LPC Gives Trader Joe’s the Go-Ahead

Although Two Trees confirmed last week that the slow-to-materialize Trader Joe’s at Atlantic and Court was all fact, no fiction, we still had no idea why the store was taking so long to become a reality. Now we know: The grocer’s plans had to pass muster with that merry band of preservationists known as the Landmarks Preservation Commission. As it turns out, TJ’s original application to make minor tweaks to the old Independence Bank building was incomplete, but the store submitted additional documentation a few days ago and the LPC green-lighted the application, according to a Landmarks spokesperson. (The biggest alteration to the building involves the installation of an HVAC system on the roof.) Time to put the No-Joe rumors to rest forever? We hope so.
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  • Alright, already. Bring on the chow.

  • I bet the Landmarks commish had issues with them wanting to paint the building orange.

    ; )

  • all those 3 million dollar CG brownstones just went to 4 mill.

  • Over/under on them being open for summer?

  • there are rumours that they won’t be open for the 2009 season.

  • I live around the corner from a Trader Joes in Westchester County. You will absolutely love it.

    But given the population density of brownstone Brooklyn and the dearth of supermareket choices, the lines will be out the door.

  • 9:51– i don’t see how it could take so long, as they gutted the place months ago. unless its all a paperwork issue?

    i can’t wait!

  • “merry band of preservationists”! What is wrong with you people? If LPC had more funding, staffing and power, brownstone Brooklyn would be better preserved. Keep talking out of two sides of your mouth. Your credibility is sorely tested as is.

  • Um, 10:03, don’t think that reference was meant at a swipe at the LPC–just a light turn of phrase. Also don’t think our preservationist cred is really in question.

  • There is nothing wrong with questioning why the Landmarks Commission takes so long to process permits that should be in and out in a few days rather than a few months. It seems the more staff they put on, the slower the permit issuing. There is a management problem there. The young staffers are micro-managing projects and the veteran staffers are not managing at all.

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    When the aforementioned is avoided, the comment page(s) frequently create a robust discussion among posters—I’d just suggest trashing the “sign-in as guest” option for those who’d like to post. It’ll improve the site.

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  • off to a running start i see.

  • I still can’t figure out why Trader Joe’s is so slow to open stores in NYC. The Union Sq. store is always mobbed and shelves are empty by the end of the day. I thought after the opened U.Sq. they would have more stores in the pipeline. They have a great reputation and word of mouth is excellent. They are waisting a great opportunity by not doing a full fledge rollout.

  • Someone once told me that Trader Joe’s got their Union Square Space at below market rents… as a subsidy from NYU. It was kinda like a gift to the commmunity. This enables TJs the keep the cost down on goods…

    Does anyone know if this true? Why wouldn’t TJ just pocket the difference?

  • Trader Joes could get lower rents further out in Brooklyn in neighborhoods where they would certainly get plenty business, AND importantly, room for a parking lot. Fairway does well even in a more remoate part of Brooklyn because it has a parking lot. You’d think the grocery chains would learn something from that. So I don’t pity the big chain stores for having to pay higher rents. The only reason this happens is because they weren’t smart and strategic enough to be on the first wave of businesses in a neighborhood. They’re followers. And being followers they have to pay higher commercial rents.

  • Typo – that’s “remote” in my post at 1:26.

  • I’m glad posts are getting back to the substance. I, too, wonder why Trader Joe’s hasn’t figured out that they could make money from having a half dozen stores in downtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods. If Target has figured out that they can do well opening another store just a few blocks from their first one in DT BK, others should learn from their experience. Not that grocery retailers should adopt a bodega or Starbucks on-every-corner approach, but they are certainly leaving money on the table. Any ideas why?

  • Target also opened a store way down Flatbush, further South. At least that company is capable of recognizing not just rich white people buy things. Hilarious.

  • Because, 1:43, corporations are headed by unimaginative suits who “only like other people’s girlfriends” as the saying goes. Something has to be done or liked by someone else before they can do it or like it. A neighborhood has to be already invaded by other businesses and plenty competition before they move into it. Then they whine about the high commercial rents.

  • Dude, the Atlantic Center Target has TONS of black folks shopping there. Rich white people don’t shop at Target.

  • 2:02 you are an idiot & you are hereby cursed and will be hit by a car/truck/bus/train & die.


  • I don’t know about the more remote parts of Brooklyn, but Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights is a “Fresh Direct” and “Chinese take out” sort of place. Not a lot of recreational shopping and cooking that I can see. A lot of folks pick something up in Manhattan on the way home because by the time they get to Brooklyn it is too late to shop and you’re too tired anyway. Things could change, but the area is not that full of foodies. The prepared food section will do well, especially if they deliver.

  • Actually all the rich white people I know shop at Target, 2:02. The point is it’s not limited ONLY to rich white people. It’s smart for Target to know that and venture further South on Flatbush, when a lot of other bigger chains are only just now hearing about the already established commercial areas of downtown Brooklyn and Park Slope.

  • Where is the Target “way down on Flatbush”? As far as I know there’s only one Target in BK, and it’s at Atlantic Center. Hardly “way down” in the geographic sense.

    Not to start another war, but does anyone think that the coming of AY is going to force some better retail at Atlantic Center?

  • There is another Target in brooklyn in the Gateway Center off of the Belt Parkway. If you are driving to JFK on the Belt you will go right by it. The other big Target is in Queens Center Mall.

  • I’m rich and I shop at Target. Wait a minute, I OWN Target! Thanks for shopping!

  • I’m rich and white. I must be really awful.

  • Yay! Now I can go and buy my G-d damned habañero pistachios without having to drive to Queens and LI!

  • So much agitation and aggression on this board. Guess that’s what happens when Brooklyn starts getting populated by non-native New Yorkers who think that by virtue of their presence alone, Brooklyn is better. I liked my borough a whole a lot more before you arrogant, self-absorbed tourists moved in.

    -signed: 3rd generation Brooklyn Heights native-