The Carlton Avenue Bridge: Closed Through 2011

The Carlton Avenue Bridge, west of Vanderbilt Avenue, was closed in January 2008, and the DOT announced this year that construction on the bridge should be complete by January 2010. The Atlantic Yards Report points out, however, that the DOT has “quietly advanced” the completion date to January 2011. The Report also suspects that the date will in actuality be later still, due to details in the filed documents and communications regarding the bridge: Forest City Ratner, the developer of the Atlantic Yards project, has three years to complete the bridge without penalty, but is trying to take advantage of a loophole by claiming Unavoidable Delay, which would extend the deadline to 2013.
The Carlton Avenue Bridge Closure [Atlantic Yards Report]
Photo by Tracy Collins

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  • Never cared for that bridge anyway… keep those Fort Greene types on their own side of Atlantic Avenue!!

  • Seems you can’t see “Atlantic Yards” in a sentence without seeing the word “loophole” before the next sentence begins!!

  • What is Fort Greene type?

  • Ratner can’t (or won’t) finish the bridge. And someone thinks he can finish AY within 20 years? Between this and trying to finagle new terms with the MTA over payments, how is it our esteemed elected officials and the ESDC aren’t questioning his ability to complete AY?

  • fine by me. would love to be able to walk across it, but most importantly it keeps carlton traffic down and pushes it to flatbush and vanderbilt, where it should be.

  • the “Atlantic Yards Report” points out……now there is a unbiased fair evenhanded report if there ever was one.

    “Seems you can’t see “Atlantic Yards” in a sentence without seeing the word “loophole” before the next sentence begins!!” – not on this site or from DDDB you won’t.

  • Petebklyn, are you suggesting that documents and email lie? or that you didn’t read the post Brownstoner is pointing to?

  • You may not like DDDB and they are quite open about where their sentiments lie- but they also back it up with proof and documentation. And if you never see AY in a sentence without “loophole”, maybe it’s because Ratner makes so much use of them.

  • Unavoidable Delay = Daniel Goldstein.

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • they back up with proof and documentation and slant and spin
    (ex “quietly advanced”). No perspective on how other major projects get done or all the complications that can happen along way. (have you even done a small renovation on own property you’d know what I mean).
    Their attitude (and many Brownstoner commentors) is whatever and no matter he does is wrong. They remind me of Lou Dobbs or O’Reilly. They can twist and innuendo and make anything sound like some big conspiracy. And how they use our legal system to thwart every step borders on abusive.
    Goldstein and his followers are very much the my way or the highway types. Working with pols, developers and community they would have had a more positive effect. Many of us who don’t support this project entirely became totally turned off by their behavior.

  • an advocacy group with an opinion and point of view? how dare they! how dare they in Bloomberg’s City!

  • I was very upset by the needless bridge closing and was quite vocal about it. I and other pedestrians used that bridge almost daily. No provision was put in place for pedestrians.

    As I pointed out when they were threatening and then delaying the closing and then (in my opinion, needlessly…oh, I said that already) destruction of this bridge, it seemed very much like a cynical move to demoralize the neighborhoods surrounding it which use the bridge, helped “give the impression” that “something was going on/moving forward”, and was even a “we’re more powerful than you” message they didn’t mind communicating to the community.

    It was clearer than clear that the closing and then destruction of the bridge was premature and that the handwriting was very much on the wall by that time…that once the bridge was removed, it would be a decade or longer before anything would replace it…unless of course, they manage to deck the entire yard for parking…but if they do, why couldn’t they leave the bridge anyway?

    What? The excuse they needed to remove it to work on infrastructure and moving tracks?…that’s seemingly a large dose of baloney. The bridge barely spanned any tracks. Only one used track swooped along the wall on one side of the bridge. The LIRR trains generally use tracks that are under Atlantic Avenue.

    Anyway, the distance you have to walk either to Vanderbilt or to 6th Avenue (which South Portland runs into) is huge. The Carlton Avenue bridge was my best route to the businesses on Flatbush and Seventh Avenue in Park Slope.

    Aggravated Lady in Fort Greene

  • “Quietly advanced” is accurate. Neither the ESDC nor the DOT announced the new target date, and DOT reps held a community meeting in June.

    Norman Oder
    Atlantic Yards Report

  • What Petebklyn said.

  • Sorry pete- but everything you said about DDDB is just as easily applied to ratner. And I admire DDDB for not lying down and taking it, and for speaking out on the back room deals, the shady politics and the abuse of eminent domain. DDDB was never given the opportunity to work with the pols or the developers because they had already decided AY was a done deal. Even the best laid plans of mice and men…

  • Another long-winded, poorly-written “column” by blogger Norman “OCD” Oder. I chuckled at the insinuation that these anti-AY types offer “proof”. In fact, DDDB, No land grab and ay report do nothing but cross-reference one another. On any given day, 50 to 60 percent of the posts are simply links to the ay report, which is the biased ramblings of a guy who probably hasn’t been laid in the past 10 years.

  • Re Big Jugs: “In fact, DDDB, No land grab and ay report do nothing but cross-reference one another.”

    Norman “thank goodness for OCD” Oder gets his information from the ESDC, DOT and public documents. NLG and DDDb often reprint what Oder writes.

    If you disagree with his conclusions, please back it up by going to the primary documents he refers to. Oder comes up with an astounding amount of original investigative reporting.