Eternal Sunshine of the East Williamsburg Kind

Is French filmmaker Michel Gondry calling Brooklyn home nowadays? Peut-être. Last week a house on Orient Avenue in East Williamsburg changed hands for a little over a million bucks, and the buyer was ID’d in public records as Gondry. The buyer’s address on the deed pointed back to a Beverly Hills management firm. Gondry was directing a Microsoft commercial in Brooklyn last week and has shot other stuff in the borough, most notably 2005’s Block Party in Clinton Hill. According to an article in the Times from a couple years ago, Gondry moved to an East Village apartment in 2004.
Image from the Times, doctored with Property Shark photo.

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  • I’ve been to Gondry’s house in May and he was already settled in. Really nice detail and definitely one of the nicest on the block..

  • Microsoft? Gotta get paid!

  • He’ll be a good addition to the ‘hood…Did anyone else see the piece in NYDN regarding the gang of teens who killed 2 people with machetes in Williamsburg last weekend?

    Any eye witnesses to the mayhem?


  • c’mon qis4suincy, did you even read the article that you provided a link to? “One of the two unidentified victims was stabbed in the arm and the other was slashed in the back, witnesses said. They were taken to Woodhull Hospital and are expected to survive, police said.” And, to be clear, they had a specific intended victim, so this wasn’t random violence, like your random comment.

    I’m thinking maybe one of the reasons Mr. B is requiring us to register user accounts now is so people stop posting such sensationalized (and inaccurate) stories of violence in our neighborhoods.

  • Ooops, my bad. You’re right amt230 i didn’t read the article. A coworker sent me the link with a misleading email subject heading.

    Correction: Did anyone see the gang of men running down South Third wielding machetes? If so, describe it to us after you tell the police.

  • Please tell me he bought the addams family house…if that thing actually gets torn down, (or has already) I will cry. I know it’s been doomed for a while, I just keep hoping against hope.

    Or did he buy the mafia one with the pool? Also not without its charm. I’d love to see that block turn around, the last time I was down there there were literally tumbleweeds blowing through it. (Well, branches and pieces of hedge but the idea was the same.)