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  • Whats with the exposed plumbing in the corner? It always sounds like the brownstoner owners are the first to attack new construction not being “legal” or “up to code”.

    At least scarano knows that pipes go inside the wall.

  • omg, I like that bathroom but ENOUGH! I worry you guys have spent all your energy in there and won’t have enough to give to the rest of the joint and actually get it done

  • that is really cool – great idea and great execution. It was interesting to hear the thought process and I think the result is great! thanks so much you guys for opening up your reno like this.

  • I am very happy that you continue to feature this bathroom. I love seeing the progress and absolutely love the way it is turning out. I also prefer the videos sans Mr. B.

    Congrats Peter and Mrs.!

  • Very nice renovation.
    Thoughtfully and carefully done.
    Did they need to do any work on the exterior?

  • 10:50, I assume the pipe in the corner is heat. At least it is my bathroom and about 99% of the apt/houses I’ve lived in in the city.

  • Very cool to hear the brains behind the execution. Thanks for sharing.

  • Please tell me you are going to cover up the no hub cast iron and the copper supplies!!!!

    Tell your plumber to use all real chrome under the sinks including the supplies and make sure it is perfectly centered and spaced otherwise when you sit on the john it will drive you crazy.

  • I really like it. Anyone can go into a tile place and order tile and get someone else to install it. They used creativity, and came up with a unique pattern and then did it themselves. They have every right to be proud of it, and to linger over it. This is the best time to see it without toilets and sinks and tubs in the way.

    Contrary to what someone said last video, I don’t think they will get tired of it soon. I’d be patting myself on the back everytime I walked in. I really like the black woodwork, too. If it’s going to be painted, I think the black definitely looks better than white would have – way too stark and antiseptic. Another good design choice.

    Since they are both architects – somebody hire them, they obviously have talent. Looking forward to seeing the completed bathroom, as well as more of the rest of the house, as it gets done.

  • what happened to the survey results from last week?

  • I know it’s a lot on the bathroom! But that’s what we got right now. Stay tuned for other developments.

    As for the exposed pipes, that was intentional. G and I prefer that to seeing boxed-in pipes and soffits all over the place. You always know what’s inside the boxes! The pipes had actually been boxed-in to begin with, so we removed that. And we actually worked hard to leave the pipes as unpainted and raw as possible. We just like that look.

    – Peter

  • Great job and thanks for sharing it!

  • survey results tomorrow

  • Peter, do you have an equally hot and handy, but single, brother?

  • Can you please tell me how you removed the linoleum tiles from the hall. Do the tiles contain asbestos? I have a similar situation and am considering putting new hardwood over everything – sort of burying the problem, but would prefer the 19th century floors…

  • You might want to consider contacting the guys at SoHo Modern for advice. They are experts at Brownstone renos.
    There site is here: http://www.sohomodern.com