Making Friends on State Street

statestreetsignage3.jpg The folks now living in the recently-constructed townhouse on State between Nevins and Bond aren’t exactly making friends on the block, it appears. Over the weekend, they decided to do a little jackhammering, much to the chagrin of the some neighbors. “What the hell were they jackhammering in a basically 6 month old house?” asks the tipster who sent this in. Has to be either for the cellar or the backyard, we’d guess. Did anyone have the pleasure of hearing these shenanigans? Any other tales of particularly inconsiderate neighbors this weekend? GMAP

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  • Interesting how all the signs were written by the same color pen and the handwriting looks like all the same.

  • Yeah, looks like the chagrin of the neighbor, singular. Was that also the tipster who sent the photo in?

    Also, isn’t construction on weekends, at least Saturday, legal?

    Finally, if “some of us work at night,” then “some of us” should have accepted by now that daytime construction is going to suck for them, weekday or weekend.

  • whats wrong with jackhammerring during relative hours? i mean wtf, go back to wisconsin ms. light blue marker!
    in texas at least i think you can shoot someone if they tape stuff to your door.
    it looks like harrassment from my angle

  • Wonder if the tipster was the same person as the one who clearly wrote all the notes, too.

  • What a bunch of budding Sherlocks!

    Wow! I’m impressed. did you guys figure that all by yourself? Geniuses!

    BTW, what are relative hours?
    Are there stipulated times that the in-laws can visit? Who knew?

  • Summertime is when most construction takes place. My block is one of the quietest blocks in Cobble Hill, but there has been loud work going on all summer, get used to it. Those signs look like it was written by a college student in a dorm room, the tape on the door will most likely ruin the finish. Why didnt the complainers just go over there rather than hide behind notes?, and if they are written all with the same handwriting,like the above poster said, who’s to say other people on the block cared and arent already used to it?…to the person who wrote it…how long have you lived in your apartment?…looks like theres no sympathy for you, grab some earplugs,

  • Someone missed their meds.

  • You must have a specific variance permit to do construction work on Saturdays. I found this out the hard way when I was issued a stop work order on a site after my GC insisted that our standard permit allowed us to work on Saturdays.

  • One person speculates the tipster is the note-writer and in the space of two posts speculation becomes fact. I guess its par for the course in blog comments.

    I’m the tipster, not the note-writer.If, after all the bombardment my ears have taken from bands’ sound systems, I could even hear construction noise a block and half away from my house, I’d actually say, “Hallelujah, it’s a miracle!”

  • I didn’t even notice, even all the tape is the same on the notes. What a jerk, writing all those notes to make it appear a groundswell of anger. It’s one annoymous jerk who doesn’t even have the temerity to just try talking to their neighbor who probably lives right next door.

  • “311 knows what you’ve done”

  • “311 Knows What You Did Last Weekend”

  • Why would they be in the city on a weekend in the summer anyway? Don’t they go to the Hamptons? Or are they poor? Gross.

  • we dont care- I was actualy sleeping at my switchboard when you called, you woke ME up!

  • My first reaction to this was to find it a hilarious little dust-up. But it’s true: duct-tape adhesive can be really destructive–I think the complaining neighbor here is being a whiny little shit. I also think it would have been nice for Brownstoner to obscure the exact house number on this door. It’s entirely possible the homeowner here is more a victim now than the noise-sensitive neighbor. (Not that anybody likes listening to jackhammers, of course–worse sound ever).

    But come on, folks–isn’t this site all about real-estate and improving homes and hoods? It’s true that hardcore construction is supposed to be confined to 9-5, M-F, but let’s get real. A DIY-er or somebody with a busy work schedule should be given a little slack to do a noisy project after hours, within reason, once in a while. This guy was probably removing one of the many thousands of nasty, hideous concrete patios in Bklyn’s backyards– and for that, he should be applauded.

    Does anybody know this guy and what his project was? And how long and late he was jackhammering?

    See you in the Peoples Court.

  • Yeah, whoever posted the notes seems like the jerk – not the jackhammer’er. Just knock on the door and discuss like a person.

  • Since this is new construction (or at least almost total reconstruction) recently complete I doubt concrete patio.
    Person’s retaliation certainly not appropriate or mature but unless knowing what other measures were taken hard or what exactly project or noise was can’t say too much.
    BTW – I don’t see any new DOB permits for work at that address.

  • Sorry folks, I am not the owner or in any way involved with this bldg….but you have the right to do construction on Saturdays and Sundays as of right in a one or two family homes. I think the hours you can work are between 10-4 on the weekends. Seems like somebody got woken up on a weekend morning and didnt have the sense to speak to his neighbors and/or get on the computer and research the DOB guidelines. So now where are the real “bad neighbors” living on State Street is probably what the people at this bldg are wondering.

  • While the response of the neighbor leaves something to be desired, this could have been avoided had the jackhammer-er simply a) adhered to the law, and gotten permits or b) told the neighbor what was going to happen, and try to make peace in advance. Instead, as is typical New Yorker behavior, it’s “I do what I want and f-you if you don’t like it, why don’t you move back to Kansas, etc.”

    There is a huge difference between some random hammering doing fix-it stuff, and a jackhammer ruining your weekend hours.

    Just because we live in a big noisy city doesn’t mean big noisy behavior is OK. There are laws regulating the noise for a reason.

  • 11:07 is right…but do we know if this is a one or two family house? And do we know the hours of the jackhammering?

    I still maintain though that a little courtesy shown by the jackhammer-er, while obvs not required by law, could have gone a long way in this situation.

  • to anon 10:54–But come on, folks–isn’t this site all about real-estate and improving homes and hoods?

    no, it seems to have become a for brooklyn, brownstoner hasn’t posted anything regarding renovations for a very very long time.
    but if you want to read about a sign posted in red hook about someone not picking up after their dog, you can read it here first!

  • I lived at 410 State Street until two months ago. I have to say that block was ALWAYS loud – that’s one of the reasons I moved away. There seemed to be perpetual roadwork and construction noise during the day, and loud crazy and/or drunk people yelling/singing on the street at night.

    My guess is the note writer is new to the block and has to do some getting used to the area.

  • we don’t even know if there was a jackhammer.
    And it is a 1 family house.

  • Even if they were in the wrong, at this point if I were the jackers, I would hammer every freaking day just to piss off little miss whiny pants and her post-it-note douchebaggery.

    Knock on the goddammed door, you idiot.

  • seriously people, when have you all started worshiping at the DOB alter? Why would you care if your neighbor has a permit or has no permit for his interior renovations (or even exterior ones for that matter). As long as the work is done in a safe manner, who cares? If he had gotten a permit to work on Saturday and was jackhammering, would that make the jackhammering any better? Get a life – DOB for the most part just makes renovating and maintaining your house more expensive than it should be.

  • you can jackhammer all you want on a weekend during the day. not my problem that you sleep during the day and work at night.

  • Just wait until the house of detention opens, a lot more neighbors will be complaining

  • If the guy wasn’t jackhammering a concrete patio, well, what else could he have been jackhammering? Jackhammers aren’t useful for much else than breaking up concrete.

    Also, I live in a single-family house, I do a lot of the work on it myself–within daytime hours only–and I sure as hell would not pull a permit to do a little patio project on my own. That’s silly. Maybe it’s required by DOB rules (is it?), and I do comply with those rules to a reasonable extent. But come on–DOB probably wants you to pull a permit to install a toilet. Not gonna do it. I also sometimes turn right on red–I’m just that lawless. :)

  • It’s kind of creepy, actually. even if the “bad neighbor” was at fault, this is a disturbing way to grind an axe.

    next time just call 311, leave the complaint, and leave the packing tape and sharpies at home.

  • if i was the new neighbors. i would put up a bear trap for the moron neighbor who put up all the notes.

  • The DOB allows you to work at any time required providing you have the correct after hours permits. Saturday work permits are easy to obtain. Sunday work permits are difficult and you have to usually write a letter as to why the work must be done on a sunday or late at night. The easiest way to get a contractor to stop after-hours work is to look on the after hours permit and read the description of work. It they are jackhammering and the permit says “unloading material” then you can call 311 and hopefully an inspector will come out to shut down the work temporarily. However you should not expect this, the inspectors are working with on a 2 month backplog to 311 complaints.

  • brownstoner, are you running out of things for your post? tipster ? what a revelation,someone is making noise in the cit.this is ny. if you arent awakened by jehovah witness knocking on your door at the crack of dawn, then it is the neighbors barking dog, utility meter readers, loud music from passing vehicles,garbage trucks,traffic towing cars and on and on. as one person stated, if they were given notice prior, does it make the noise any less bothersome? my neighbor is powerwashing their home and building new steps, i dont set my alarm clock lately cuz when i hear that generator going off i know it is time to get off. just another part of city life you have to deal with.

  • Let’s not forget…this could have been emergency work going on here. Whatever the case, the owner should have at least explained the situation to his neighbors…Just like when you let your neighbors know you’re going to be having a party…It’s common courtesy and common sense.

  • lol….i meant time to get up :)

  • Perhaps its a Brooklyn Law student freaking out about tomorrow’s bar exam…

  • This discussion brings up a related question re: neighbors, and since you’ve all thought this out so well, maybe you can help me come up with a solution? I live on a block where most of the old timers are gone (back in 1982 I was the new kid on the block) and we’re on our second and third wave of renovation/development, you name it.

    The problem? None, except that NO ONE SWEEPS THE SIDEWALK. Some offenders are tenants, some are new co-op owners who probably think the city comes out and sweeps for them. We’re on a busy corner and there is a LOT of crap. I find myself sweeping the entire block.

    New neighbors – who are paying more than 20 times for a coop (with a private street entrance) what we paid for an entire building – are moving in soon. I would like to be friends with my neighbors, yet I’d like a little company with my solitary sweeping.

    You might think the cost mention is a non-sequitor, but it’s not. The attitude my husband and I have encountered from other high price newcomers is that we aren’t quite “good enough” for them and probably shouldn’t even be talking to em. I guess we’re just hippie dirtbags.

    Anyhow, do any of you Brooklyn Law students have an idea how us hippie dirtbags should communicate with new comers next door about sweeping the sidewalk now and then?

    I’ve considered making up a fictional block association and giving them a dustpan and a little broom with a bow on it as a housewarming gift, but that’s about where my creativity ends.

    Got any suggestions?

  • The response to the noise was so immature … and possibly,
    the nitwit damaged the finish on the door with all that duct tape.

    On the other hand, it’s generally considerate to give your immediate neighbors a “heads up” if you have to plan repairs that involve heavy odors (floor refinishing) or noises…

  • Landlords are responsible for the cleanliness in front of their properties. Common charges for condos should be going to things like that. The dustpan/broom idea is comparable to taping signs up to their door telling them they are bad neighbors.I have been living on the same block for over 20 years, one family houses have turned into multifamily dwellings, leaving the block with very little sense of community, its just the way it is. On my block you can be living next to someone 10 years and never know them. There are blocks that are more community oriented than mine, and maybe setting up a “real” block association would be an idea if you really wanted to form or develop a true sense of community.The state street thing above is funny, because normaly the block seems to have the nicest front gardens, and at least a sense of visual pride.

  • I would’ve throttled the jerk if it was my front door for all the reasons that everyone already had brought up. What a heel.

  • Anyone know if the dev site (prior to this weekend) was a “good neighbor?” If not (illegal work, after hours work, etc.), the neighbor(s) may be reacting in good form.

    I agree 110% in the ability for one & two homes on weekends from 10-4pm (which is also the allowable DOB variance permitted work on permitted construction, Saturday’s only). Much work done by the Mrs. and myself on our humble abode.

    Including breaking up our “Brooklyn Style” concrete backyard. Easy clean up with a hose, but not if you want a garden & patio. With sledge hammers, though.

    While I agree with Bren (above), I think it’s ultimately up to the circumstances as to how this new development affected the neighbors quality of life. Ultimately if the work is too loud, call in a 311 DEP quality of life complaint and go for a walk…

  • “Landlords are responsible for the cleanliness in front of their properties. Common charges for condos should be going to things like that. The dustpan/broom idea is comparable to taping signs up to their door telling them they are bad neighbors.”

    That’s what I was afraid of, 12:44. I do know common charges SHOULD be going to general housekeeping, but no one but me has swept out front in the past two years, so obviously they aren’t. (Their garden needs weeding and watering too). Maybe they should pay me the common charges : P

    Seriously though, I need a good and tactful way – I’d like to just invite them over for a drink or coffee or something but then to introduce an agenda seems a little asshole-y.

  • um, i live next door to them and that drilling is supposedly for the school across the street. something about getting their boiler in shape before the next school year. last conversation i had with them, the drilling was making the people at 418 as crazy as the rest of us.

    that note writer is a nutbag. ooooh i want to find out who it is!

  • Is this this house on state that always has nasty notes taped up to it? There’s on new construction house that I walk by all the time, and it always has some note taped up about how the new house is a bad neighbor for some reason or other…

  • I feel your frustration dirtbag,..I cant really offer any further advice. I have a business on atlantic ave, and the landlord pays one of his tennants(or gives them a break on rent) to sweep in front of all his buildings on that bock regularly, not that the condo dwellers would do that. Who shovels in the winter?, i guess that should be the same people who sweeps in the fall/ spring…i guess you could try calling 311, or a polite note to the landlord, If it gone undone for awhile, it might be hard to get ol landlordy on track.

  • Hippie Dirtbag–

    I know (almost) exactly how you feel. I have a neighbor who has let her yard become so overgrown that the only place she has left to sit is a small ‘platform’ on the side of her house. All day long, and many nights besides, she sits there listening to an all-talk radio station. I’ve tried talking to her–I even suggested that I’d help her clean up her yard so she could sit somewhere else; I offered to buy her headphones. This past Saturday, she left the radio on out there and left the house!

    Personally, I don’t think the fake block association and the present of a dustpan and broom is such a bad idea. However, now that you know the law, I’d just mail your neighbors that. Or, I’d just start sweeping in front of my house and sic the sanitation police on ’em. A few fines and they’ll get the message.

  • From what 1:17 and 1:23 said, this sounds like one particular house getting harrassed by a crazy neighbor and it’s been going on for a while according to 1:23. The owner of this house should go to their local police precinct and file a report, and ask the cops to talk to this neighbor. This is harrassment, to find angry notes on one’s door all the time like this. If it ever escalated, there would be record of the notes with the local precinct.

  • “some of us work at night”

    so, i guess construction should be done at night then?

  • Dirtbag,
    I sympathize. Is beyond me sometimes, especially with the new condos, how little they pay attention to outside of building.Litter, leaves, whatever – just walk right on by. Luckily the coop building on the block seems very concerned about their property.
    The all rental 4 family next door— tenants can’t even be bothered to pick up the stupid flyers and free papers left on their stoop. Just walk right over them.

  • I saw the pamphleteer working yesterday afternoon. I think it’s very much in the spirit of new york.

    scuttlebutt is, the owner of 418 called 3-1-1 to complain about the weekday jackhammering in front of the Coy L. Cox school across the street from the house. somehow they had the pull to get the construction to move all their work to the weekend, in particular, a weekend when they were away.

  • well then, good for them. the anger should be directed at those who honored their request. not at them for asking. why shouldn’t they have asked?

  • i walk past this house frequently. there’s also a resident in a nearby building who watches tv at max volume at all hours. you can hear the set from halfway down the block.

  • it’s a sad state of affairs when this thread gets 51 comments, and the ones regarding the homes sit with just a handful at best.

    is this turning into curbed?

  • this is what hppens when you combine Brooklyn Record with Brownstoner, I’m not bitching, i read both, just saying.

  • Hey neighbor, did you know that your packing tape could ruin your neighbor’s door finish. Not that they don’t deserve it. I mean after all they came in and they bought a house for over $2m that was just a vacant piece of dirt and now they want to improve it. What nerve. But watch it with the tape, because you never know what type of sander they might use on that door or when it might start a blowing.

  • 3:13, what are you talking about? this thread is about a dispute between neighbors about construction noise, and the comments generally are on point.

  • this thread is about a single crazy person posting a bunch of ridiculous notes on a door.

    on topic??? how could there be THAT much to discuss.

    sounds more like gawker to me.

  • I could hear this a block away in the wee hours on Sunday morning. I actually had to get up at 4am for a triathlon anyway so I wasn’t annoyed, but for people who want to sleep normal hours this would have been really disruptive. It’s not too much to ask that people refrain from doing construction in the middle of the night.

  • Tell that to the illegal day worker getting 100$ a day, sending it to his family a million miles away while he sleeps in a triple bunkbed three people deep, i doubt anyone else would do that kind of work “in the middle of the night”. Whoever was doing the work illegal or not probably wanted himself there the least..

  • Except, 6:14, the ranting notes on the door indicate that the work was during the day, not night:

    “Some of us work at night!!! Thanks a lot!”

  • Did ANYBODY read iddelz’ post at July 23, 2007 2:40 PM?

    I have no idea whether his/her statement is factual but, if it is, then it really does sound like a jerky thing for the townhouse owner to do. And, yes, when I took the photos the mere presence of the notes still on the door at noon on Sunday, plus the multiple advertising flyers resting on the doorstep, did suggest to me that the owners weren’t at home. I’m just surprised that this nugget of information which may explain the situation went totally unremarked upon.

  • 6:45–i think “some of us work at night” could well mean that the person was trying to work at home but could not because of the noise. that’s how i read that note anyway.

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  • 8:24 – could be; my read was the opposite… they work at night and sleep during the day, and thus was complaining that she couldn’t sleep on a weekend (Sunday) day, though she normally could, as that kind of work

  • Pray to the Lord and let your neighbor jackhammering his brains off.

  • I dare you to go and post your stupidity this weekend again, smart ass.
    Someone will be specting you, and ready to teach you manners.

  • inhand:

    Best. Post. Ever.

  • haha that loong Jane post is the funniest I’ve read all month. B-SToner I gotta dmit this place is crazy :)

    ok ok so I’m the jackhammer – shees wadya make of it all – I just a tryin to break into this darn safe in Jane’s bedroom. Darn can’t get any respect!