Business Boom for Ditmas Park

773re2.JPGDitmas Park Blog has reported some big retail news for the neighborhood this week. First, the beloved dive bar Club 773 is no longer so much of a dive. It’s under new management, apparently from a longtime bartender and his sister who owned another bar, Tops, down the street. They report this space will probably still cater to the “non-Sycamore” crowd (though surely many of those patrons enjoyed 773, too). The grand re-opening is tomorrow. Meanwhile, another exceptional culinary endeavor is coming to Cortelyou, they write. “The owners of the 13-year old Cendrillon on Mercer Street in Soho on are closing their restaurant in January and moving to 1314 Cortelyou Road, under the new name of Cendrillon’s Purple Yam.” They’re setting up shop in what was once a 99-cent store.

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  • glad to see more businesses opening up in ditmas park. however, i won’t be going to “purple yam” if it’s anything like “cendrillon” is/was in soho. i grew up eating filipino food and this isn’t homecooking but the nouvelle version. i’m always open to reinventing traditions but it wasn’t that well executed the 2 times i’ve been. i don’t know anyone who likes this place.

    there is a great, affordable and more authentic place on 1st ave in the east village (“elvie’s”). it’s quite busy with a varied audience partly because it’s a bargain – that would do better in ditmas park given the economy.

  • It’s also being billed as Pan-Asian. I would like to honor the courage of anyone opening a restaurant in Ditmas Park in this economy and would urge everyone to give them the benefit of the doubt. There are a lot of empty, locked, roll down gated store fronts on Courtelyou Road. I’m sure there is a better version of every Brooklyn restaurant in Manhattan. I am certainly not an expert in Filipino food, but I did live in Brooklyn in the ’70s and it’s starting to feel like it again. I wouldn’t have the guts to open a business now, but am glad that these folks will be transforming a closed 99cent store into something that’s alive. Let’s celebrate it!!

  • by citing the manhattan example – “elvie’s” – i didn’t mean to infer that there is a better version only in manhattan. (have to elaborate – “elvie’s” is cafeteria style where you get a plate of rice and and 2 mains for about $10. other dishes are extra. no waitstaff to help the cost stay low.) filipino food like this (at amazing prices) can be found in LIC, jackson heights, jersey city, etc. there even used to be one in windsor terrace. not sure if it’s still open.

    my advice to the owners – keep the food, decor and prices real at this new place. i live a few subway stops away – i’d love to be a regular.

  • Great!! There’s a “oneness”. I live around the corner and today was the first time I’d ever seen the gate rolled up. There were 5 or 6 people starting to clean it out. Hopefully, we’ll have to wait on line.

  • This is great. Cortelyou is rounding out to be a great commercial street…Also, a new fillafil (sp?) place is opening up across from the firehouse I’ve heard.

  • There is also a wonderful little family-owned sandwich/salad/juice shop that just opened on Avenue H at Argyle called Salud. It’s an adorable space and the staff is really sweet. They are a bit out of the way so I sure hope they suceed. Definitely check it out.

  • Opening in Ditmas Park is just as good a place as any. The rents are much cheaper than Smith, 7th Avenue, etc… and Cortelyou is easily accessible by train, express buses, bike or walking. If you do drive to the area parking is not a big issue. Not to mention that the community is really supportive of good local businesses. There are some “empty, locked, rolled down gated storefronts” on Cortelyou but that has always been the case. Businesses come and go. The businesses who offer a service or product that the community supports become viable and stay the course. With this place opening, the opening of Sycamore and the Middle Eastern place opening in the old toy store spot that leaves only the Bagel place and the old Food Co-op place still empty.