Apple May Set Up Shop at The Edge After All

In addition to dropping the news that 30 potential buyers showed up for tours this weekend, Edge developer Jeff Levine revealed this teaser to the audience at the Brooklyn Real Estate Roundtable yesterday: An Apple store is still a real possibility for the ground-floor retail at the massive Kent Avenue development. “There’s no deal,” Levine said, “But we are talking and they are interested.” He also mentioned that there was interest from some grocery stores.
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Development Watch: The Edge [Brownstoner]
Development Watch: The Edge [Brownstoner]

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  • i am a pc

    (seriously). i can’t stand apple.


  • “Apple May Set Up Shop at The Edge After All”


    Allow me to point to this Curbed thread:

    More Northside Piers Cuts Coming?

    The Brooklyn Condo market is in CODE RED!!!! The Toll Brothers are slashing prices and those will be the new COMP this summer. Buh bye Retards, nice knowing ya…

    The What (Michelle Obama is buying a Condo in the Forte)

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • rob…i was a PC user for many, many years and have had a Mac for ther past three years or so…Life couldn’t be better.

  • I don’t get why that would be such a huge draw. It’s not like Starbucks or something you need/use on a daily basis. I rarely sit at home and think hmmm, if only I had an Apple Store in my english basement! How convenient would that be?

    On the upside, I suppose it’s a relatively stable retail tenant.

  • Windows Vista. Best reason to switch to a Mac ever.

  • Actually THS, it is huge. Do you ever stop by the Apple Stores? They are literally buzzing. For any Mac users in Bklyn, to gain easy access to their genius bar without having to trek into Manhattan is a big plus.

  • Great! Now I don’t have to go all the way up to 59th and 5th in Manhattan to see a bunch of geeky losers lining up for days to buy an overhyped new product that will be replaced with a cheaper and more advanced model within months.

  • Schultz is right. It will be a big draw to the neighborhood. Think anything retail that will appeal to hipsters. A coffee shop where people buy a cup and then sit there fragging for an hour or two will do extremely well!!!!!

  • Biff’s got some issues today.

  • They just don’t get it. Thinking that an Apple Store in your building adds value is two-year old thinking. The equation has simplified—value, value, value.

  • Yeah, but I still don’t get why Apple is going with north Brooklyn, a quick subway ride away from the Meatpacking district store but not terribly accessible to vast parts of Brooklyn that have more people with more money to spend. Assuming Manhattan people don’t make the trek to the Brooklyn store, how big could the north Brooklyn customer base possibly be? For all they’ve changed in the last few years most of Wburg/Bushwick/Greenpoint are still not wealthy.

  • macs are overpriced, overly trendy wastes of money. they just scream, “hey everyone!!! look at me sitting in starbucks pretending to write america’s next greatest screenplay!!! but im all tapped out of ideas. well, i never really had any. but don’t tell that to mommy and daddy or they won’t send my next check to pay my rent! yeah that’s right. im sitting on myspace at 3pm in the middle of the afternoon hoping people will look at me and think im cool”



  • I’m sure there’s a higher proportionate concentration of Macs and ipods in W’burg, DUMBO and North Bklyn than any other part of brooklyn. Think of the demographics, not the total income.

  • But you’ll now have to trek to Williamsburg, that’s a big drag!

  • I don’t go to Williamsburg. I’ve actually never been there. Besides, wine lover lives there.

  • rob, if you were a bit older you’d know that apple had devoted followers before they became trendy, before ipods and iphones. Back in the day when apple had click and drag screen icons whilst PC users were still typing lines of C:/copy/”file”/….., there was no comparison.

  • There is already a major mac retailer in williamsburgh though, right on bedford.

  • Seriously, who goes to a Mac store on a regular basis? I think a proper grocery store and a bank would better serve the community. I’m tired of spending 15 bucks for an orange at all of these fifi “organic markets”

  • I think they moved to Dumbo, wasder. And they were evil.

  • Williamsburg needs a place to check email for free…isn’t that why Apple stores are swarmed?

  • Yup, I’ve been to a Apple store, they are as you say buzzing. That’s probably one of the reasons that I find them so annoying.

    Personally, I like the product, I just don’t desire the retail “experience”.

    Bottom line, their product works so well that they enable me the convenience of shopping from home. I know, couldn’t you just die? Hard to imagine right?

  • I bought my Mac at the store at 59th & Fifth and have never needed to go back. Besides I’m not comfortable being in a group where everyone is actually smarter than I am on the subject matter at hand.

    Which is why I enjoy posting here a lot. :)

  • ….oooooh…..burn…..

  • Yes, I heard Whole Foods, William Sonoma, and Bergdorf Goodman is moving in too.

  • you mean fortunoff.

  • “Besides I’m not comfortable being in a group where everyone is actually smarter than I am on the subject matter at hand.”

    You sure must be uncomfortable most of the time! :-)

  • I won’t jump into a PC vs Mac argument here but from a commercial real estate point of view I find this EXTREMELY unlikely.

    14th St, NYC
    5th Avenue, NYC

    and, um…

    Kent Ave, Brooklyn

    No way, folks. It ain’t gonna happen. You think in this economy, Apple is going to invest millions into a store in an area with this little foot traffic? C’mon, think about it.

  • ‘and Bergdorf Goodman is moving in too.’

    That’s funny!

  • > “You think in this economy, Apple is going to invest millions into a store in an area with this little foot traffic?’

    Agreed. Seems like an unlikely location choice. Too far off the beaten path.

  • Now…Court and Atlantic is another story. You are at the crossroads of downtown, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. More neighborhoods, more money, better subway access and high foot traffic. But even there it’ll never happen.

  • I’m a life-long mac user (since the days of the Performa 405!) and I would love to have an Apple store near me. I’m always looking for a reason to stay out of Manhattan, but I don’t see myself going to Williamsburg for the Apple store. I’ll stick with the Soho location.

  • “C:/copy/”file”/….., there was no comparison.”

    Yeah, that was sure better than that stupid mouse. In fact I miss those days so much today my Dell netbook is being delivered running ubuntu. I’ll get to use the command line all over again!

  • This may be a simple marketing ploy on the part of the EDGE but you know what? It will work perfectly for them if they can pull it off…the buzz will be terrific and hipsters are addicted to MAC products plus aesthetically the space will be fantastic.

    “Which is why I enjoy posting here a lot. :)”
    Haha DIBS what delusions of grandeur you must suffer from my friend:)

  • I am dying to try Linux but don’t know which flaovor. I’m actually possibly going to be given amac- I first started on one but I do love PC. Apple’s biggest problem has always been Steve Jobs- he singlehandedly lost the market because he was so proprietary with the code.

    My new laptop is running vista and so far I really love it. haven’t had any problems but the newbie has 4 gig ram and a 250gig HDD and a great video card so I’m sure that helps.

    Denton- my biggest fear with going to Linux was how I would access and share files from Windows programs- can you tell me about that?

    I might try that on the Alienware laptop once I get that upgraded to more ram.

    Actually, the interesting thing about Apple/PC is that Bill Gates began by working for Steve Jobs and came up with the first visual interface for Apple. Xerox invented the mouse and gave it toapple because they could see no use for it (and they are still crying over that one.)

  • It would be awesome if Apple moved in here because then they will leave the Salvation Army on Bedford alone. Probably one of the reasons Apple wants to locate in Williamsburg is because everyone between the ages of 20 and 40 there owns iPods and Apple laptops. It’s not like they don’t know the zip codes of their customers.

    There is a lot of very pricey retail moving into Williamburg all of a sudden. Tracy Feith is opening a store there and Bird says it’s branching into *super* expensive clothing such as Stella McCartney. I know everyone in Williamsburg is a creative director and all that but I don’t believe at all there is the demographic there to support $2,000 outfits. OTOH the owner previously worked at Barneys and Steven Alan so maybe she knows a few residents who will keep the store afloat.

  • AHHHHHH bxgrl Bill Gates never worked for Steve Jobs. MY GOD.

  • “Now…Court and Atlantic is another story. You are at the crossroads of downtown, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.”

    Actually I’d say that was the crossroads of downtown, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and maybe Boerum Hill if you want to be generous. But Carroll Gardens, while near, is not there.

    “I think they moved to Dumbo, wasder. And they were evil.”

    They have both W’burg and Dumbo locations. If by evil, you mean ridiculously overpriced, then I agree. I don’t understand why anyone would buy there unless you absolutely need it today and can’t wait 2-3 days for Amazon (or even to ship it to you.

  • Rob, you do love to play the contrarion.

    THL, the “draw” is that everyone’s iPods and laptops are always breaking, so they have to go to the Apple store to get them fixed.

    Dave, Fort Greene is great but you gotta try El Almacen in Williamsburg. You will love it.

  • NorthHeights- though I said crossroads, sorry it was taken a bit literally.

    Court and Atlantic to Atlantic and Smith ( most definitely Boerum Hill) is 2 blocks and a 3 minute walk.

    Court and Atlantic to Court and Degraw ( most definitely Carroll Gardens ) is 9 blocks and a 10 minute walk.

  • mopar- indeed he did. look it up.

  • I heard a Ferrari dealership might be interested in the space.

  • Look it up where, bxgrl? It is false.

    Microsoft did at various times develop software that ran on Apple computers. In other words, they were a third-party developer. Is that what you’re talking about? But Gates wasn’t employed by Jobs.

    Also, a company called SRI was doing something with, I think, graphical interfaces and mice (I forget) before Xerox. Some kind of research. But Xerox was the first to develop the mouse and the graphical user interface.

    Also, not that I have perfect knowledge of the history of the computer industry or anything, but FWIW I grew up two blocks from Xerox’s research center and helped test the mouse when I was 11. My mother worked as a secretary there. My dad worked for HP. Many years later, I worked for MacWEEK. I’ve interviewed Steve Jobs a couple times. Also have met Bill Gates.

  • This is 100% a PR stunt from the edge building to get people talking and interested in the property. It’s so incredibly obvious. Not sure why no one has called them on it.
    Apple doesn’t move into a shopping center and hope that other big retailers will move in.
    They only open up near huge populated shopping areas. Especially areas where there is alot of money being tossed around by thousands of people daily. It would be if an Apple Store opened on Ave B and 10th st . Doesn’t make Apple Cents. It’s a 10min walk to the nearest L station. Not to mention there is an Authorized Apple Dealer and repair center 1 block away called Mikey’s Hookup. I bet the Edge building is totally freaked out right now cause no retailers are interested in moving into an experimental shopping center right on the FDR highway version of Williamsburg.

  • I’m no expert either but i do remember that they did work together (not easily or well perhaps) but there is an interesting interview with the 2 of them that I was just reading from, I think, 2007. Maybe sheds more light:

    I think also not that Gates invented the visual interface- maybe it would have been more accurate if I said he developed the first popular graphical interface. And I believe he was doing that for Mac. Mac was practically the only game in town- at least the only good game. And Gates was fascinated by it.

    YOu lucky thing! I hope you kept the original mouse? I remember when I got my first one- I thought I was so techno-edgy.

  • Oops- that said mopar- I am also soooooo jealous you worked for Macweek and got to interview those guys! I’m still hoping to be given a Mac- I think I should stop at 4 computers- only after I load one up with Linux tho :-)

  • “You think in this economy, Apple is going to invest millions into a store in an area with this little foot traffic?”

    I agree. A downtown location (like Atlantic Avenue) with all of the subway lines nearby makes much more sense. A Williambsurg location would only be convenient to those in Williamsburg, thus making the Soho location the most convenient for most people in Brooklyn. Either way, I don’t see Apple making the move to Brooklyn just yet.

  • Thanks, bxgrl! I was hoping my comment didn’t sound too obnoxious. Microsoft didn’t develop the graphical interface for the Mac, no. Definitely not. When Microsoft came out with its own GUI for the PC, Windows, they were widely accused of “copying” Apple. In fact, I think there was even a court case about it for years. Can’t remember. I have a terrible memory.

    I do remember meeting Gates, though. We sat at the same table at the Chili Cook-off at Comdex (horrible industry trade show in Vegas, now defunct) and were introduced, then everyone left us alone sitting at this big table. We sat there and said absolutely nothing to each other. I thought “Why make chit chat with this person I obviously have nothing in common with?” I’m sure he thought the same thing. I guess we were alike in that respect.

    He was still single and nerdy and Microsoft was very powerful although not yet much known to the general public.

    Now, Jobs — he once walked out of an interview with me, but I cajoled him back into the room.

  • jwald — valid point. Brooklyn is so ripe for national retail development right now, which would be terrible if it turned all of Brooklyn into the big mall that Manhattan has become.

    Perhaps the nature of the subway system, which funnels everyone into Manhattan, will prevent it.

  • Whoa, awesome story mopar!

  • bxgirl, you really have your computer history mixed up. mopar has it right. Jobs was never an MS employee.

    MS bought DOS for 50k in 1981 cuz they needed an OS to run on the new Intel processor. I think they had around three employees at that time.

    MS-DOS was a command line interface, not a GUI. Apple’s claim to fame was the first (I think) GUI interface on a consumer computer. Maybe DR GEM was first, but if so, Apple won. As pointed out, this was taken from work done at Xerox PARC research center, and elsewhere.

    I’ll get back to you on Linux.

  • Bxgirl, do you like your alienware laptop? I had a lot of problems with their desktops…

  • denton- you’re the one confused. I said Gates worked for Jobs, not the other way around. There was even a movie about the beginnings of Apple and Gates’ involvement but how accurate it was I don’t know. But I never said Jobs worked for Gates. I know what DOS was- I’ve used it and I didn’t say DOS was a GUI- only that Gates had bought the initial program off some businessman who made it for his – I think the guy had an altaire (sp?). But Gates didn’t invent it- I knew that.

    Mopar- not obnoxious at all- it was fascinating. I always had a feeling Jobs and Gates were 2 halves of the same brain and the interview I posted clarified a lot. I remember that for years people said Gates copied Jobs, but Mac was a leader. In the interview Jobs said that Gates was developing software whereas he had been creating the hardware. It’s a more detailed history than I can remember but anyone who sat at a table with Bill Gates in a Chili Cook-off at a techno fair has earned my undying admiration.

    Heather- I loved the laptop but anyone who says that it is portable must be taking steroids- it is heavy! When e had to go into Manhattan ofr a program we were doing with kids from Chiatown I thought I would wind up in the hospital with a hernia. But tanother friend got a less powerful laptop and absolutely loves it after 2 years.I’m having some software problems from windows now but I’ve had it a couple of years so things happen. But I have to say, its been a real workhorse. What kind of problems are you having with the desktops? I had been thinking of getting one in the future but I think I’ll get another clone instead. Aliens are so expensive and now that dell bought them I wonder how much brandd stuff they will put it so even upgrading will be more expensive.

  • I bought one right after Dell purchased them and husband got one when they were still alienware. His worked great for three years… mine had issues from the start. Like it didn’t start at all until I reinstalled everything. And after that, it never worked correctly. Would randomly crash and not boot up again… and then start working again mysteriously until I rebooted it, at which point it would freeze and the same thing would happen all over again. I reinstalled. I replaced ram and graphics card. Nada. It was also huge and heavy and I spent a lot of time with their customer support team with no resolution. Finally, after a year and the issues only getting worse, I just got a cheap Falcon NW. Much better.

  • I wondered if alienware would change after Dell bought it. I don’t know exactly how they are being manufactured now since dell took over but I’ve had a friend open up my laptop to upgrade the memory and tell me it was a really well built machine. Mine was manufactured before dell bought them out. I still love the alienware but I need to upgrade some things- that was another reason I bought from them. It’s easily upgradable- including the graphics card. Sounds like you got a real lemon- those are so hard to diagnose because sometimes the problem is so obscure its impossible.

    I have several friends who have dell- there always seems to be wierd problems.

    Who is Falcon? Never heard of them. I have to say I love the new Acer. It was on sale from Tigerdirect and I checked out the components and its surprisingly good for the price so I’m happy.