don’t use racism to argue with him- it gives him fuel for his misbegotten worldview.

  • Whatever!
    This is not a jewish site so stop it. I swallowed all the negative Black and Latino remarks for years.
    So what’s the difference?

    Bitter Bubble
    and specially Kesnington

    Stick to the topic at hand. talknerdytome made a great argument. Can we continue please……….

  • Crooklyn, speak for your words. My email is We can meet any place anytime. You can say that to my face you Anti-Semitic piece of trash.

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  • Stick to the topic? Why don’t you take your own advice And don’t even give us that “I’ve swallowed remarks” crap. You’ve got some real social and psychological issues- you think anyone in their right mind would think you are capable of a rational conversation after that Hitler remark? Wow- you’re even dumber than I thought- and I didn’t give you the brain capacity of a paramecium before.

  • Crooklyn do you know what Hitler thought of Black people? Have you ever read a book?

  • I say whatever I feel. I don’t think you want to take it there Kensingtonian. TRUST ME!

    I Don’t like how the Jews do whatever they want with out any restrictions.

    I also don’t like the Niggers that dont work, but want to make noice all night in front of my “Brownstone”.

    I also don’t like Puerto Ricans who live by the system form generation to generation.

    I also don’t like that Rich Hipters kid that dresses like abum and think he looks cool.

    So is my opinion WTF? I said it….

    Go rat on me Bxgirl, hope Mr.B doesnt punish me.

  • Ironically enough, Hitler hated Blacks as much as Jews. Jews were just easier to target and blame for all the mess that was going on in Germany.

    Bxgrl, I think he is just jealous cause I have box seats at Jay Z concert tomorrow and he couldn’t even get seats in the 400 section.

  • oh man, this is the time I wish The What was back. I never thought I would say it.

  • Crook,

    Free speech is a two-way street. You say something as hostile, offensive and disgusting as your Hitler remark, you are going to get called on it. Everyone who called you on it is exercising speech as well. And by the way, this is not a public forum. No one has free speech rights on someone else’s blog.

    Kens, a bunch of us will advocate for you if Mr. B bans you. Those were fighting words you responded to.


    It was a dumb and tasteless remark.

    Hey it lit a fire on a boring day here on Brownstoner. Keep on blogging.

  • Crooklyn what about the black people who could not get into NYU without affirmitive action like Spike Lee?

  • Kens- :-)

    Bet he doesn’t know the story of Jesse Owens and how he shamed Hitler in the Olympics either. But what can you expect from an uneducated dolt?

    Crooklyn- it seems you are incapable of even comprehending what you said. You’re a sociopath without any intelligence. You’re just another nazi freak and I don’t care what your skin color is. You’re a nazi freak. Freak being the operative word.

  • BBB- don’t go there. That’s offensive and racist. Don’t stopp to Crooklyn’s level.

    Crooklyn- Go F*ck yourself.

  • FU Bxgirl

    I’m actually very educated and successful.

    and guess what?

    My wife is JEWISH, that would make my three kids Jewish as well so FUCK OFF!

  • Crooklyn always seemed like a total faker to me. Who makes the post “Hi, I want to contribute”? Most newbies just try to chime in on a rushing dialogue.

  • yeah you sound real smart

  • Why don’t you go and tell your wife that you hope Hitler would have killed all of her family then? Guess what numbnuts, you’re kids would be dead now too!

  • make that ‘your’.

  • I have had enough of this. Admin is an idiot to let people say stuff like this. Adios

  • I’m actually not new to brownstoner, i’ve been a part of it for years.

    I don’t blog because I’m sick and tired of the same people dominating the site like they own the shit.

    Don’t some of you work?

    How you find the time to Blog all day?

  • We dunno, crooklyn. The same way you find time to promote Hitler and his policies.

    Your wife and kids are Jewish?? In a pig’s eye, you liar.

  • Bubble — I guess my white co-worker who went to Tisch and has a rich daddy but hasn’t made one film was just beat down by affirmative action. Why don’t you give it a rest with the racist commentary. You’ve been making it since this thread started. As sad as I find Crooklyn’s Hitler comment, the reality is that people like Bubble make racist comments towards black and latinos every day and it barely registers. No justification, just reality.

  • “I’m actually very educated and successful.”- Crooklyn

    mmwwaahh ha ha ha ha ha haha…gasp…hic….ha ha ha ha ha. Best joke of the day.

  • talknerdytome- I did say something- twice in fact. BBB is just as wrong. I’m as angry as anyone over the Hitler comments, but that’s no excuse for the affirmative action comments either. But yes, on a day to day, most people don’t even see it.

  • “make that ‘your’.”

    You say Your, He says Die Jew
    You say Black, He says N-Word
    Your, Die Jew, Black, N-Word
    Let’s call the whole thing off.

    Give Peace A Chance.

  • Talk what did I say that was rascist? You were compliant with the Hitler should have finished the job remark by not saying anything about it and going on and on about hw Jewish people should not get housing

  • Too late for that expert. Sad thing he would never say it to my face. Last time someone made a Jew comment in person next to me (person didn’t know I was Jewish and this was at a predominantly Turkish bday party), 4 people had to hold me down not to bash his face in.

  • I want The return of the What.

  • whether the two of you like it or not public housing is for all poor people not just Black and Latino. Get it?

  • BBB, don’t even bother. Don’t leave the site because of this. There are a lot of great people here and some of us met plenty of times outside here and everyone that I met is great. If you ever want to come out with the rest of the Brownstoners feel free to join.

    You said some things about affirmative action that can strike a nerve with some people even though I hope that you meant it well in context. I would just take that back unless you want to thoroughly explain what you meant.

  • Me too, dave. (omg- I did not say that!).

  • In before the lock/thread deletion….oh wait, I was first commenter.

  • Likewise, ROTW has a certain enthusiasm I like, and he limits his derogatory terms to things like asshat, asshead and jerk-offs.

  • He makes pretty rude comments to Montrose.

  • Well, there is that, and I would strongly prefer ROTW didn’t do that.

  • cobble, I asked him over on his blog in his “Treasury” thread to try and stop by.

  • I was making fun of Crooklyn for his list of things he did not like with the Spike Lee affirmitive action and his screen name I thought it rapped together pretty well

  • “Likewise, ROTW has a certain enthusiasm I like, and he limits his derogatory terms to things like asshat, asshead and jerk-offs.”

    And Dave.

    Still, I think Crooklyn is worse than the What. I need a de-contamination shower now. (Cobble, I’ll be in my tent if anyone is looking for me.)

  • I see that DIBS,…hmmm…dots to green to solid black. I think What is having an identity crisis!!

  • What loves you cobble. Make him come back. Who would have thought there would come a day when ass hat and ass head would seem like a fun thing to be called?

    BBB- I am just as angry as you. We lost family in the Holocaust too. But bringing up affirmative action in this context is offensive and inappropriate too. It may not be on the same level as what Crooklyn said, but why play his game? You’re better than that. And none of this has anything to do with the real issue of housing and the stupidity of greedy politicians.

  • bxgirl, thanks, i saw that and appreciated it.

    bubble, your numerous comments about how the only way blacks and latinos get anything is through affirmative action is tiresome and racist. and i specifically said that crooklyn’s hitler comment was sad, because that’s what it is.

    How you got the impressions that I went “on and on about how Jewish people shouldn’t get housing” is beyond me. My earlier comment was pretty much a recitation of allegations in lawsuits against NYCHA; lawsuits that NYCHA settled by agreeing to treat people equally, and not based on their race or ethnicity. The fact remains that NYCHA has a long history of favoring whites over blacks and latinos. NYCHA, as a government entity, must comply with the 14th Amendment (you know, to the US Constitution) and not given certain races preferences in housing.

  • “What loves you cobble. Make him come back. Who would have thought there would come a day when ass hat and ass head would seem like a fun thing to be called?”

    I wish I had the power…

  • “bubble, your numerous comments about how the only way blacks and latinos get anything is through affirmative action is tiresome and racist. ”

    Never said anything like that, clearly you are projecting

  • Dibs, what’s the address for the Blog?

  • “Never said anything like that, clearly you are projecting”

    Posted by: bitter_bubble_buyer at September 10, 2009″

    “Crooklyn what about the black people who could not get into NYU without affirmitive action like Spike Lee?”

    Posted by: bitter_bubble_buyer at September 10, 2009 2:49 PM

    “Crooklyn you know that Spike Lee was a product of affirmitive action right?”

    Posted by: bitter_bubble_buyer at September 10, 2009 2:29 PM

  • If anyone’s still reading, maybe they should actually look up Spike Lee… I do recall he was the product of a solid upper-middle class household, his father’s Bill Lee, a well-known jazz musician, and his mom was a teacher. He attended St. Ann’s in BH. So obviously he got into NYU on his own merits.

    But even if he didn’t, the vast majority of folx that go to NYU film school, or SVA, or RISD, end up without being able to have any impact at all in their line of work, let alone being a major figure like Spike.

    ENY has it down here…

  • bye bye crooklyn

    Mr. B. threw him out.

  • thanks people. I gotta check it out Asshathill sound like fun. This whole ban thing is dumb. Why ban then allow others to sneak back in and rant nonstop?

    This thread sucks matzo(sp) balls. Let B figure it out. It’s his “living room” like he wrote last year.

    That asshole maplewood guy once wrote “I was a ghetto ass wannabe because everyone on brownstoner is from one mold”. The other day this idiot calls an African American kid a “butler” then writes “jeeves fetch me a 40”. There was no cavalry to the rescue or Stoner outcry for a ban.

  • “The other day this idiot calls an African American kid a “butler” then writes “jeeves fetch me a 40″. There was no cavalry to the rescue or Stoner outcry for a ban.”

    I missed that thread jack — where was that. Mr. B should know about that for sure.

  • bklyn sales under a million 9/8

  • Ah, I found it, Uh, that was butterfly aka Rob. And that was offensive and he was called out on it, and he just came off a ban. So he may be ‘laying the hay’ for being banned again.

  • yea called out then he revised his statement with more ignorance…. Anyway let freedon ring.

  • Rob is “making his own bed” as they say. And he’ll get banned again, and again. And maybe one day he’ll wise up. Or I hope anyway.

    “let freedom ring.” You remind me of a friend of mine.

  • Oh, and I saw that maplewood guy thread, he was a huge headache.

  • Jack slade-just got in and only wanted to add that I was only one of several people who called him out on that comment. After awhile it feels like your head wants to explode from the stupidness that gets written here. I don’t care if people want to disagree about politics, health care, if the sky is blue- but what some people actually feel comfortable writing in terms of racism and anti-semitism is appalling. And I’ve made no bones about it.

    What is heartening is how many other people will take them to task for it. Maybe those are battles we need to have in public so people don’t think it’s ok to say things like the hitler comment or the butler comment. Maybe some of them will even think next time. (One can hope).

  • Yeah a bunch of cowardly jokers from the same shitty mold.

    I think a “flush the toilet” button would work much better than a ban.

  • “cowardly jokers”

    It’s true, they wouldn’t have the ‘uhm-you-know-what to say these things face to face.

    “I think a “flush the toilet” button would work much better than a ban.”

    Can we have a graphic with that! I’ll help make it! : )