Dumbo Triangle Gets DOT’s Signature Green Paint

Remember the green bike lane in Brooklyn Heights we discussed last week? Well, it seems that the Department of Transportation has really taken a liking to this color of paint. While we were abroad, the recently-crafted pedestrian triangle in Dumbo received a similar green-washing. It’s definitely an improvement but, as you can see, there weren’t a lot of people taking advantage of the new public space yesterday at lunchtime. Perhaps when the weather gets a little cooler.
Dumbo Pedestrian Plaza Project On Record Pace [Brownstoner] GMAP
Less Parking, More Sitting for Dumbo [Brownstoner]

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  • goofy! so this is like the cheap cersion of public space landscaping?

  • Before this thread gets as off-track as some others I have seen, please remember that this is the TRIAL lay-out. If made permanent, the final design will not look like an urban putting green.

  • I think it is very charming. This color brings a little flavor of the islands to dreary old Brooklyn. Trinidad and Tobago: eat your heart out.

  • 10:43: but aren’t they trying out what they intend to actually do if all goes well?

  • I don’t have any problem with a bright color but I think by making it green, it feels as though we’re not supposed to realize it’s not grass. I think a nice blue would be better and a more calming color too.

  • I like it, I think it adds a certain element of whimsy. True it’s not grass but its NYC, we don’t have tons of rooms for grass nor am I all that upset that the money that might go to maintenance of grass is *hopefully* being put into something more meaningful like the public schools. At least the bureaucrats used some imagination on this one!

  • I read on dumbonyc that it was going to be the arena for some kind of impromptu boxing match…


  • i think it looks quite nice.

    i can’t understand all the naysayers. it’s asphalt turned into a nice small plaza with plants. i can’t imagine what there is to bitch about.

    but this brownstoner.

  • 10:48, it’s not so much a trial design as a test of the traffic pattern, use of the site, etc. 11:25, this ain’t nothing…imagine if this was on Curbed. LOL, pete.

  • With a beautiful state park on the waterfront why in the world was a decision made to transform a necessary parking area, under an incredibly noisy train, into an open air space? I have not seen one person sitting there, and why should they! If air is what you want, the park is 1 block away.
    I don’t think those seeking a noisy, dirty respite number large. Bring back the parking!!! We need it.

    Ironic how fast they were able to install a completely useless space when there are so many necessary street repairs in the area.

  • 10:43–oh, i see what you mean. it’s not too bad looking i guess, but will anyone ever hang out there? i imagine it’s pretty damn noisy there.

    the dumbonyc thread posted by pete is pretty hilarious (i guess depending on one’s sense of humor).

  • We attended open house at 133 Water this past Sunday and walked right past this sucker. It had me scratching my head since it looks so weird and unfinished.

    Your right about the noise. I can’t imagine having any sort of relaxing moment here since the trains go right over your head every few minutes on the bridge.

  • yes, trains, noise, urban grit etc. are what make dumbo, dumbo. if you wanted a quiet spot with trees, you’d live in park slope.

    i think it will be a great place to go have a smoke, eat some lunch. judging it’s use by a few 90 degree days is asinine.

    and to the poster who says go 1 block to the park, 1. is it really less noisy over there? and 2. by your theory, prospect park is just a few subway stops away, why build anymore parks in brooklyn at all??

  • i think they should of made it a mini skate board park. would of been perfect. the noise doesn’t matter to the kids lol.

  • as a dumbo artist, i demand to know the CMYK value of the paint color

    and if you dont know what CMYK means, then u dont belong in DUMBO

    i live in JCondo and i have many friends

  • why not black iron fencing, similar to other nyc parks and “greenspaces”

    pavement color should be charcoal with fake cobblestones painted in

  • looks like an upper east side cafe wantabe. give me a break. this is boring. what about getting artists involved in creating some decent art for the site. astor place cube is awesome in that awkward open space. and by artists i don’t mean necessarily the type of “artists” that can afford condos in DUMBO. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a trustafarian…but it’s unclear if location and money = great art.

  • I think this bike lane looks great, although it seems like you’d have a hard time traveling in anything but a medium-sized circle, or I guess a triangle. Maybe you could do some figure-eights. At least there are no cars parked in the middle of the plaza. Maybe they should line all the bike lanes with planters and tables…

  • > Before this thread gets as off-track as some others
    > I have seen, please remember that this is the TRIAL
    > lay-out. If made permanent, the final design will not
    > look like an urban putting green.

    What will the final layout look like? What will replace the green paint? Belgian blocks and an iron fence, I hope?

  • isn’t that scarano’s office in the background? where are teh protesters?

  • This sort of thing, with the potted plants and “green” paving is antithetical to the character of DUMBO, which is a historic manufacturing district. I think this is why it looks so depressingly bad.
    The more one looks at it, the more ridiculous it looks. I hope someone will come to their senses and propose something more in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. Let’s try to work with DUMBO’s special sense of place, not try to counteract it.

  • and the j condo, beacon tower, west elm and starbucks are in keeping with the flavor of dumbo?

    how are a few potted plants, some chairs and a trash can not, may i ask??

  • too late Sam
    DUMBO no longer has character (see 1:25)

    i’m surprised they didn’t build a jungle gym

  • I rode over to take a look and got confused, thought it was a bike path and rode in circles for hours

  • The new towers are regretable, but they are private developments. This is supposed to be a public project in the public realm.
    A sculpture garden could be a better idea for instance. I know that public sculpture is more of a Manhattan thing. But it should work here. Anyway, the potted plants are from hunger.

  • I saw several groups of people hanging out there on Saturday and Sunday. I think it’s cute.

  • “it’s a start,” there has been very little thought about the final design, but DOT did express interest in restoring the Belgian block, pursuant to a request from DNA.

    12:36 and Sam, see my earlier post.

    And just for the record, I know what CMYK refers to even though I don’t live in DUMBO, but it didn’t result in my having lots of friends.

  • Bet they aren’t testing any cooky crap like this in Manhattan.

  • Actually, the DUMBO site is like the twin of that big intersection of Gansevoort and Little West 12th and 9th Ave near Pastis in the Meatpacking District. Good idea to use both spaces for traffic control reasons, but it might make more sense simply to plant and landscape it, kind of like the medians along Park Avenue, rather than expecting that people will actually choose to hang out there.

  • OK. As long as it’s just a place holder for something better to come.
    Belgian Block is good, with granite curbs and heavy bollards. It would be a great place to showcase the work of a local artist.
    Or for a cool work of art specifically commissioned for that spot.

  • Another wasted idea by Tucker Reed and the DUMBO BID. Hey DNA, where are you? Or is it that you guys don’t have anything to say anymore? It sure does seem like it.

  • Anonymous 1:45 PM that was too funny! :)

    I hope that some sort of safety barricade will be put up, or fencing of some sort to keep folks a little safer from cars and trucks.

    Artist 12:17PM I admit I had to look up CMYK, now I too know what it refers to… so there! :)

  • artist at July 18, 2007 12:17 PM
    and also Anon at 1:45:

    Hilarious! Thanks for the humor.

    Hey, they should get ‘artist’ to do a real painting over that green, since it’s dumbo. I lived in Dumbo with my boyfriend for several months, and he had been there for a really long time. But we moved a few years ago. Anyone know if Pedro’s is still there?

  • Turn that plaza into a garden. Plants do n’t care about noise, and the mere sight of well maintained greenery will be calming.

  • I totally agree with you, Putin. This could area easily be turned into a Manhattan-style corner lush park with some seating.

  • Bad reporting. This triangle was painted green before the bike lanes. So the DOT didn’t take a liking to, it already was.

  • Where’s the splasher when you need him Get rid of this vile shade of eastern european bathroom circa 1981 pronto.

  • I think this is a great idea but it needs to be “designed”. If they hired some people to make movable structures that didnt just looked like they were “plopped” down on some bad paint it could be a really good model for the city to adopt. It makes for a very flexible space and I am sure the upkeap on it would be alot less for the Parks Department then those “green spaces”

  • Why not get rid of the green painted floor area and use a natural material, like Belgium Block or brick for the floor. There would be enough of a demarcation from the cobblestones, and the overall look would be integral to the surroundings.

  • Why not get rid of the green painted floor area and use a natural material, like Belgium Block or brick for the floor. There would be enough of a demarcation from the cobblestones, and the overall look would be integral to the surroundings.