Three Brooklyn Winners on AMNY’s Most-Fugly List

AMNY asked critics and architects to name the ugliest buildings in New York City and came up with a “10 to Lose” list. Manhattan entries like One Police Plaza and NYU’s Kimmel Student Center dominate the survey, but three Brooklyn charmers made the cut:

220 Greene Avenue: “220 Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill pretty epitomizes much of what has been wrong with the building boom in Brooklyn. Shoddy workmanship? Check. Non-contextual design? Check. Unlicensed workers? Sure. Poor layouts? Got that too. In a sign of just how much the current owner cares, the second-floor window has been cracked for months,” says some guy named Jonathan Butler. “The ‘Greene Avenue Atrocity’ (as we’ve dubbed) is such an eyesore that it has made the adjacent lot, on the market for more than a year, effectively unsellable. Talk about value destruction!”

Atlantic Center: “Seems like the focus should be on buildings and structures that are not just ugly in someone’s opinion, but things that detract from, if not destroy, the most essential part of urbanity – the pedestrian experience. One example is Atlantic Center in Brooklyn,” says Rob Lane of the Regional Plan Association. “Not only is it an eyesore, it completely detracts from the walkers experience through long empty sidewalks and hallways and absolutely no street life whatsoever.”

166 Smith Street: “The MTA-owned structure at 166 Smith St., on the corner of Wyckoff Street, in Brooklyn. It’s a windowless two-story bunker from the ’20s that was encased in concrete a few years ago and now looks like it could withstand a nuclear blast,” says Lawrence Levi, senior editor of “Earlier this year the MTA put it up for sale, so there’s finally some hope for its destruction. And if the wrecking crew comes and takes out the Starbucks across the street, that’d be nice, too.”

Surely we can think of one or two more.

10 to Lose: Ugly Buildings NYC Would be Better Without [AMNY]

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  • Surely the Carroll Gardens Tumor could go down as one of the ugliest buildings ever made in -any- locale.

  • penn plaza


    metlife building

  • Re 220 Greene: Does someone live in that building? I can’t imagine living in a place that is on this list!

  • yep Atlantic Center ain’t pretty but its a lot nicer than the open pit and corrugated metal shack that served as the LIRR entrance for years and years.

  • Hard to beat Atlantic Center for anti-urban contribution to the destruction of NYC. But Metrotech Plaza comes close.

  • anything with fedders a/c units and/or curvy metal balconies

    so 90% of queens

  • clearly 9:20 hasn’t been to queens

  • anything with a Fiberama awning

  • Comment regarding 166 Smith shows critics did not do homework.
    There will be no destruction of the building – as MTA just spent gazillion dollars in the basement for switching station (or something) – and are half-heartedly looking for someone to lease upstairs.
    This was major insult to the neighborhood to MTA – and our neighborhood elected officials did nothing to stop it from happening.
    (thank you Yassky).

  • A little unfair to cite 166 Smith, since NYCT is actively marketing the property and the next owner will certainly transform it into something else. I say “something else” out of deference to the people in the community who are spreading the rumors that it will become a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s. Maybe they’re right.

  • Because it’s all too visible from Brooklyn – the damn Verizon tower and it’s frequently broken and all too bright neon sign.

  • Because it’s all too visible from Brooklyn – the damn Verizon tower and its frequently broken and all too bright neon sign.

  • Ratner could win himself some converts if he proposed tearing down Atlantic Center and building something else as part of the larger arena development.

  • Brownstoner is obsessed with ugly buildings.

    How about a contest to showcase the most beautiful buildings in Brooklyn? That’d be much more interesting than this.

  • 9:40…great idea…Mr. B. start a search…ask for photos…start with just brownstones and then expand it.

    Don’t worry everyone, my building is not a candidate.

  • “anything with a Fiberama awning”

    Fiberama, you’ll be pleased, NOT!

  • The Metlife building?

    kidding, right?

    I don’t understand the “major insult to the neighborhood and to the MTA” with Smith street. Can you extrapolate? And what is happening to/with it? It does look like a cement box with a fire escape stuck onto the side.

  • 9:56…aren’t those ads just a comedy!!!! The acting is worthy of a nomination not to mention the actual awnings…jeeesh.





  • Fiberama awnings: There’re a work of art!

  • 10:29 thinks he’s on to something that everyone already had guessed when I first posted BTG!!!

    Biff however is not Nokilissa.

    Can’t wait for more of this comedy to unfold…like watching a train wreck.

  • I am not Biff. You really think I’m Biff? I suppose I can’t prove I’m not, but I’m not.

    And Dave is not BTG either. Give me a break.

    I don’t get this. Why would we do that? It breaks a “code” of sorts. And how are all of the “guests” that much different?
    At least we stand by our sign-ins.

  • How could Port Authority not have made it onto this list? IMHO this is hands down the ugliest building in NYC.

  • Oh. Sorry.

    Dave is Boldtypeguest?

  • No Nokilissa…I am BTG.

    I invented BTG when we were having all that sign in hubbub becasuse of the spammer. I actually told everyone that BTG was one of the other registered logins but I din’t say it was me.

    If you read BTG’s profile, he’s been in brooklyn since 1905. He was my brownstone house who signed in anthropomorphically!!!

    I kne it would happen sooner or later and last night I commented to someone as Daveinbedstuy but I was actuually logged in as BTG. It was all very, very funny and I got jumpoed on by all these idiots who said I killed brownstoner and now brownstoner was ove, blah, blah, blah

    Then, all of a sudden Shahn Anderson (I think) admitted that he tried to login as someon else as well…very funny.

    I suspect that we will se a cathartic cleansing of all of us as to whom we all really are!!!

    Watch it…it’ll be great comedy!!

  • I may resurrect BTG in the future if the occassion presents itself.






    THEY ARE ALL FAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave created a new one now named “aussie”

    be on the lookout.

    every registered guest is suspect now.

    i’m skipping everything but the faded type.

  • 10:53…do the faded type CAPS make you more valid????

    Fake what??? Who is actually real on an anonymous internet blog?

  • I think jimmy legs is real he’s posted for years. The others are all Dave.

  • 10:53, it’s pretty ironic how you continue to shout for everyone to ignore us yet you keep posting our names. Thanks for the free press.

    Nokilissa, anyone who has read this blog for more than a day and who has half a brain would never consider that we were one and the same based on how we write, what we’re typically interested in, etc. But I must admit I’m completely honored to be mistaken for you!

  • biff might be “real” also, but he’s got at least a few other registered names also. nokillisa, maybe heather, who knows.

    the REALLY sick part isn’t necessarily having multiple registered names, but dave was actually ARGUING WITH HIMSELF (Bold Type Guest).

    Which is kinda sick if you ask me. The fact that someone has THAT MUCH time on their hands to create multiple sign in’s, post 100’s of comments a day and then to fight with yourself.

    I seriously think this guy needs some help.
    We have a name for this is psychology…

  • All of those other logins were here before I came along.. not that it really matters.

    The mere fact that you continue to harp on this issue means that you are still acknowledging us. Otherwise if you guests had only yourselves to talk amongst you’d have nothing to talk about all day!!!

  • Nokilissa is an idiot.

    Biff is an even bigger idiot.

  • I think all the guest posts are from the same individual.

    10:54, thanks, that’s great! Please leave us alone and skip everything we write. You weren’t invited to the party anyway.

  • i’ve always despised dave. i’m glad it’s over for him.

    same goes for biff.

  • There is no party anymore. Because of your friend’s Dave’s screw up, I can guarantee than not too many people have much interest in interracting with you losers anymore. Not that they really did.

    Enjoy talking to your imaginary friend Nokilissa. We all know it’s you, and every time you post with multiple names and talk to yourself, it makes you sound more and more crazy.

  • I love the guest intelligence. Tell everyone to ignore us and then proceed to obsess about our identities. Hilarious.

  • “Please leave us alone”

    who’s us…? there’s like two of you with 20 registered names…

  • Nokilissa should be insulted. You are a loser, Biff. (And you hate us all so much that you will respond to us ad nauseum.)

    Dave/BTG – really disappointing. Your credibility on this site = 0. When the What has more credibility than you, you are in trouble.

  • biff and dave are ruined.

    bye bye kids.


  • 10:59…wrong again..I was logged in as BTG and didn’t realize it until after commenting to the guy that made the republican observation after I said (as DIBS…god I hate that acronym)that Philly needed a republican administration to clean itself up.

    I never argued back and forth with myself as both BTG and Dave

    Back to one of my old tried and true adages…reading comprehension 10:59, reading comprehension…not your strong point

  • That’s why Biff or Dave whoever he is today, never answers my question.

    Why were you in fade type when Brownstoner caught you sending spam? Then blaming innocent fade type guests for your silly act.

  • “I can guarantee than not too many people have much interest in interracting with you losers anymore. Not that they really did.”

    Can you please remind yourself about this before you and all the other guests, who are probably all the same person keep responding to me. Keep it coming!

  • I am over, Biff is over, Nokilissa is over …yet you all still can’t stop posting about us and to us!!!

    Absolutely hilarious.

  • I’m disgusted by the smugness of Daveinbedstuy and Biff.

    If the way you treat people on this blog is any indication of the way you treat your fellow neighbors, I feel really bad about what’s happened to Brooklyn.

    This blog used to be a nice place where people could gather information, and you two have raped it for your own selfish games.

    It’s a real shame. This blog is for the entertainment of thousands of people, not just two lonely pathetic men.

  • re the 166 Smith question: I meant insult to the neighborhood BY the MTA (or NYCTA) – not to MTA.
    The building was commercial – many years a furniture store then VideoMania then RentaCntr.
    The MTA (or TA) leased building from owner and built some sophisticated electrical switching station or something like that in basement).
    Once they were finished – awhile back – they were going to re-lease the street level commecial space.
    Then all of a sudden – the cement blocked up the store windows.
    More recently they are half-heartedly claiming to be looking for lease street and upstairs. But this is the MTA – and they have little incentive to do this. With all the basement occupied with sophisticated equip – makes a major problem for reusing upstairs.
    If only they took better care of the building and made more attractive. Shameful what they did and I don’t see elected officials doing anything about it.

  • “(And you hate us all so much that you will respond to us ad nauseum.)”

    No, I don’t hate you all, I just love trollminating. And it’s so easy with you.

  • Dave, you no longer have ANY credibility to criticize ANYONE else on this blog any longer.

    I don’t think a single person gives one word of credence to anything you say from this point forward.

    Go ahead…change to another screename. Every new one that pops up here will be assumed to be you or Biff.

    You’ve essentially RUINED the sign in process.

  • Watch it…it’ll be great comedy!!

    Posted by: daveinbedstuy at June 19, 2008 10:43 AM

    actually, dave, watching you trying to rationalize your behavior is more sad than funny.

  • 11:08..are you back again with this nonsense?? I never sent spam and I never got caught by Mr. B doing it because I never sent spam. If you want to harp on this incessently with some obsessive/compulsive personality at least bring up the proof.

    God, you are one crazy OCD spammer.

  • “Why were you in fade type when Brownstoner caught you sending spam? Then blaming innocent fade type guests for your silly act.”


  • 11:08, please go back and read where the trolling started. Um, try guest 10:29. Try not to be so stupid, ok?

    “Why were you in fade type when Brownstoner caught you sending spam? Then blaming innocent fade type guests for your silly act.”

    Please try a different line – at least something you can prove and is real…

  • Dave and Biff now trying to dig themselves out of the grave.

    I’ve NEVER seen anyone be so defensive.

    I agree with you, 11:12.

    This is really sad to watch.

  • There’s no rationalization 11:12…I just did it….so what.

    Please direct me to the list of actual useful comments you’ve made to people on the Forum or here.

    Sad that you people take yourselves so seriously.

  • It doesn’t matter what these guys say anymore. It’s essentially over for them.

  • You just proved my point, Biff/Dave/BTG.

    You guys are sad and sorry sacks. You need to seek help. Maybe the What can give you a reference.

  • “Why were you in fade type when Brownstoner caught you sending spam? Then blaming innocent fade type guests for your silly act.” I WANT TO HEAR THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE ALSO!!!!!

    Oh, ok. Here’s the answer from me (don’t know Dave’s answer). Brownstoner never caught me sending spam. He removed one post I had under my own name that was a joke relating to getting his server fixed. Question answered…next?

  • i’ve always thought dave was a trainwreck.

    this now proves that.

  • what- oh crap…I missed all the fun :-). why is faded type guest screaming? Can’t someone call his night nurse and get his meds?


  • “It doesn’t matter what these guys say anymore. It’s essentially over for them.”

    Then why can’t you stop yourself from talking about us? :-)

  • No, Dave, what is so sad is that YOU take yourself so seriously.

  • Hey bxgrl, you’re not too late. Always good seeing you!

  • All these fake sign-in people, Dave, Nokilissa, Biff, Aussie, are only here to drive up hits.

    Note how they all appeared at the same time suddenly at a time when the website was having a big dip in hits. And how we’ll not hear that much from them for some days, or maybe only a few posts, then on weeks when hits dip again like it did this week after the guy who posted the long copy/pastes, they’ll be back here going crazy totally hijacking threads with hundreds of posts.

    Not a coincidence.

    I’m personally going to boycott any thread that has this kind of activity going on. If I see a thread has become a Dave/Biff/Etc party then I don’t read it and don’t come back to it.

  • Biff, dave- you guys know it isn’t fair to pick on faded type guest because he is challenged in so many ways and you guys are so much bigger and smarter.

  • pretty sure Biff Champion is also in the cast of daveinbedstuy/BoldTypeGuest.

    might be Jerri Blank too.

  • Daveinbedstuy has RUINED the comments section of Bronwstoner Inc.

    Thanks Dave! Hope you’re happy ahole.

  • No, 11:17…there were too many postings at 11:12

    I was admitting to being BTG and there was no rationalization to it….I just made it up one day back when we were having all those spam problems with the faded type guest.

    Get a grip.

    If anyone had proof that I was spamming it would be Mr. B and he’s kick me off.

  • Yeah, Dave admitted last night that he kept 5 screens of Brownstoner opened simultaneously, so we’ve got Daveinbedstuy, Bold Type Guest and WHO ARE THE OTHER THREE???

  • 11:20…# 2…then why are you here now????

    God, way too many posts every minute to keep track of them all.

    I guess its not over!!! Surprise.

  • dave ruined the comments section way before this revelation.

  • Bye 11:20 guest.

    bxgrl, yeah, it’s easy. And we all know that the guest complaints about the bold typers are all from the same guest.

    By the way, bxgrl, do you think the idiot guest realizes that no other thread so far today has double digit posts and this one is moving past 70 with a bullet? We are so popular!

  • can anyone REALLY be this much of a loser (dave).

    talking to yourself literally ALL DAY on bstoner with multiple log-ins.

    with all that is going on in the world, is this really what you spend the majority of your day doing????

  • Hey Dave and Biff….

    Karma’s a bitch isn’t it….!

  • Bxgrl — please explain to me exactly what you have done by registering and how it proves you are not one of these other same bold type guests trying to drive up hits on Brownstoner.

    You have NO information in your registration. Not where you live, not your gender, not your profession. Nothing.

    Fake fake fake fake fake.

  • They guy is demented. burn him! 5 diffrent names arguing back and forth then he unleashes spam on us.

    Where’s the real What?

  • 11:23 I have 5 screans on my desk here…I work on 4 of them and keep one reserved for Brownstoner…again go back and read…the comprehension part is not one of your strong points.

    My colleagues here are getting a big kick out of all of this.

  • It’s nice to see that tiny-penis Biff has once more hijacked another thread. Congratulations.

  • i’d quit it with the smug attitude, biff. you and dave have really f*cked up.

    there might be a lot of comments on this thread ripping you a new ahole, but i guarantee that moving forward, neither you nor dave will have much credibilty on future posts.

    so enjoy talking to yourself some more, because i don’t think many will choose to engage with you from now on.

  • And… cue Biff’s defensiveness about how he is actually quite large…

  • As long as Brenda from Flatbush isn’t anyone else, I don’t care if the others are fake. Her comments are the best.

  • I LOOOOOVE how Biff tries to rationalize his childish behavior by saying ALL the guest posts must be the same person.

    If that’s what you need to tell yourself dude.
    Talk about not living in reality. People have been pissed off with you two for weeks now. Now you’ve proved that your whole “guest posts are stupid and bold are not” argument is FINISHED!

  • i like the faded type posters. at least they don’t try to be anyone.

  • Dave…I’m SHOCKED that you haven’t gone to the Flea yet. So basically you use Brownstoner for your own enjoyment, ruin thread after thread every day and don’t even have the DECENCY to support the man who created all this “fun” for you.


  • The “colleagues” inside your head?

  • dave’s too busy not having sex with his “partner” in philadelphia to go to the flea, 11:34.

    what a life!!!

    bed stuy m-f and philly on the weekend!

    boy you are livin the life!!!!

  • So much anxiety among you guests.

    I’m sorry I ruined it all….wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaa. Please don’t call me names anymore. wwwhhhhhaaaaaa

    Instead of complaining why don’t you all go to other threads and post someting useful. I have done that already with a few. Well, maybe some of the posts weren’t that useful…the Chinese counters on the Forum.

  • The solution is to block IDs for:

    Biff, Dave, Jerri, BTG, boldtypeguest, noklissa, aussie.

    They are all the same poster…Make this freak get 7 new computers which might restore the sanity at this site.

  • Will you numbskulls kindly shut up? No one else cares who logs in as what… or about your public little spat about it. Take it offline – you’re wasting all of our time having to wade through this dreck.

    As for 166 Smith, that’s my block and its a blight. People dump garbage in front as well and it takes weeks to be cleaned up. There’s also the graffiti. Does anyone know if they will allow the upstairs to be changed into a storefront again? If not, what else COULD you do with that space?

  • Brouhaha = Biff = Nokilissa = Bxgrl

  • Yes 11:28#1, I hijacked the thread. 10:29#1 had nothing to do with it. Trollminated.

    “so enjoy talking to yourself some more, because i don’t think many will choose to engage with you from now on.”

    wow, but seems there are a lot of people engaging us, including you. Have you realized that yet or do you need more time.

    “I LOOOOOVE how Biff tries to rationalize his childish behavior by saying ALL the guest posts must be the same person.”
    Defensive much? Yep, all one sad, pathetic guest – or do you have a way to prove me wrong? I didn’t think so. One guest with sour grapes. Boo hoo.

  • Hey Brouhaha,

    You should be pissed at Dave, not the guests.

    Your log in is now worthless because no one knows anymore if it’s real or not.

    The person that STARTED this mess was Dave. Not the guests.

    But we have a habit in this country of going after the wrong bad guy…

  • “Yep, all one sad, pathetic guest”

    Uh….change the word “guest” to “registered guest” and you just described yourself Biff. And I’d say 90% of posters here would agree…

  • guest = guest = guest = guest

  • The party is over Dave and Biff. You too Nokilissa and Bxgirl.

  • 11:34…you make a good point…not having gone to the Flea yet is the ONLY thing I’m ashamed of. But I will be there the weekend of June 28-29.

    Not that I’m not interested in going, I just don’t need any “flea” stuff. But I will get there soon

  • You aren’t ashamed of being schizophrenic???

  • 100 before noon…new record?????

    That would certainly indicate that the party, and brownstonber as well is OVER.

  • Triple digit posts! So much for being ignored!

  • Wouldn’t it be funny if every poster were the same person, registered or not? Maybe brownstoner = gabby = sarah ryley, etc. Maybe the owner of this site is talking to scores of aliases?

    I think we have a movie script in the makings here.

    Still, I suspect that Montrose Morris = Nostalgic on Park Avenue = bxgl.

  • Simply amazing how riled up all these guests have become. Over an issue that has nothing to do with real estate, nothing to do with crime, race, food, Park Slope, Bed Stuy, stollers, granite, recessed lighting.

    Are you beginning to see how ridiculous this all is? Lovin’ it.

  • The only thing this thread does is solidify for everyone what losers Dave and Biff are.

  • The only thing this thread does is solidify for everyone how we cannot and will not be ignored. Shall we go for 200?

  • you can tell by their attidudes that they were lonely losers way before brownstoner.

    I think MM is Crown heights Proud. BXgrl is way too stupid.

  • I’ve seen no one engage you Biff. All they’ve done is make fun of you.

    You are talking to yourself.

  • The end of an era…

  • “I’ve seen no one engage you Biff.”
    You’re not too bright, are you? Do you need me to explain the irony in your statement?

  • these guys got what they deserved.

    this may be a blog and some of us might be anonymous, but you (dave and biff) talk to people on here like they are trash.

    there are people behind these comments. real, live people. some with feelings. you treated them with no respect and now you are getting your due. you shot yourselves in the feet.

    brooklyn is about being inclusive, and you two have done nothing on this blog but promote exclusivity.

    i’m glad to see you go.

  • I’m engaging Biff and Dave. Right now!

    You guys are so cool! I mean: using sockpuppets to troll a messageboard?! Freakin’ AWESOME!!! I want to party with YOU!

    You are true pioneers of the interweb! Keep up the good work! Ignore the haters! They just don’t have the energy and creativity you do! They’re also jealous! Keep on keepin’ on!

  • and another registered moron…

  • yeah nice try “Daiff”! you sick fool.

    Funny how dead nancy and brouhaha popped up out the blue.

  • 12:11

    1) what we “got” was lots of guest posts, thereby driving up the revenue and keeping this going for you unappreciative trolls.

    2) i talk to people like they are people. i talk to trolling trash like they are trolling trash – never diss anyone until they diss me…pay attention

    3) respect me and i’ll respect you.

    4) getting our “due”? um, ok, whatever. nothing feels different than it did yesterday.

    5) “i’m glad to see you go.”??? I haven’t gone anywhere, nor do I plan on it.

    deadnancy, you rock!

  • deadnancy was making fun of you biff, and you are too stupid to even see it.

  • 12:27, you better tell that to guest troll at 12:23. Which of you guest trolls is wrong?

  • deadnancy = brouhaha = biff = heather = nokilissa = aussie = DAVEINBEDSTUY

  • The three buildings above are truly hideous, but as for the rest of the AMNY list, I actually sort of like the AT&T behemoth – it has some quiet dignity if you walk past it at 1am. I also think the NYU library is not so bad – it looks kind of interesting when it rains and the red stone gets wet. The Kimmel Center on the other hand is pretty bad. I think the Watchtower is way more fugly than some of the buildings they listed.

    Overall an inconsistent list, but it’s a good conversation starter. I wish Kevin Walsh were here; instead we get Biff and his small penis. sigh.

  • this thread is quite appropriate…ugliest buildings and ugliest posters have been revealed…

  • guest = guest = guest = guest = guest = guest

    I am so loving this but have to run out for lunch. Can y’all please keep it going until I get back? I hope to see 150 posts when I return.

  • so its ok to write “diss” now.

  • Manitoba, please read the memo that penis jokes are only funny to people under 6 years old. Or is that about the level you’re on?

  • wow, busy day at the office, biff. troll brownstoner for a few hours in the morning, make a couple hundred posts, hit the golden arches, then back for another 4-8 hours of posting nonsense.

    what a fulfilled life you have.

  • Thanks, 12:27. I thought I’d gone too far with ‘interweb’ to get a bite. Still, trolling a troll is like wrestling a pig…

    I’m back to lurking now, only making ironic comments about our oil spill in Greenpoint posts.

  • deadnancy – On a surprisingly serious note, what’s up with the Greenpoint oil spill these days? I haven’t heard much about it in the news and don’t know of any sites that follow the “cleanup”. Does anyone know of a good source for information?

  • biff…you and jerri used to talk about the male sex organ practically on a daily basis.

    such a loser…

  • It’s starting to feel a lot like “Seinfeld” around here: a show about nothing with a cast of largely reprehensible characters.

  • one difference…

    seinfeld was funny.

  • Having conversations with yourself in front of millions about your wee wee is new kind of sick.

  • i’m enjoying watching biff and dave squirm.

  • deadnancy ironically misses the sarcasm in my “deadnancy rocks” post…sad. But you did successfully troll guest at 12:23! Congrats and thanks for the laugh.

    12:37#2 guest – yep, high paying job that still gives me the freedom to trollminate all day, own a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, summer home, car, etc. I would say it’s a very fulfilled life! You, on the other hand…

  • Anyone else notice that the Biff and Dave posts are both “at lunch” right now…?

  • Oh and Nokilissa “went out with the kids”

    So all three coincidentally went out at the same time…


  • 12:51#2, really? millions? cool! I’m famous.

  • “yep, high paying job that still gives me the freedom to trollminate all day, own a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, summer home, car, etc.”

    oh yeah…cause we take your words as 100% truth!


    for all we know, you’re 19 and sitting in your aunt’s basement in forest hills.

    what a laugh.

  • 12:54#2, I’m right here. Next useless theory/conspiracy? Thanks for caring so much to keep track of our comings and goings. Oh, and I thought we were dead and nobody was going to respond. What happened?

  • Are the signs that we’ve been getting from Biff and Dave the kind that we are supposed to pay attention to…like those given before the Columbine and VA Tech tragedies…????

  • Even sadder that you ate your lunch in less than 60 seconds…

    No one around but those voices in your head to eat with??


  • Someday this thread is gonna end…

    But seriously, aside from having mediocre stores and being next to the roaring maw of Altlantic and Flatbush, I’ve seen a lot worse than Atliantic Center.

  • 12:56, sorry, you’re confusing me for someone who cares what you believe.

  • 12:57, no. You’re not worth going to jail for. You’re barely worth trollminating.

  • 12:57…you’re onto something…

  • I wonder if Biff Champion and Daveinbedstuy are also the faded type spammer and the PLG troll?

  • 12:58, still haven’t eaten yet, but thanks for proving guests are almost always wrong.

  • 12:58#2, obviously the guest, even those who said they will ignore me, cannot help themselves. They are obsessed and have nothing to say about the topic. They would rather talk about me than anything else on this blog. It’s flattering.

  • WOW, Dave please get a job (or at least one that requires real work) since you post way too much. It’s sorta of sad.
    Brownstoner, perhaps you should disable comments for awhile so people can calm down a bit and stop hijacking posts.

  • 1:01, how about an original theory that hasn’t been posted already 1,000 times?

  • So since you hoped for the 150 plus comments, Biff, you’ve made 7 of the posts since. At least 7 that we know of anyway…

    Does it count if we get to 150 and all the comments are you??

  • “They are obsessed and have nothing to say about the topic.”

    Biff, please point me in the direction of your comments on the topic of the thread…

  • 1:04, blame 10:29 guest.

    Yes, brilliant idea. Disable comments and keep the blog’s hits low so you can lose advertisers. How about a marketing course?

  • I feel sorry for those poor innocent southern hospitality neighbors that Daiff always brags about.

    Too bad they have no idea that Norman Bates is their neighbor.

  • “1:04, blame 10:29 guest.”

    Nope, I blame Dave. The one who started it all.

  • Dave, Biff, Nokilissa…it’s all the same at this point.

  • 1:04#2 guest, yes, every post counts. Let’s go for 200, shall we?

    1:06, thanks for proving my point.

  • Why would we blame 10:29? For bringing attention to the fact that you and Dave have been trolling this website for months???

    There are too many comparisons to the state of our country right now and false blame to even get started with that idiotic and pathetic attempt to transfer blame.

  • Why would any sensible company advertise on this site at this point? I know I wouldn’t want to associate my company with the amount of garbage that gets posted in the comments by people like Biff. As much as I dislike gothamist, that blog is so much more civil and comments actually tend to be on-topic. same for curbed..

    Maybe comments should be capped at 50 max? Anything beyond that is just Troll Champion and Co.

  • i prefer these days

  • Where did bxgrl go? Not enough time to toggle between user names, Biff?

    Is Bhouhaha also out to lunch now?

    Your losers are so transparent.

  • i think biff has an assistant he hired to toggle between the 7 usernames he keeps in rotation during his lunch breaks to make it seem like he’s always posting.

    he’s needy like that.

    it happens when you’re picked on as a child…

  • 1:22 – I’ll check out gowanuslounge – thanks. I really can’t stand it here anymore; it’s not even fun to waste time here browsing the posts.

  • Agreed there needs to be a cap on comments. That would stop the spammer.

    Manitoba you are being watched as well? You could be a figment of Dave’s sick and crafty imagination.

  • I’m back from my lunch meeting. What have I missed?? More of the same guests saying that we are soooooo over and gone, yet, they continue to post.

    161 posts and it ain’t even 2:00

    where will we be when all these worker bees stop for their 3:00 coffee break???

  • i think manitoba is “real”

  • “I’m back from my lunch meeting.”

    code for playing with himself in the bathroom at penn station

  • “The only thing more pathetic than Indians on T.V. is Indians watching Indians on T.V.”

  • Biff…they are still commenting on yesterday’s HOTD thread.

    1:31…i avoid that bathroom when people like you are lurking there. you seem to know more about it than I do.

  • kuroko gets the quote of the day Gabby

  • they’re all real 1:31…even BTG was real. what’s real and what’s fake??

    Please, someone give us a definitive answer.

  • kuroko = dave’s asian personality

  • Manitoba, then leave and stop reading this. Go to Curbed…now.

    1:22, typical guest logic. You prefer another blog but are still here posting on this one.

    1:24, at least I can afford to hire an assistant! Trollminated.

  • you are fake, dave.

    very few people liked you before this mess and now no one does. i think even some of your other “identities” are starting to turn on you.

    seek help bro!

  • “i think manitoba is “real””

    But how would you know since all your guest friends said no bold typers can be trusted? Can all of you please get your stories straight?

    Yeah Dave, they’re doing a great job of ignoring us and paying us no attention. Do you think they have any clue whatsoever?

  • people who brag about themselves like biff and dave do, are the mostly likely candidates to have little to no self esteem. this is a proven fact.

    i don’t believe for one second that either of you have anything…money, houses “all over the country” or any of it.

    i think you are two really really sad men with no lives and way too much time on your hands.

    i’m starting to feel really sorry for you.

  • but 1:44 you haven’t defined fake within the context of an anonymous blog.

    perhaps the concept is too hard to understand. Don’t get a headache over it.

  • Dave: you are a fake since you hide behind multiple names. And stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person “…. even BTG was real.” WAS? You are BTG, idiot. You have truly lost what little of your mind was left.

  • Look…they’re talking to themselves again.

    How cute…

  • And where is all that forthcoming proof that I was the spammer.

    What do you want 1:46, addresses??

  • The guests have officially won out over the registered!!!!!!

    They’ve completely lost their minds…posting 10 comments a second talking about themselves, to themselves and about nothing!!!

  • Maybe nobody like him, but he sure gets lots of attention. As for the advertisers, doens’t matter what’s said here, as long as people see there ads. Do you really think they’re worried people won’t buy their apartments based on what we are posting, dumb dumb?

  • Dave, you might not want to post your address on this website. Not sure you have too many fans these days.

  • 1:46, you keep trying to convince yourself of that and maybe one day you’ll actually believe it’s true.

    Sorry, I love my life. Love it.

  • this is a great blog for comic relief b/c you people are all off your rockers

  • 1:47#2, feel free to listen in. Oh, you are. Yep, I knew it.

  • 186+. The first time we’ll hit 200 with the majority of posts from guests saying they’ll ignore bold typers.

  • 1:54…you are so right…my colleagues and I are sitting here literally laughing out loud at all the crap that’s been posted.

    and, I suspect there is no other guest on this site that I would ever trade my life for. Downsize?? That’s a real estate concept and nobody does that either!!!!

  • Sorry, I love my life. Love it.

    Posted by: Biff Champion at June 19, 2008 1:52 PM

    That’s pretty sad, Biff, since your ‘life’ seems to consist largely of commenting on this blog, where nobody likes or respects you.

  • by ‘colleagues’, dave means the tranny hookers he had his ‘lunch meeting’ with.

  • 1:59, I don’t care or need love or respect from anyone on a blog. Sorry that you do. I love trollminating – it’s so much fun.

  • 1:59 = comment of the day

  • 2:02…come on…even an idiot like you can come up with something better as the quote of the day.

  • i like 1:59 for comment of the day because it’s true.

    unlike everything you say on here, dave.

  • daiff = 1:54

    Posted by: guest at June 19, 2008 2:01 PM

    what is daiff?

  • Biff, Nokilissa…they have worn themselves out I believe. Some may need an afternoon nap, others a caffeine boost but I detect repetition in the messages. It started around 10 AM though!!!

    When do we collect our checks from Mr. B?

  • dave & biff same ahole all this time.

  • I love how you think you’re doing Mr. B a favor.

    If, as you say all the guest posts are the same person and all the registered guests are you, Dave, then I don’t see how the 2 people visiting this site are doing much to garner advertising income.

    You are such a hypocrite. Mr. B probably hates your guts right now.

  • 2:07 daiff is supposed to be dave and biff as one person. Only comprehendable in the mind of a guest that doesn’t care about us anymore but continues to post about us. Its truly laughable but also pathetic as well.

  • 200…kaching Mr. B

  • 2:11 you need to learn a little about internet advertising. try googling.

  • “Lawrence Levi, senior editor of” is just another socialist hippie who hates commerce. I, too, loathe the MTA cinder block on Smith, but to take a shot at Starbuck’s, which is doing brisk business and replaced one of those disgusting 99c stores (mom and pop, my pasty white butt) betrays his hatred of capitalism, the lifeblood of the U.S.

    Go work on a kibbutz, ya backwards idiot. I hope the wrecking ball takes your pinko head off.

  • And before I hear another post about how many times I’ve posted, you guests made this post about me back at 10:29 when that crazy ALL CAPS FADED TYPE GUEST came in and went off topic.

  • you need to learn a little something about self respect, dave.

  • You love the blame game, Dave. You started this. And now you will do or say anything to relinquish any responsibility for it.

  • Verizon Building near the Brooklyn Bridge is majorly fugly!

  • thanks 2:18 for getting us back on topic…as much as people pretend to hate the concept of Starbucks (I personally don’t like the coffee) they probably all wish they had bought the stock years ago…same with McDonald’s.

  • Is GHB, Dave’s moniker for “Good Handj*b Biff?”

  • me thinks it means “Gay Hairy Biff”

  • 2:20…responsibility?? remember its a blog.

    i love Mr. B and what he has done here. it will go on forever despite the death knells that many of you idiots have proclaimed today. And, fortunately for all of you that actually have nothing to contribute to any thread we will all be here as well.

  • 2:22, no, it refers to your joke, as in “Guest Has Bombed”…again…

  • 2:22…try giving yourself one…you’ll be less ornery to wife, kids & dog

  • Dave, for 2:22, wife and dog are one and the same.

  • this is almost funnier than achmed the dead terrorist.

  • I wholeheartedly agree 2:32

  • Brownstoner, if ever there was an argument that registration does not reduce trolling or spam, this thread is it!

  • A year or so ago, Gothamist took the approach of blocking the IP addresses of resident spammers like Dave, Biff, and others. People would change their IP addresses, and then those would be blocked from posting. It seemed to take a lot of vigilance and some time to adjust, but it worked in the long run. I think that would be worthwhile here….

  • So, uh, is “bitter renter” vs. “smug owner” over? Are we all “bitter guest” vs. “smug registered” now? Cause if so, I’ll need to make myself a new t-shirt on Zazzle.

    I am a “real” person, by the way. You can call me…Pinocchio!

    Folks, I know oil, and food, and rents, and well, everything, is expensive, and people are getting fired, and there are hoards of vicious 10-year-olds out on the streets wanting to take your iPod, and your mortgage is about to reset and whatever, but it’s getting pretty vicious and awful and non-productive here. Maybe we just let Biff and Dave and whomever else they are just do their thing and move on?


  • How come The What and even the fake What are not out of bed yet today??

  • Manitoba, your post is as much spam as anyone else’s when defining spam as anything off topic. And stop being in denial like everyone else. It was a guest post that started this in this thread.

    And why are you back here, idiot? You said you prefer other blogs, yet you come back to the thread you say you can’t stand? Dumb.

  • 2:50, guests are not that rational. They prefer to say how they hate us and will ignore us and then stay and talk about us in the thread with the most posts in weeks, maybe months. We aren’t dealing with smart guests here.

  • how many computers today dave?

  • Manitoba, why don’t you call your mommy and tell her you’re upset by the big bully on the blog? You have to get posters you don’t like banned…you’re a mouse.

    You’re Womanitoba (with all due respect to strong women like Nokilissa, Heather and Bxgrl).

  • 2:57, way more than you could ever afford, bitter guest.

  • 2:57….only one compuer, or CPU. it will run many screens. New concept to you?

  • But Biff, I am a guest and I am smart (in fact, I’m the anon guest who got a big quote in the NY Mag article and then got tagged as a bitter renter by the author, much to my bemused surprise). Please don’t paint all us guests with the same brush!

    You know, this site has really changed the way I experience NYC. I used to think that, somehow, we were all, owner, renter, rich, poor, in the middle, male, female, gay, straight, white, black, in this NY thing together — the crime and the quality of life issues, the expense and the challenge, the drive to be the best and do the best and go head to head with the finest, the will to “make it here.” But now, I worry that half the people on the subway are stark raving looneys with anger management problems, controlled only by a thin margin. I think that the Web in so many ways shows what we’re really made of, even if people are posers or internet thugs or whatever, that grain of hate and rage is real. The things we pretend to be show us what we wish for.

    Anyhoo, so much for cubicle philosophizing. I have work to do, and then I really think I’m going to stick with Jezebel for a good long while.

    Try not to eat each other alive, OK everyone?


  • “thread with the most posts in weeks, maybe months.”

    Actually one from yesterday topped 300.

    You wouldn’t know that because it was a great informative conversation unlike the usual drivel you spew.

  • Pinocchio…if you knew us in real life we’d all be good friends. Your observations do hit a few nails on the head though.

  • Hmmmm….Biff answering a question for Dave at 3:02…



  • nope the only new concept to me is the mindset of a crazy blogger with mutlple personalities who enjoys having long conversations with himself about his wee wee.
    Like I posted earlier that’s a new kind of a sick. I hope nymag is reading this.

  • 3:11….they are making a new movie about your detecting skills. It’s called “Get Smart”

    I guess when you get all riled up you hit the Caps Lock key.

  • so it’s now proved…

    biff = daveinbedstuy = bold type guest

    maybe we’ll find out more as the day progresses…

  • 3:12…i hope they are too. i have a friend who posts here who showed me emails “biff” sent to “jerri blank” and let’s just say…if they get leaked, it’s not going to be pretty for mr. biff…

  • This is off topic but right now….

    Crude Oil -3.6%
    NY Gas -3.2%
    Heating Oil -3.9%

    China deregulated their gasoline & diesel markets last night and the prices will go way up causing reduced consumption and lower prices.

    Anyone else got anything useful to add to this thread??

  • 3:14…that must be your only friend. If you got the emails lets see them. Biff went through all that with your “friend” a few weeks ago and, like a limp d!ck, he came up with nothing.

    Go back to myspace and play with your friend.

  • uhhh…So no comment that we just figured out that Biff and Dave are one in the same?

  • Yep, 3:14 – the infamous guest who got called out and totally served. All allegations and no proof. I’m sure you have emails like those to which you refer but you care so much about me that you won’t share them. Try a new one so I can call you out again as a fraud. You lost.

  • no, we are not 2:38

    The logic on that deduction was extremely faulty. Par for the course on these threads though.

  • do tell, 3:14?

    Dave’s house in Bed Stuy is fugly, he overpaid for it and he lives next to a cheesy bodega. (I stayed on topic. Can you?)

  • the only losers here today are dave and biff.

    i’d say every person here would agree.

  • 3:23, no comment that you and every guest here are wrong in everything you say and think?

  • Can’t you just see it now…Dave sitting at his computer with his eyes popping out, toggling between 12 screens, frantically typing messages, trying not to let his boss see while scrolling to every thread on brownstoner making sure he posts at least 10 comments a minute under each name.

  • So I’m not a loser too?? Boy, am I glad to hear that. I bet dave and Biff are really hurt that all you people have called them losers. Especially when that’s all you really are able to do…call people losers on a blog.


  • Classic! Dave signs on under a BTG and talks about himself in the 3rd person. You are NUTS, Dave.

  • You are thinking way too much into all of this 3:32.

    3:29…sitting at home in his wifebeater watching for the slightest chance to pounce and try and hurt our feelings with some inane comment.

    Market closes in 25 minutes…what have you accomplished today 3:29??

  • Dude you lost it seek help, before you start eating your neighbors.

  • How many people here knew before today that Dave/Biff were off their rocker…

    Say I!

  • the only losers here today are guests posting over 250+ times about bold typers they call losers.

    Let’s hit 300 puppets!

  • do tell, 3:14?
    Posted by: guest at June 19, 2008 3:26 PM

    Keep waiting, 3:26. Or are you really stupid enough to think if anyone had anything on me they wouldn’t have posted it months ago?

  • I guess the results of 3:42’s straw poll says it all Biff. We won.

  • 3:09, said about the 300+ post yesterday, “it was a great informative conversation unlike the usual drivel you spew.”

    That’s hilarious, given here is just one “informative” excerpt from the thread to which you referred. Hahahahahaha:

    “BTW, idiot at 10.09, love your racial sterotypes you usless POS. All blacks have carpet knives/box cutters and are looking to beat down whitey. Just stop posting already. You contribute nothing and now you’ve had your 15 minutes via your friends at NYMag, so go find another little pond. What’s more, you are a f*cktard. It’s obvious that you’re incapable of parsing any of the cut and paste you post ad nauseum or of making any type of intellectual or analytical contributions to this board. Your impotent attempts to portray yourself as some sort of visionary re: the economy or RE are laughable. If you want to talk about asshattery, you wrote the book. So go away.”

  • It was chock full of that vitriol Biff.

  • Dave, these guests are getting dumber and dumber. It’s actually getting way too easy. How can we take anything seriously that they say when they’re proven wrong over and over?

    (feel free to listen in again guests and maybe learn something)

  • i honestly can’t even believe that biff and dave continue to talk to/with/at each other like this for hours and hours and hours.

    it’s starting to become mind boggling actually.

  • I think this thread has been more informative than any other.

    It is obvious that Dave and Biif (who are different people?) are completely nuts. They and their alter egos (BTG, Bhouhaha, bxgrl) are in need of some serious mental health care.

    You have been exposed as the crazy frauds that you are.

    You two (?) are the biggest trolls on this site.

    And Dave’s house is by far the fugliest in Brooklyn. The ivy and tree in the front yard are lame, Dave. Really, really lame. (Did you pay Dig for that too?) But they go well with the plexiglass at the bodega next door.

    (Still staying on topic, which is more than you two losers can say.)

  • Mr. B–

    Make Biff and Dave go away. Really.

  • 4:50, I have a feeling your mind is boggled when trying to open a jar of pickles.

  • 5:13, “You have been exposed as the crazy frauds that you are.”

    The only crazy people are those like you who actually think anything has been exposed and that we care what anyone thinks. Oh, and you’re a loser, I’m not. Trollminated.

  • 5:14, why don’t you and Womanitoba get together and start a support group? You clearly can’t function in life when you ask for help in dealing with posters on a blog. Sad…

  • 5:13, I agree completely.

    It was a very informative day and glad these two nutjobs finally got exposed for who they really are.

    The sad thing, though is that these two have now ruined it for all the registered people because from now on, everyone will think that any non guest is these two logging in under different screen names.

    They’ve really done a major disservice to this website.

  • “Oh, and you’re a loser, I’m not. Trollminated.”

    This sentence pretty much sums up what a psychopath this guy really is, no? This was said by an alleged grown man who owns a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights.

    I don’t buy it for one second.

  • 5:13 – We’ve also verified how truly microscopic Biff’s penis is. Don’t forget that one.

  • If anyone can’t deal, it is you Biff.

    Your lame response at 5:18 reads just like bxgrl.

    Biff = Troll

  • These guys are starting to scare me a little bit.

    And I’m actually being serious.

  • 5:13 = 5:25

    Yes, I’m exposed as…um, what exactly? I have only ever posted under this sign in, so you’re wrong again.

    Womanitoba, are you back to the 6 year-old joke book lines? You’re obsessed with my penis. Sorry, I don’t swing that way. Try to not think about it for a little while and thanks for checking back in. Oh yeah, you hate this blog and this thread but can’t stay away from me and your penis jokes…wow.

  • 5:26 and 5:29, that was the point. To sink to your level of low intelligence with a school yard comeback so you and Womanitoba could understand.

    5:32, why don’t you hug it out with Womanitoba?

  • “This sentence pretty much sums up what a psychopath this guy really is, no? This was said by an alleged grown man who owns a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. I don’t buy it for one second.”

    I prefer to refer to it as a brownstone, thanks. Refer to my post at 5:33 regarding why I had to dumb down my insult.

  • Biff is bxgrl.

    5:13 is not 5:25. I know, as I am 5:13.

    It is amazing to watch Biff and Dave implode right before our eyes.

  • Womanitoba, we also learned that guests all hate me and hate what this blog’s become and want to ignore me and yet, cannot stop responding to me.


    Biff, the Toren, thank you

  • Biff why not 1 comment and separate paragraphs to each poster?
    Why are you hell bent on driving up the hit count? WTF!

    Agree with 5:29. Only BX babbles like that.

    I’m dying to know do you wear a girlie wig when you’re fat ass is in Bx mode?

  • ok 5:39, we’re supposed to believe you, why again?


  • 5:41, thanks for another post. Keep wondering about me; keep obsessing about me. Keep thinking of Biff Champion like everyone else here.

    Onwards to 300!

  • “I’m dying to know do you wear a girlie wig when you’re fat ass is in Bx mode?”

    Only when I’m trying to look like your sister.

  • Good one, 5:41.

    Are the guests making you even more paranoid, Biff?

    So Biff lives in the basement of his friend’s house in the Bronx and sells kitty litter. No house in the Brooklyn Heights. No real job. Nut case. Complete nut case.

  • “Biff” at 5:40 just made another little boo boo.

    Or you just wanted to give yourself and Toren a shout out?

  • I think, if we keep pushing him/her, biff will self destruct.

    So Biff is a woamn and has no penis. Love it!!!!!!!

    You have been trolled Biffy.




  • Anybody want a freshly baked tollhouse cookie?

  • I doubt The Toren is thanking anybody. They are throwing ad money away on a site that has less to do with real estate with each passing day.

  • Can I please get a tall glass of cold milk with that, 5:52?

  • Wow, 6 responses in 7 minutes. We’re going to hit 300+!!

    “”Biff” at 5:40 just made another little boo boo. Or you just wanted to give yourself and Toren a shout out?”

    5:46#2, please please tell me you aren’t that stupid…please…

  • Dave tisk tisk tisk… at 5:33 you said you dont swing that way. Then at 5:45 you admit to wearing a wig sometimes. In the past you stated you’re tri sexual meaning you are willing “try” anything.

    do you think we dont pay attention?

  • Dave and Biff are dead to me.

  • “I think, if we keep pushing him/her, biff will self destruct.”

    Actually, it’s the opposite. Wrong on every count so far today guests. But the most amazing thing to me is you keep posting here. You keep responding to me. You keep talking about me. You keep increasing the hits. Why are you all so dumb? And the best part is you’re providing me with so much enjoyment as I trollminate every last one of you. If I didn’t like it, I would have left hours ago, but you don’t get it. You’ll never get it.

  • 6:01, no, wrong again. I KNOW you all pay attention. And you can’t stop paying attention to me. You’re obsessed.

    6:03, I think something like that was said around 200 posts ago. Keep repeating it as you and every other guest keep talking about me.

  • Fatso how are we obsessed? when you sit there day after day logged in under 5 diffrent names?

    And yes 200 plus posts and you still dont get the message. Leave already! Take a break. Seek help.
    No one will ever take you serious.
    You will never be able to post any serious comment without someone exposing you for the fraud that you are

    Today was good day I’m gald you got caught with your pants down last night. Fool!

  • The fact is, you are the crazy one for still being here and posting here and obsessing over me.

    “No one will ever take you serious.”
    You didn’t go to school, did you?

    You’re wrong again. Today wasn’t a good day; today was a GREAT day.

  • 6:29, except Norman Bates never drove a thread to 300 posts. Never. I should start an official fan club. I know every guest here would beg to join.

  • I actually like the Atlantic Center.

  • I used to love The What
    like butter, that nutter
    But now it’s the Biffs
    who set my heart a-flutter

  • 300! Thanks to all my fans for supporting me in my efforts. It was fun trollminating each and every one of you. Next time you vow to ignore me, I will take you puppets to 400 posts. I’ll be enjoying a Jack and Coke in my backyard tonight while you’ll be scratching your heads wondering how you all fell for this and why your life sucks and mine doesn’t. Buh Bye!

  • Even the What wants no part of this.

  • Yes fat boy go and collect your bisquit from Mr B now.

  • The self-obsessed, off-topic, juvenile rants of Biff and daveinbedstuy/boldtypeguest have combined to create a train wreck that, except for the forum, adds Brownstoner to the official “jumped the shark” list.

  • wow. biff is terrifyingly mad.

  • Your “life” today (and everyday for the past 6 months) has constituted posting 500 comments a day under multiple usernames on an anonymous blog about real estate.

    You do realize that, right…??

    Sorry, but I’ve seen homeless people lead more productive lives than you do.

    You need professional help.

  • The even sadder part is that some of the guests have been saying that Dave and Biff were nuts for months now and some of you didn’t believe it and continued to engage him. You’ve now unleashed a horrible monster.

  • Looks like you’ve scared most of the other registered guests away. Even Bob Marvin didn’t post on the PLG house today. No sign of Montrose either.

    Biff and Dave have absolutely ruined this website.

  • i did see a bob marvin post or two over there. but you’re right…these two psychopaths have basically taken over the site and scared away a lot of really informative posters and information…

  • The Atlantic Center was SPECIFICALLY designed to not be a comfortable hang out between merchants. Their equation was: kids hanging out = shoppers staying away. That they made it feel like you’re getting an MRI when you travel between stores is a testament to their success in that.

  • 8:53:

    So true. The layout, to discourage hanging out, was a necessary technique for Atlantic Center to attract decent retail tenants. This was 10 years ago, and unfortunately we are stuck with it unless Bruce decides to step up…

  • that idea did backfire-but I don’t know. the few times I’ve been there recently, it was packed. I remember they did do things to make it more “friendly”, but when it opened and for quite a few years after, no one went there, it was so forbidding.

    Don’t think Bruce is going to step up at this point- he’d lose too much money, but not to say he couldn’t make more improvements that wouldn’t involve tearing it down and rebuilding. I do remember the neighborhood felt the design was a real slap in the face.

  • Hey guys – I know this post is basically over, but I just came across it, and I have to say, what a waste.

    In the future, I suggest ignoring this loser Biff. All I’ve learned from this post is that given how damn defensive he is, he apparently has a tiny male member. If people just ignore him, he’ll slither off and find some tweezers so he can go play with himself…

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