NYT Real Estate Classified’s Redesign a Real Letdown

Without any fanfare that we’re aware of, the New York Times launched a new version of its real estate classifieds yesterday. The result? A mess, as we found yesterday afternoon as we tried to look for House of the Day candidates. Putting in a price range of $500,000 to $2 million yielded an error message; narrowing the list of available listings using the fields in the left-hand sidebar was a cumbersome, time-consuming and often error-prone process. As one reader pointed out to us via email, you can no longer select multiple property types at once; in addition, her saved searches and alerts were wiped out in the “upgrade.” The list goes on. All we want from the site is to be able to select multiple property types and multiple neighborhoods within a certain price range and see the results. This is no longer possible. Why did they do this? Our best guess is that it has something to do with trying to broaden the geographic reach of the service, based upon the prominence given to the initial search box. Unfortunately, they may have jeopardized a much sought-after local monopoly in the process. Or, as the reader who wrote to us said, “I would imagine that others, like myself, will be very disappointed at their new real estate site and be less likely to use it in the future. [The new site] is not in the interest of regular readers and users of The Times real estate site and searches.” Let’s hope they can rectify the problems quickly.

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  • Maybe they’ll fix the functionality but at least the design looks to be an improvement. It was a complete disaster before.

  • Also, I didn’t any FSBO’s
    Without FSBO’s who need them.
    I’ll stick to Streeteasy

  • Although the initial search from the homepage was useless, once I entered a zip code the search was made much more useful and pretty much as it was before from the fields in the left-hand sidebar. I could select all of Brooklyn, any neighborhoods in Brooklyn, multi as well as single family and a price range.

    Maybe they are still in the process of upgrading the functionality.

  • You’re right GTRAIN…not one FSBO in Brooklyn.

  • apparently carroll gardens doesn’t exist as a neighborhood either.

  • It is unwieldy (two pages to select neighborhoods in Brooklyn!?) and the results were inaccurate — outside geography and not meeting criteria. A mess. And this was after several attempts that resulted in error messages! What is up with all these companies that update web sites that are then disfunctional? How do these people keep their jobs? This is a profit center for them. JCrew still can’t get its web site working 100% after months — how much revenue has that cost the company? There is such a lack of accountability in business — it is only most striking on Wall Street.

  • If it aint broke…

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Wow. Just tried the new New York Times. Apparently there are no properties between 1 and 5 million in Brooklyn NY. Who knew.

  • marlowe…..there must be some browser issues…I just did a search for Brooklyn properties between $1.0MM and $5.0MM and got 706 of them. It seems fully functional to me here at the office. Haven’t tried it on a Mac at home yet though…

  • Craigslist is the place to find real estate listings!

  • Craigslist discussions should be limited to the Open Thread.

  • DIBS, believe it or not, there are other sections on Craigslist besides the Personals.

    One of those sections is ‘Housing’ with a sub section ‘Real Estate for Sale’…it’s quite entertaining.
    I go through it for fun…the headings all in CAPS really catch my eye. And when they over use **************, I get tickled and intrigued. I almost want to buy the house in the listing.

  • “What is up with all these companies that update web sites that are then disfunctional? How do these people keep their jobs?”

    Speaking as someone who’s been building web pages professionally for more than a decade, I can guarantee you that the developers a) know it’s broken and b) were forced to push it out before it was ready by people higher up on the chain who just wanted to be able to say they launched something.

    Anyway, I’ve just been using Trulia. Apparently I was missing all the FSBO’s, which sucks, especially if they’re not longer accessible via the NYT website either.

  • BRG – My favorite is when they list things on 70th street as “Park Slope South”

  • I do call my neighborhood ParkSlopeSouthSouthSouthSouth

    Three more souths, and I’m in.
    There’s ParkSlopeSouth…then Greenwood Heights…then Sunset Park…then Bay Ridge.

  • the revamp is sucktacular.

    It’s like they saw all the great features of Trulia and decided they wanted to created Son of Trulia.

  • Carroll Gardens is Red Hook. Real Estate agents came up with the term Carroll Gardens after the BQE highway was put in place as to distinguish from the common folks in Red Hook and get more money. If the housing bubble would have not bursted they were going to call Carroll Gardens TransManhatten just so they could sell the houses at even higher prices. When is the greed going to come to an end?

  • This is an absolutely horrible development. My saved listings were wiped out yesterday as well. NYT used to be the best place to look for new properties. Now, it’s impossible to sort through the results with any efficacy. Another big issue is having to specify multi-or single-family townhouse. It used to be just “townhouse” as a category. Many brokers and sellers don’t bother to specify this for a search function, or do so incorrectly. Sure, it looks nicer, but has lost almost all functionality.

  • Another big issue is the “new homes” selection. It used to be that new listings were those listed in the past 7 days. Now, a mix of old and some more recent listings (14 day!) comes up when you click “new homes”. It doesn’t sort them. Truly sucks. Big mistake. And who needs you to further specify between single family home or single family townhome??? Totally useless for NYC!

  • It’s AWFUL! I can’t find anything. And why do I have to keep re-searching to get to the search I actually wanted. It takes FOREVER and gives no info. Plus the ads got BIGGER and the search results got smooshed.

    Is everybody letting the Times know that it’s bad and is hated? They need lots of confirmation that they broke it so they stop messing with it.

    I don’t understand why they think that people who run searches want graphics and fancy coding…don’t they know about Google and Craig’s List? Those are what people want! The search results not they’re web people trying out new and ill-conceived tricks they just learned at the most recent web conference!

  • Tell them you hate it! Please! Let’s make them fix it!

    Keep it simple stupid! Yay!

  • Fail.

    Shoot their User Experience team.

    Dear NYT: Start by alphabetizing the neighborhood names, and then fit them all into one view. Any further gap analysis will cost you.