229 North 8th Goes Rental

229-north-8th-street-0809.jpg229 North 8th, the Karl Fischer-designed condominium building that went on the market over a year ago (and underwent some price cuts earlier this month), has begun listing open units as rentals this week. The prices vary, but center around $2,500 for the one-bedrooms (around 700 square feet) and $3,500 for the two-bedrooms (around 1,100 square feet), according to aptsandlofts.com. The rentals are also listed on Craigslist, and it seems that the units are still on sale as well, with prices from $465,000 to $699,000, according to StreetEasy. Also courtesy of StreetEasy, the reason it’s gone rental: No units are in contract. GMAP
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  • $2,500 for a 700 sq ft one bedroom…can get that on UES or UWS

    “No units are in contract.”


    I suspect I’ll be on the same side as BHO, brickoven, What and cornerbodega on this one….my usual compadres!!!!

  • “$2,500 for a 700 sq ft one bedroom…can get that on UES or UWS”

    Lots of people would rather live in a tent in Bushwick rather then live on the UES/UWS, so your point is moot dave!

    I looked at this building – the apts were pretty nice but waaay overpriced. I think they wanted approx 460k for the one bedrooms. It’s also across the street from the very noisy bar K&M which blasts it’s music every night

    2500 is prolly 300 bucks a month over priced.

  • “I suspect I’ll be on the same side as BHO, brickoven, What and cornerbodega on this one….my usual compadres!!!!”

    No Dave it’s “Green Shoots” right #%^^&&*** Jackass!

    “$2,500 for a 700 sq ft one bedroom…can get that on UES or UWS”

    I see the crack wearing off, that’s nice..

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

  • You can fit at least 4 bone thin hipsters into a 2500 1 bed. They get 1500 a month from mom and dad for life so they can afford to live here and not work one day in there life. :)

  • If anyone thinks relative rents of neighborhoods in Brooklyn to that of UES are UWS are unimportant (or that DIBS point is moot) to the prospect of them renting or selling, you do not understand NY Real Estate. You, personally, might not want to live on the UES or UWS, but it remains a fact that for a significant portion of the population, Brooklyn has always been and will be, a cheaper than Manhattan alternative. Just like the rent-versus-own equilibrium will return, so will the Manhattan-versus-Brooklyn. No knock on Brooklyn (where I’ve been for 12+ years), just a supply and demand fact.

  • Brokedeveloper most of the demand for Brooklyn came from people being priced out of Manhattan. Now they are being priced back in. Nobody will argue that. I dont know how the hell they expect to rent this place out for 2500 they only have a couple of weeks left of the peak rental season.

  • [Dave passes Skittles to brickoven and What]

  • K&M really isn’t that loud. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Many/most of the apartments would not be affected by K&M. I have friends that live across the street from K&M, and they say only once in awhile are there loud people outside. K&M isn’t really crazy. FYI – i love K&M – great place especially when the weather is good and all their windows are open. Like the tables out front too. Usually there’s good music. Nominate for Brownstoner get together.

    Back to the building — Given that this is new, has parking, and is a couple blocks from the Driggs entrance of the Bedford L, suspect with the right pricing, easy to rent.

    considering that i know people renting one bedroom walk-ups in beat up old townhouses for $2500 per month in north Williamsburg, don’t think that a brand new apt at the price is so crazy.

    anyway, if this is too high, they lower it.

    FYI – comparing living in Williamsburg to living on the UES or UWS is hysterical!! as dirty points out. Basically no F’in way!! there is no scenario EVER where i live on the UES or UWS. i doubt there is much if any crossover between populations. uptown is siberia.

    the downtown/LES market for apts is more applicable to WB. BUT the Manhattan downtown market is still way more money to rent in than Williamsburg. In 1996 I was paying $2900 a month for a one bedroom in Gramercy. it was nice of course.

  • winelover you can get a 1 bed in Stuy town for 2200 and that would be a better comparison of where else people that would live in williamsburg would live in Manhattan.

  • ok, forget the comparison to the UES or UWS. A better comparision would be the LES or EV. And similarly sized newly renovated 1 bedrooms in elevatored buildings in those neighbourhoods are renting for less than $2500 now.

    They need to throw in 2 months free rent before this makes sense. However, there are hipsters with rich parents who would pay this.

  • I’d love to see wine lover in Stuy Town. i bet he wouldn’t last a week.

    You wouldn’t fit in on the UWS or UES because there really aren’t a lot of racists there.

  • The apts. in stuy town are much nicer then this going by the pictures and the electricty is included and they are bigger. 2500 I think not

  • Another day in the life of the collapse…

    (bottleneck forming at the entrance to the rental market – single file line please…no pushing!)

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Stuy Town? Are you f*ckin kidding me?

  • dirty have you ever been in the apts. ? They are good size and they are nice.

  • BHO, why are you under this impression that all homeowners are going to abandon their homes and start renting?? Can you not see the fact that inventory is soooo low in the brownstone market???

  • Yeah – they are really nice.

    On second though – you’re probably right. I didn’t realize rents have dropped that low on one bedrooms in ST/PCV. Are they really 2,200 now? I remember when they first started renovating them they were charging approx 2800 – 3000 for the one bedrooms closer to 1st ave.

  • y’all are on crack…. UES my ass, wouldn’t live there if you paid a sista.
    (noise from vagina) Willybee? Maybe. but i want a little sumthin more..gimme a free month like everyone else (vagina fart) & i’ll cunsider it.

  • Dirty they start at 2200 in stuy town and 2600 for Peter Cooper. The one Beds in Peter Cooper are HUGE. I know that complex is ugly looking when you pass by but the apts. are very nice inside.

  • whoa. i think i have a crush on you queef lateefa (great name btw!)


  • Qeef…we don’t like that kind of talk on the real estate threads. that said, you are welcome to join us in the OT and cf to your heart’s content. :)

  • “dirty have you ever been in the apts. ? They are good size and they are nice.”

    True. I have a cousin who lives there. Free flatscreen to boot.

    “BHO, why are you under this impression that all homeowners are going to abandon their homes and start renting?? Can you not see the fact that inventory is soooo low in the brownstone market???”

    You misunderstood me. I’m talking about developers entering the ‘rent-out’ market. Everyday it’s somebody else.

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Come on Wine Lover – keep it real!

    I love K&M too – but it is a loud place. Anyone who looks at these apts and aren’t familiar with the neighborhood might rent a 2nd floor apt with their bedroom facing Driggs not realizing the unassuming perogi place across the street is actually a hoppin night club.

  • and by driggs i obviously mean Roebling

  • hey brickoven, what…do you work in the stuytown sales office or something? :) but seriously, it’s $2,245 *NET EFFECTIVE* rent. you get two months “free” rent which come at the *end* of the lease. so you basically move in and start paying $2,694/month which is a sizable $450 spread from what you thought you were going to be carrying. and then wait until you see that lease renewal after year 1. my year-over-year lease renewals for a 1BDRM went like this before i left: 2450->2700->3000+

  • I’ve been inside apartments in Stuy Town. Yes they’re pretty big. Yes the location is great. Unfortunately, it feels like there’s always a dark cloud over that place. Weirds me out.

  • Jimmy If they do that with the rent its a shame.

  • I’m getting sick of the knee-jerk insertion of the word “hipsters” into anything Wburg related. Buildings like this are not really renting to ‘hipsters’ or these mythical trust-funded faux bohemians. They’ll rent to post-college professionals, NYU and New School students, youngish people with salaried jobs who want to be near the nightlife action. If they can fill the super-pricey Avalon on the LES, I imagine this will do fine as a rental (the idea of anyone buying in it is laughable), especially if the one-bedrooms allow wall-building.

    That said (and I live near the Lorimer L, so I walk by here a lot) it sure would be depressing to be surrounded by so many windswept, syringe-littered mud pits.