Streetlevel: Joe and Joe Pizza Shuts the Ovens

What happened? Kensington favorite Joe and Joe Pizza, at 121 Church Avenue, bit the dust a couple of months back; the Sicilian focacceria had a Grandma pizza that was to die for. Anybody know the skinny? And here’s a photo of what will replace it: yet another 99 cents store. Harumph.

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  • that’s not just a regular old 99 cents store tho. read the sign! it’s a SUPER 99cents store!!


  • A super 99c store! Does that mean the merchandise will be super crappy instead of regular crappy?

  • & discount

    don’t discount the discount!

  • It will be the first 99 cent store staffed by former investment bankers. Now that is super!

  • throw stones at me if you want, but i think there should be at least one nice big dollar store in every neighborhood. i miss all the dollar stores in my old neighborhood. probably the only thing i miss though. are there any big dollar stores in the park slope area? i dont think ive seen any yet.


  • I guess you are not from kensington, there are more 99cent stores and nail salons per capita than anywhere else in all of Brooklyn.

    With that said, I was rooting for a nail salon myself.

  • Every other store in that area is ALREADY a 99-cent store! I guess if there was a really big discount store with a variety of products it would be a good addition to the neighborhood, but another small 99-cent store?

  • in ’07 terms its a 99c store, in ’09 you’ll come to love it as a posh boutique store

  • These $99 cent stores seem to multiply like Gremlins all over the City whenever we’re in an economic downturn.

  • for the posterity of the comments section, the word on the street was the old timer owners retired and shut it down rather than selling…

    That said, god, not another 99 cent store or nail salon (p.s. nail salon owners take note: the one that opened on Church east of Ocean Parkway didn’t last 2 months.)

    For all intents and purposes, kensington has enough:

    99 cent stores
    nail salons
    thai restaurants

    we could maybe use a…

    terrace bagels style joint
    music store (instruments and lessons for the hood)
    bakery (multi-ethnic, not mono-ethnic)
    picket fences/farm on adderly type place
    italian restaurant
    much more….

  • The more sinister word on the street is the family member(s) who was/were poised to take over the business had a habit that was eating up all the cash.

  • Hmmm, Gossip and Loose Lips could kill the Cat too!