Fires Break Out in Cobble Hill

We received a tip last night at 7:29 p.m. that Smith Street was shut down with fire trucks outside of Brooklyn Industries at Atlantic Avenue. Our tipster said there was no visible smoke, but a plethora of firemen and trucks. No one seems to have an image yet, but we learned that another fire broke out this morning around 6:45 a.m. (this is an estimate) at Smith and Warren, at the new townhouses. Flickr user happyrobot captured the fire and uploaded the image to our Flickr pool. These are obviously two unrelated incidents, but does anyone out there in cyberspace know more about either fire? Let us know in the comments section.
Photo by Rich at, Brownstoner Flickr pool

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  • That’s a serious fire. And, there don’t seem to be any firemen around

  • bk industries employees smokin’ doobies on the roof?

  • passed by around 7:45am, still a ton of firetrucks on scene but looked to be under control at that point.

  • i saw the fire this morning from my window on Atlantic & Court. Firemen contained in quickly once they got there but there was crazy smoke and flames for about 15-20 minutes. The smoke smelled heavily of rubber, almost like a car fire, but obvioulsy this was building that burned. Maybe started with construction materials?

  • I heard that the evening fire was in the basement of the Brooklyn Industries building. Pacifico and its family of restaurants were told to evacuate their customers and employees.

  • I could be wrong but that does not look like Smith and Warren to me

  • you are wrong.

  • CG_ups, please come back to the OT. We miss you.

  • I live on Wyckoff right off of Smith, and I can see that rooftop from my apartment (I’m on the 4th floor of my building). I totally DID NOT see that fire this morning nor did I smell anything, and I was awake then. ??? Very curious to see what’s up when I get home from work today…

  • Look like those newish condos on north side of Warren.
    Where people do have roof gardens. Did anyone have propane tanks up there for grilling maybe?

    Only comes to mind because new next door neighbors to me have a gas grill on steel terrace(a.k.a. expanded fire escape) which is maybe 8 feet from building ( and probably 15 feet from my bedroom window).

  • B-O-D ;

    Here is why I do not beleive that is warren and Smith.

    Warren goes THROUGH Smith – but in the picture I clearly see the rear of some Brownstones where I should see Smith going West

    The building on the North Side of Warren is a low rise building facing Smith with a commercial tenant – here it looks like it faces Warren and it is not commercial.

    Finally the condos on the North Side of Warren (with the roof decks) have a Gabled look and I beleive you can see them a block or two away in the background.

    now please stop being a DICK and try to figure out where this really happened or just STFU

  • Petebklyn – I always see people up on that roof grilling.

  • That is Smith & Warren. You can see Wycoff Gardens in the background and you’re seeing the backs of the buildings on the west side of Smith (the umbrella.) I live on Smith & Wycoff and I just went to the roof to see if I could see anything and I can see some fire damage. I’m going to get my camera and take pictures.

  • fsrg – there is no conspiracy here. I live right behind this building and called 911 just after 6:45 this morning to report this fire.

    daveinbedsty – the FDNY response time appeared to be awesome (though someone may have called before me). When I dialed 911 I could only see smoke looking out a second floor window, and within a couple of minutes the whole mid-section of the roof had exploded into flames – this pic was taken about a minute before FD started hosing it down (that grey staircase in the foreground was totally scorched). It was pretty crazy how fast it all happened.

  • sorry frsq…still looks like pic of back of those condos on Warren just west of Smith taken by someone looking southeast from back of a building on Wyckoff..
    keep looking left in pic down warren and see the tops of new rental east of Smith and the top of school that spans baltic/warren.
    And just over the rooftop of fire – you see the top of the RiteAid building . Very bottom left are rear of buildings on Smith.

  • This is definitely the condos on the N Side of Warren Street, between Smith & Court (but close to Smith). I used to live at 303 Warren, in the unit (2nd from right) that had roof rights to the back of the roof where you see the umbrella silhouetted against the fire. This is a view from the back side (not from Warren St), from the direction of Court St, looking west torward the Gowanus Houses. Very scary to see this — hoping our old friends and neighbors in the complex are all ok!

  • OK, not to be a huge jerk, but karynb, if you live on WycKoff, you might want to learn how to spell the name of the street on which you live. Just sayin’.

  • Whoops. I always forget the damn K. I live on Smith.

  • Ok ok – got it now – the backs are the midblock rear of Smith – looking from Wycoff – sorry for my confusion
    see BOD all you have to do is be nice enough to explain instead of being a snarky…well…dick

  • fsrq – eff it, it’s friday and i’m going on vacation for the next 2 weeks so i’ll be as snarky as i wanna be.

  • Okay, these aren’t the best, but…

    I walked over the rooftops and I’m standing on the building above the meat market. So, the retaining wall you see in the foreground is the roof of the Starbucks building. I probably could’ve climbed over the wall and taken these from the roof of Starbucks building, but I’m kind of afraid of heights. (I know, TMI show me the pictures already.)

    Click all sizes and view the original file to get a better look.

    I’m not a fireman but I did see Backdraft, and it looks like the fire originated over on the right by the yellow thing. And it seems to have occurred only on the roof.

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands today. Back to work.

  • so much arguing about a location. Boy, am I glad I never argue about such petty things :)

  • “now please stop being a DICK and try to figure out where this really happened or just STFU”

    What were you expecting? He/she is not merely a dick, but a BOWL of dicks!

  • RE: Senor FSRG + Location debating.
    Yes, as others have said, those are the new townhouse type things that went in on Warren btw Smith and Court. Across the street from the Emergency Vet place. Next door to the carriage house that was a french restaurant for a year or two. And the puppy day care.
    I was facing SE when I took the photos.

    Here’s a map with a little fire icon on it:,-73.991928&spn=0.001556,0.001902&z=19

  • Also, someone mentioned possible construction materials…
    That section of the roof was very well appointed. Lots of tables, chairs, umbrellas, awnings, grills.
    I haven’t seen construction happening over there for a while. It was probably just all the handsome outdoor furniture you were smelling.