Presenting the New McCarren Pool

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All things McCarren were revealed at Tuesday night’s Community Board 1 meeting. Architects from Rogers Marvel and Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel presented renderings (above) and divulged details, many of which were documented in an email from Mikki Halpin of the group PoolAid and posted on Gowanus Lounge. A few highlights:
  – The $50 million in funding is secure
  – Pool should be open in two years
  – Pool should hold 2,500 people (that’s a lot of pee!)
  – Main building will house gym and rec center
  – Cabanas will be built as changing rooms
  – No diving pool; volleyball court instead
  – Bathrooms to be built at end if money remains

Sounds good to us.
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  • “Bathrooms to be built at end if money remains.”

    If not, just use the pool!

  • ugh i had a nice long comment before but it didnt go thru and i got logged out. anyway gist, that pool is goingto be gross. i hate curbed but it was a funny thread on this yesterday and spot on. sprinklers are better. pools are gross. i loved the sprinklers in harlem everyone joined in. and why do people who make renderings pick the biggest snowflakes ever to cut and paste onto them!?!?


  • As a Red Hook pool regular, I will be unhappy if this pool gets full lifeguard coverage before we do. On the hottest days, with an insanely crowded pool, they never open more than half the pool (plus lap lanes).

  • in this case the biggest snowflakes will make up a good amount of pool users – those blonde poles with the ultra-white skin

  • those indicate trees, rob, not snowflakes.

    And what’s with the bathrooms? Maybe they’ll get built? That’s totally dumb.!

  • i cant imagine that not having bathrooms would even bring the facility to code. if its true, this should be a BYOE-coli remedy.

  • be honest. do you pee in the pool? i do. that’s what chlorine is for.


  • Actaully urine is basically sterile, so thats not what chlorine is for.

    (if your healthy it is anyway).

  • From India: “In other news (perhaps not entirely unrelated) the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India’s Hindu nationalist group, has decided to start marketing a soft drink that contains cow urine. They see it as a refreshing alternative to Coke or Pepsi.”

    No comment.

  • Are they seriously allowed to build a public facility without restrooms?

    Even beaches have restrooms.

  • It was only a matter of time before good, sound public policy dictated the City be held responsible for bathing hipsters.

  • Kinda sad to see the pool parties go. Local businesses will definitely miss them, as they would bring lots of people into the neighborhood that wouldn’t normally be there. The people who use the pool will likely be the ones who utilize the park the most – locals.

  • I know this echos so many other posts and thoughts, but seriously, this pool will be so incredibly gross. The renderings should have included some floating turds and teenagers doing some underwater humping (as regularly seen in the Red Hook pool).

    No thanks.

  • The Astoria pool (which is huge) seems fine. I’ve been there twice with the kids when we can’t make it to the beach for whatever reason. Both times were good, clean water, no loutish behavior.

  • There will be restrooms no matter what for those who are using the pool or the gym or the rec center. The question is whether there will be a restroom open to the greater public using the park. Hope that is clear. –Mikki/

  • This will challenge the Gowanus’ top spot for Brooklyn’s #1 cesspool. The pee will only be a small component of the extraordinary infestation.

  • I remember the days of floating turds and underwater humping at Red Hook Pool, but it hasn’t been like that for quite a while. They police that place very strictly, and they mean it when they make this announcement on the loudspeaker every twenty minutes:

    “No male to female contact. No male to male contact. No female to female contact. Keep your hands, and the love, to yourself!”

    And maybe one benefit of the economic collapse will be that it becomes easier to fill lifeguard positions. For the last several years, the Parks Department has been bringing them in from Poland and Ireland, since local kids either didn’t know how to swim, or would rather do an internship at Lehman Brothers.

  • Unless your skin is somehow not waterproof I wouldn’t worry yllbdll

  • dittoburg, got a fetish for those nice blonde poles ??????

  • No, not into white people myself.

  • [sound of heart breaking]

  • err …I meant not into white girls.

  • Pools are good, but my problem is that if it’s like the rest of the city pools, it won’t open until July and will close before Labor Day. So you’re only getting 2 months of use out of a huge space. I didn’t check the offering; will there be winter skating at least?

    Also, as a former lifeguard, I’d hate to be responsible for that many people. I think there’s gonna be a lot of missing teeth and cracked skulls…

  • prediction – it won’t be done two years from now