StreetLevel: Cuban Restaurant Cooking in the South Slope

A couple of longtime South Slopers are planning to build a Cuban restaurant, dance studio and recording space in their 7th Avenue building. Felix de Jesus, a pro dance instructor, and his wife, Olga Gomez—who has lived at 460 7th Avenue for the past 36 years—intend to construct an entertainment center called Ache de Cuba in the first floor and basement of their house. The ground floor will host the restaurant and dance space, while the basement will be turned into the recording studio. The plans are probably a year away from fruition, says de Jesus, and the pair needs to clear some C-of-O issues in order to be legit. The name of the future business between 15th and 16th streets comes from Cuba’s Yoruba religion (aka “Santeria”) and refers to a “universal life force.” GMAP

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