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  • say what you will about Lundy’s, but i really miss the place.

    nothing like stopping there on the way back from a day at jacob riis for some ice cold bud light and oysters at the bar.

  • Lundy’s was overpriced crap, roll and roster had better food.

  • Glad they could save the interiors. I missed Lundy’s golden years; it’s a shame they weren’t able to reinvent it as a GOOD restaurant.

  • I have very fond memories of going to Lundy’s with my grandmother and getting the “surf & turf.” The service there was always slow because the waiters had to line up in the kitchen to pay for the food out of their own pockets, to be reimbursed when the customer paid the bill.

  • “Lundy’s was overpriced crap, roll and roster had better food.”

    Go suck some balls!!! Lundy’s was great!!!! Wow the Asshats have killed everything Albee Square Mall, Coney Island and now Lundy’s. Please let’s have a depression!!!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • Lundy’s was good.. Roll n Rosters is GREAT…


    The Best Food In Sheepshead Bay

    I might not know “everything” about real estate, but I know my calamari…


  • I used to love going to Lundy’s with my parents and grandmother in the ’60s. Their biscuits were the best!

  • Love the interior. Never saw, or ate at the original, but always heard from people who loved it.

    The photog took some great shots, capturing some great details. He really did love those baskets hanging from the ceiling, though.

  • What, I’ll see you at Mama Leones!