Development Watch: The Frozen Flatbush Flatiron

We haven’t heard anything official to the effect, but Isaac Hager’s Flatbush Flatiron sure looks like it’s been put on ice. Just compare the inset photo from last April with this one from last weekend. Not a whole lot of progress, huh?
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  • Nothing has been happening on that site since at least late in the summer. Though it doesn’t look much different now than it did in the April 2008 picture, I vaguely recall work going on into the early summer.

    For what it’s worth, through no fault of Brownstoner, the location pointed to on the embedded map is a bit off. The address of this project is 75 Flatbush Ave. Ext., as stated in the linked previous posts, but Google Maps has the location of building numbers wrong on that block. The lot that’s under construction spans from the pointer GMaps inserts if you input the address 91 Flatbush Ave. Ext., down to Tillary Street. (Then back up Duffield to a similar point, obviously.)

    (Editorializing a bit, it’s a shitty location regardless of what’s going on in the economy; there’s nothing around other than the McDonalds on Tillary Street and the weekday-only B51 for a quick trip into Chinatown or Lower Manhattan.)

  • nothing around except for all the new buildings going up. you must be 25.

  • I lived half a block from this construction site for over two years; I know what I’m talking about when I say there’s nothing around. Maybe eventually there will be when people move into all those new buildings, but at the moment there’s noplace to eat except the McDonalds and the diner by the Brooklyn Bridge that closes at ~7pm, noplace to shop since the supermarket by Concord Village went out of business, no bars unless you walk down to DUMBO/Vinegar Hill or over to Brooklyn Heights or Fort Greene. If you’re buying into a building and hoping to get a good deal in a down market, maybe it’s a smart investment in an area that has potential to improve, but the fact remains that as a place to live now, it’s shitty.

    My age has nothing to do with this, but in any case I can assure you that I left 25 in my rear view mirror years ago.