Changing South Slope Gets Some Ink From AMNY

south-slope-03-2008.jpgThis morning the South Slope gets a big writeup in AM New York with a focus on how the area is different from mainland Slope (“There are way less strollers and dogs,” says one resident. “There’s more of the remaining community present and it feels more authentic. There are more twentysomethings here, too.”) but also how it’s also beginning to look a lot more like the North Slope. Brokers and residents say the South Slope’s influx of boutiques, cafes and residents priced out of Slope prime are all contributing to the area becoming more like the blocks north of 9th Street. We half buy this argument but think South Slope’s completely different aesthetic, buildings-wise, is always going to set it apart from its neighbor to the North, and it also seems evident that exciting retail has been a lot slower to come to the area than it has to the North Slope—especially 5th Ave.—in recent years. There isn’t a whole lot of treatment of the area’s new condo building boom, though a sales manager for the Vue (a Brownstoner advertiser) says the condo’s been well-received because “The newer residents of the area have demands that need to be met.” A South Sloper named Jarrett Shamlian, who has lived in the neighborhood for four years, has the article’s most interesting commentary about how the area is changing. “Four years ago it was more affordable—my rent’s raised $100 every year,” he says. “The Latin community has been pushed out. For example, there was a small Latin cafe where I could get Tres Leches at 3:00 am that closed. The 99-cent stores are going under, with banks filling the empty spaces. People are being pressured into putting up new facades, perhaps in a community effort to ‘clean up’ the area’s image.”
New York Real Estate: South Slope [AM New York]
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  • I brought my kid south of 9th st. the other day in her stroller and we were both so lonely…

  • Aside from 5th ave and below this is an article about nothing. Half the businesses listed have been there for years. Its hilarious to act like there is some great division in the neighborhood at 9th st. Maybe 10 years ago.

  • slopefarm

    The only “pressure” I felt to put up a new facade came from the old facade (and the rotten studs underneath).

  • Why would you want to live in Park Slope, it takes an hour to get to midtown. And its the most boring neighborhood in Brooklyn. PS sucks.

  • south slope is confused

  • The article forgot to mention PS 10, which serves a decent portion of the neighborhood and is becoming a sought after school in the area.

  • An hour to midtown? Something is wrong with your commuting skills. I live at the southern end of the South Slope and it takes me just under 45 minutes to get to my desk on 55th Street, including a walk on both ends.

  • Who cares about getting to Midtown – most boring area in all of NYC – crowded with tourist and people so poor that they have to work for a living.

  • I agree with 10:14. 10:05 must be a shelf stocker at the Disney store, slinking home to his/her 5-roommate crammed share in Bed Stuy each night before drinking his/herself into a stupor.

  • Is it feasible for a family of four to live in the Slope making only $300 K a year? I think not!! PS sucks.

  • Um, 10:21, I’m married with two kids and our combined income is 210K. We have a sweet life, so suck it, loser.

  • The aesthetics of the South Slope aren’t completely different from PS prime on the park blocks of 10th–14th Streets that are in the PS Historic District. 10th Street is especially nice.

  • My income is 30k…where should I live?

  • Latin people were not pushed out. The vast majority did, and continue, to live in rent stabilized apartments and thus have the unlimited right of renewal and rents that increase at 3% a year on average (over a lifetime). The ones who left either chose to do so or were homeowners who sold their homes at a handsome profit.

  • 10:31 Baltimore is the place for you.

  • Love the south slope. We’re leaving the North Slope to buy a house in the South, South slope- right across the highway off of 5th Ave. Couldn’t be happier. You can buy a house under million there, and if you work downtown, the commute in not anywhere near an hour. We love all the wooden houses and the crazy jumbled styles of building. Awesome if all the haters want to stay away.

  • 10:26

    $200K won’t get you much today. You’d be foolish to get anything more than a $600-$700K loan. What will that get you in the slope? A 2-bedroom condo.

    Sounds like you’re living the good life.

  • Does anyone have any information on the Dimora condos on 16th between 7th and 8th Ave. They have been finished for some time and no one has ever moved in and now they have a new real estate ad banner.

  • Latin is an old, no longer in use language. There are no “Latins” living anywhere. Hispanic is the proper term used to describe folks with Latin Amererican roots who reside in the US.

  • 10:26, is the government providing you with food stamps?

  • 10:26 here Polemicist. No need for a condo. Already own a three story brick in center slope. Bought five years ago. Now I’m off to Jackie’s 5th to toast my good fortune!

  • Why, do you need some 10:45?

  • Hey 10:45–I don’t have any foodstamps but I’ve got some gov’t cheese from ’86.

  • My Mexican friend says he thinks Latino is preferred.

  • Wow so the brainiacs here can tell a person’s entire financial back round and exact loan amount that they can qualify for just by the amount of money they make a year.


  • My wife and I nake a combined 150K and bought a 3 bedroom 1400 sq ft conndo in South Slope last year. Also have a small backyard.

    We work downtown and midtown and have a 20 min and 40 min commute respectively.

    I love it here.

  • I’m movin’ in to the South Slope, and I’m bringing a baby and a dog with me. So you’d better watch out- I’m taking over the whole damn sidwalk and ruining the whole atomosphere for all of you.

  • South Slope is hardly any cheaper than the “regular” Slope any more – that has been a major change over the past 2 years. I am talking here about the blocks from 10th-16th St., and not Greenwood Hts/Windsor Terrace. People are asking anywhere from $1.4 million on up for little frame and small brick houses between 4th and 5th ave. These are pretty aspirational prices. Of course if you can get that much, and pay that much, nice for you, but whoever is saying lower and middle income families aren’t getting pushed out is a little naive. You can’t really move into the neighborhood now without cash in hand from selling a North Slope or Manhattan apartment, or a pretty serious income.

  • What’s with all the personal driveways in South Slope?

  • “People are asking anywhere from $1.4 million on up for little frame and small brick houses between 4th and 5th ave. These are pretty aspirational prices. Of course if you can get that much, and pay that much, nice for you, but whoever is saying lower and middle income families aren’t getting pushed out is a little naive.”

    So if these people are SELLING their homes for over a million dollars, how exactly are they being PUSHED out??

  • 11:15,

    I wonder the same thing; i think the city will eventually try to sort out the legal curb cuts from the homeowner jobs and try to restore some much needed parking to everyone else.

    I live in south slope – the interview with the renter was very one-dimensional; the neighborhood still has lots of Mex/Central American restauarants, especially south of 15th st, along w/ some pretty great new bars and restaurants. It’s a very nice mix of old and new and even the older residents and renters are probably happy to have some nice new places to shop and eat at.

  • It’s nice to hear reports about people loving Park Slope even though so many people who comment here seem to hate it.

    I’m excited to start my house search in Park Slope this weekend.

  • “It’s nice to hear reports about people loving Park Slope even though so many people who comment here seem to hate it.”

    Those people are either bitter renters who have seen their rents go up, or people from other neighborhoods that see Park Slope as the frontlines of their personal little class warfare crusade.

  • Regarding the Dimora — the three buildings in the development actually have two different owners. The building with the new banner has different ownership and is just coming onto the market. From what I understand, the other two buildings are awaiting their Certificate of Occupancy so that the prospective buyers can complete their deals. The developer is sweating it out in the meantime. Interestingly, the starting prices for the building just coming onto the market are significantly lower than the adjoining buildings (like $50,000 less).

  • I make 28k and live in North Slope.

    living with your gf is nice.

  • Really interesting article about the changing face of suburbs and cities in America:

  • I make 75K, I’m under 30 and own in the North Slope.

    Not sure why everyone says you have to be rich to live here.

  • 10:44, many “hispanics” actually prefer chicano (if Mexican) or Latino with the appropriate “a” at the end if female

  • In south slope the fedders are all freidrichs

  • funny, 12:28. love it.

  • 12:00, A very good idea. Keep up the good work.

  • ok, am getting the feeling I am not making enough money to live in PS
    my husband and I make a combined income of $95K and we own a building. After the tenant pays, we have to cover $1700 towards the mortgage, nevermind the heating bills etc etc
    we are scraping by – but seriously where else would I find a 3 br duplex with a backyward,deck, DW and W/D for $1700 in brooklyn??????????????????????????????

  • 12:56 me too WTF i guess we should move to East NY. NOT!

    Bring on the newbies! Lets go equity!

  • 17th street. says it in the article.

  • I think i am gonna move to east Ny not a bad area is it?

  • Most people and maps say the south border of South Slope is the Prospect Expressway, which is between 16th and 17th streets.

    17th st. really falls into the Greenwood Heights / North Sunset Park geographical zone.

    Lots of new eateries/bars either just arrived or will shortly, on 5th ave in that area between 17th and 21st streets. New wood oven pizza place w/ full bar at 21st/6th ave opened this week.

  • “what is the southern border of park slope south?”

    I saw an apartment on 45th Street listed as being in Park Slope.

  • 12:56 – How is it you make a combined income of Only 95K? What do you guys do for a living.

    My Wife and I made $45-50K Each right out of college. Now 6 years later we are earning around $175k Combined.

    Granted we both work at least 10 hours a day in a very high stress enviornment, so yes it is a tradeoff I guess. But if you want to make more money, sometimes you have to sacrifice – Like everything in life there is always a choice.

  • Why would someone say 45th Street is Park Slope if everyone supposedly hates Park Slope, 1:30?

  • 1:31….I’m not 12:56, but I am also 6 years out of school, work 32 hours a week (including one day at home) and make around 80K. and i work in the arts.

    And I have every Friday off in the summer.

    Why do you have to work 10 hour days to make the same amount?

    Why would you judge someone for doing something that pays less. It’s really strange.

  • “South Slope’s completely different aesthetic, buildings-wise, is always going to set it apart from its neighbor to the North”

    Slam dunk. That photo is very characteristic and speaks volumes about that quote. However, Southy remains to be a decent alternative for the priced-outs like myself.

    -Clinton Hill renter

  • het=y 1:41 – Sorry you felt personally offended by my comments. However, your interjection is irrelevant because:

    A) I was not “Judging” anyone, I was merely responding to someone who was apparently in despair over not earning enough.

    B) That is great you make excellent money for working less hours, you are obviously very talented and valued by your company, but you are not the poster I was addressing as you obviously do much better than they do.

    “Why would you judge someone for doing something that pays less. It’s really strange.”

    How strange that you are telling everyone that you make so much and do so little when that is clearly not 12:56′s (or my)situation.

  • 1:49:

    I only said my situation to highlight that everyone works different hours, are in different fields and have different circumstances. You could work for 5 years as an architect, a social worker, a cop or an NYU professor and still make 50K or so.

    You know that the starting salary at Carnegie Hall…in the administration is 27K, right?? Most of those people have graduate degrees in music and are making less than 30 grand a year.

    You seem totally shocked to realize that the median income of New York City’s 5 boroughs is still around 50K per year.

  • guys, it’s tacky to talk about how much money you make. really now.

  • 1:54 actually I am a little shocked that 50K is the median income. I admit it, it seems low.

  • It is tacky as dinner conversation, not so much on an anonymous blog, 1:55.

    Don’t be such a prude.

  • 17th Street is essentially bisected by the Prospect Expressway. From 7th Ave on up, 17th Street is on the Slope side of the Expressway. Just settin’ the record straight.

  • 1:56:

    New York City
    Estimated median household income in 2005: $43,434 (it was $38,293 in 2000)

  • Thanks 11:51. I did notice the price difference. I guess they are the same quality on the inside as the others.

  • I’m beginning to understand the attitude on this site. 210k? 300k? 500k? Many of the people I know (owners) in PS make nowhere near this kind of money (and consequently cannot afford 100k for a kitchen reno). And I know solidly middle-class folk: several teachers/professors at not-NYUs, a prosecutor, a couple of writers, and me, a software person/green consultant wannabe, etc.

    Obviously we should not be living in PS at all, even though we’re all bringing/brought up kids. Can you steer me to a good tenement in Bed-Stuy?

  • 2:32

    Park Slope North of 9th Street
    Estimated median household income in 2007: $295,367

  • I make $140K a year and have a 3-story house in Park Slope. How’d I do it? Bought an apartment here in the mid-’90s (when I made much less), when most of you would not have wanted to live in the Slope.

  • Who cares what the “real” boundary is? As soon as you cross 16th street, the area is a total eyesore, no matter what you call it.

  • 2:51…you are a real moron.

    a. this article is about south slope

    b. no one is idiotic enough to believe what you wrote. 11217 (the zip code for north slope’s median income is $55,000.

  • 2:56, with a median income of $55,000, you can afford roughly $1,300 a month for a mortgage. That will allow you to purchase a home worth $230,000 with 10% down and a 6.5% 30 year loan.

    Have you seen a lot of homes in the North slope asking for $230 K or less???

  • I call super double bullshit on 2:51.

    Send a link backup or you are banned from this website.

  • 3:21….33% of new york city are homeowners.

    So that means that roughly a third of Park Slope own homes. 67% do not and rent.

    Or are you saying the U.S. census is lying?

  • While I think the article is lacking and still very 9th St.-centric, I am glad to see some folks comment that there are distinct differences between the north and south. perhaps not monetarily as much any more, but certainly more diversity.

    Architecturally, financially and ethnically.

    My 2 cents: South Slope ends at the Expressway.

    9th St’s a bit North, but why debate it.

  • I think it’s asinine to talk about these as two separate neighborhoods.

    York Street is entirely different from Park Avenue, but it’s all the Upper East Side.

    Central Park West is nothing like 99th and Amsterdamn, but still all the Upper West Side.

    Union Square is a lot more chic and white than Avenue D, but it’s all the East Village.

    Only in Brooklyn, would such definitions be made.

    It’s absurd, ridiculous and laughable.

  • 3:54, the only thing “absurd, ridiculous and laughable” is your description of Manhattan geography.

    York Street made me do a spit take.

  • Having lived in the South Slope for many years I am distressed by the overwhelming changes in the nature of my street. Sixteenth street between 5-6th aves has been raped and it continues.

    The superficiality of the AMNY article is typical-very 7th Ave centric, yuppified and typically geared to hip types.

    I miss my favorite restaurant Jacks, not expensive not pretentious-unlike many new ones.

  • Oh, I’m so sorry. York Avenue.

    Yes, my whole post was ridiculous because of that.

    God, you are pathetic, 4:33.

  • Yep, it was. Go interview people in Union Square and ask them if they’re in the East Village. And not your NYU classmates.

  • God, why every time there came some interesting topic and useful discussion, it ends up some hostile comments and personal attacks?
    Just stop using the discussion bord as the output of your life stress! If you are happy with whatever your income you’re making, you do not have to be so proud and put everybody down! I’d rather read the change about South Slope or something than how much money you and yor wife has been making—and disdain whoever not making as much as you.

    Besides, I live South Slope and I love it here. It has changed so much last 3 years or so, as people said–and things are getting more expensive. By the way, I know the realter who was interviewed and I know he was a total asshole to some of his tenants. He’s obviously playing high to get more rent or price for his apartments…

  • South Slope has gotten more expensive.

    It also has substantially less crime and abandoned buildings.

    Which would you rather have?

  • 4:53 = guy who hasn’t been laid in 10 years.

  • There you go, the personal attack…just cut it out.

  • 4:33,

    which of the new south slope restaurants are pretentious? they seem pretty down-to-earth to me, and i think they are a welcome addition to the area.

    yes, 16th street has had problems, especially with a-hole contractors/developers, and I know someone on that block who has a damaged house to show for the changes, but i’m happier here now than i was four years ago. and the fact is, my friends house is worth lots more because of all the new activity and interest in the area.

    funny you mentioned jack’s – i went there once when i first moved to south slope and the service and food were so bad i never gave it another shot.

  • For all of you neophytes to the South Slope – you have not lived through good times, then the bad times and now the good times as the homeowners who put down roots many years ago and stuck by their neighborhood. These people are truly New Yorkers who have seen a blue collar middle class area go to the pretentious, ill mannered white collar set.

    Most of you can only talk about the last three to five years when the transformation had already begun to take place long before. I want to hear your support for the area in three years when it becomes so overcrowded and all the surrounding services cannot keep up with all the new condo construction. Keep supporting the area when all those who inflated the real estate prices by taking exorbitant mortgages cannot refinance homes when they need to and either foreclose or take a huge loss which will impact all of you.

    However, I wish to thank all of you who have made me glad that I was a pioneer as my home is now my retirement income and then some.

  • 5:25…are you always this bitter and jaded or does that come from being a “true” new yorker?”

    god, we can all wish to be so true as you.

  • Puff piece. South Slope is fine and its amenities are improving but most of it is really ugly. It looks and feels nothing like Park Slope. As for claims of a 20-minute commute to Midtown it takes 20 minutes just to get out of Brooklyn. Latinos have not left South Slope and Sunset Park. There may be a bit less than before but there are still a lot of latino residents and plenty low-income residents too. Which is fine, nothing wrong with it, so why make a point to obscure that fact? To sell more condos?

  • To 5:37

    Jaded – no
    Bitter – No
    Honest about the South Slope – Yes

    I am truly very happy that the money has rolled in as I stated you have all given me a tremendous nest egg. No one who has lived here over 20 years could have imagined that we would have done gotten such a massive return on our investments. We stand to lose nothing versus those who will abandon at the first moment of a downturn.

    We believed in this area and stood by it when you were still a baby. We lived through the drug dealers, the crack addicts, all the abandoned business.

    You are the type who only wants en vogue – which is what the South Slope has become.

  • Lived in the South Slope since 2004. Love it. There are many beautiful streets and there are some that aren’t so nice but 14th to 9th is great between 5th and the Park and 15th and 16th are nice from around 6th to the Park, especially 7th ave to the Park. Commute is around 45 minutes to Rockefeller Center, door-to-door.

    Never venture north of 9th because there’s no reason to.

  • “Never venture north of 9th because there’s no reason to.”

    wow, you’re a real loser. so you never go see a show at union hall, southpaw, shop at beacons closet, been to al di la (one of the best restaurants in nyc), go to brunch at miriam, shop at flight001, explore bob and judy’s antique shop, go to the brooklyn museum, greenmarket, library?

    you sound super fun!

    btw, the historic and most beautiful section of park slope is above 9th, but you don’t really sound as though you’d have much interest in anything outside your 5 block radius.

  • 7:24: I’d rather encounter 10 crackwhores, addicts and drug dealers before I’d want to meet you.

  • hi,
    i was the poster at 12:56 that sparked a war it seems – yikes

    What’s crazy to me is that I read someplace the median salary was about $55K in park slope, so am shocked to hear sooo many people on this blog make more than $200K a year. What does everyone do for a living that affords them these lofty salaries?

    yes, combined we make $95K. I make $75K and he works part time as he goes to school. I work in the ent biz where frankly I make comprable $ to my friends who are 32 working in marketing, so kudos to you if you are 32 and making $200K combined, considering you are not a lawyer ot broker/finance type.
    My husband was actually born here in park slope and has lived here his entire life. I moved here b/c of him and I love it.

  • i love park slope too, 8:09.

  • I am 19 y.o. and have a four-inch penis. I own in the slope and earn my living working the line at the local Studebaker factory. Union job. It may not require a PhD, but it has SOUL and it pays the bills, ya dunderheads.

  • The southen border of South Slope is now 23rd Street.

  • if everyone hates the slope so much, why does the border extend 5 blocks every year?

  • 11:37 – your right! People living on 3ed avenue can say that they reside in park slope as well as those living on 23ed street!

    North slope is the real deal! others are posers/wannabees.

  • who cares about the names of neighborhood, except for brokers and real estate people, for names sake—as long as the nabe has what you need? 23rd is 23rd, whether it’s called SP or GH…