Open House Gates at Domino

domino-people-1008.jpgHundreds of folks gathered for the Domino Sugar Factory open house this weekend, per the Daily News. “Groundbreaking is expected next year on the project that will create 2,200 new units of housing, with 660 units set aside as affordable rentals or condos for people earning between $25,000 and $95,000 a year,” they write. One blogger snapped some great photos (and pointed out that everyone else there was doing the same) and lamented that it was not such an open house, after all, since she couldn’t go inside. Update: According to Curbed, the developer is planning a shuttle bus to get Domino residents to and from the L train.
Home Buyers Chase Sweet Life at Domino [NY Post]
Top photo by EV Grieve.
Small photo by Matt Semel.

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