Ward’s Bakery Parapet Collapses As Demo Starts

wardscollapse1.jpgABC News is reporting that at 9:45 a.m. this morning a portion of Ward’s Bakery collapsed onto Pacific Street as Forest City Ratner’s demolition of the historic structure got underway; the parapet (the edge along the roofline) fell onto a portion of the sidewalk that had already been cordoned off, so nobody was hurt. (Curbed has a good photo from a neighboring building.) Concerned about the stability of the structure, city officials are evacuating the residents at 800 Pacific Street. ABC News estimates that up to 350 people could be displaced. Can you say “Bad Karma,” Bruce?
Section of Building Under Demolition Crashes onto Street [ABC News]

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  • i’m not worried, since ratner obviously cares so much for the people of brooklyn.

  • I witnessed the aftermath — thank goodness no one was walking past the building when this happened. They would surely be a goner. The chunks of masonry were huge. All the residents of the adjacent homeless shelter were evacuated. Women with babies in arms and many young children could be seen standing around on Dean St. I hope the city will find somewhere for those families to go. Especially since there have already been complaints by residents of Dean St that the asbetos abatement going on at the Ward Bakery is being done in a very sloppy way. Not a great enviroment for young kids. Meanwhile, Forest City Ratner will no doubt get over their embarrassment pretty quickly. This could help them in the eminent domain lawsuit since their defense is based on proving that the buildings are “blighted”. Yeh, looks they did a great job of blighting this one! Also overheard someone say it was very unusual for such a long stretch of cornice to collapse like that. “Usually they fall off in smaller chunks” was his comment. Hmmm.

  • t is literally criminal for Bloomberg and the ESDC to allow this voraciously greedy and desperate developer to continue without oversight. Already in the small amount of work he has done in the footprint, Ratner has racked up one illegal demolition fine, shut the water off for residents, collapsed a street and now this. Imagine if he were given a free hand.

    No doubt Ratner’s spin machine is hard at work – I predict that Ratner will use this accident to justify razing Ward’s Bakery on the grounds its structurally unsound.

  • I heard Dan Goldstein and his DDDB minions were out hammering away at the parapet last week. I can’t believe it took this long to fall! Way to go Dan!! Sock it to ’em!!!

  • The beginnings of the AY legacy….stay tuned.

  • “All the residents of the adjacent homeless shelter were evacuated. Women with babies in arms and many young children could be seen standing around on Dean St. I hope the city will find somewhere for those families to go. ”

    What rubbish!!! Are we talking about the same poor homeless people that Pat Hagan and the Prospect Heights Action Committee called “degenerates” and tried to prevent from living in this community because they “would invite crime and drugs into the area”?!?! You guys didn’t give a damn about these women or children before but all of sudden when it serves your interest you use them as a human shield against Ratner. You guys are so pathetic it’s embarrassing!

  • The truth don’t lie. Ratner is a self serving tyrant.

  • It’s crazy that this building was all over the news just last month. Ratner already destroyed some buildings last year that looked fine because they were in danger of imminent collapse. It looks like he chose those buildings randomly, judging from this collapse.

    This building has been sitting there for years. This MUST be related to the recent work done by Ratner.

  • I heard a noise outside this morning.
    Thought it was news helicopters.
    It was, over the Atlantic Yards.
    Then that sound went away, replaced by another, more annoying sound …
    whining about the Atlantic Yards.

  • If you don’t take care of old parapets first they leak, then they fall, c’est la vie.

  • Karma would have been for it to land on him

  • Hey 5W30:

    Atlantic Yards does not bother me.
    Does your conscience bother you?
    Tell the truth.

  • This is really bad news for Ratner. He can’t blame this on Dan Goldstein, and he is supposed to take care of his own properties. Who is overseeing the ESDC/FCR?

  • It would be better karma if Bruce were walking underneath. I’m sure he never sets foot in Brooklyn

  • To think that I walked past that just three days ago-what if this paraphet would’ve held up until this weekend or when someone else was walking by? Forrest City “Rat”ner is making our worst fears come true.

  • oversight? who mentioned oversight. We know enough by now that it will probably take 10 or more innocent pedestrians becoming seriously injured or dying before the city or state utters the slightest reproof against FCR. Remember this is a sweatheart deal. The judges probably have all been bought. Enough said. It’s probably best for everyone to stay away from this site for the next 10-20 years.

  • The broken angel catches fire and the DOB uses roughshod handcuffs to haul Arthur Woods, a 70-year old man, off to jail.

    Where are the necessary scaffolding for the Ward Bakery demolition. Work was begun, correct? Where are the scaffolding.

    As usual, the Bruce will skate by undeterred and callously indifferent to the health and safety violations heaped upon the residents of this community.

    Didn’t the construction fencing at Flatbush and Atlantic blow down and fall apart several months ago? And we expect this developer to bring quality construction to Brooklyn?

  • Those were some huge chunks of brick that fell. Check out the following links:


    Could have easily crushed several passerbys. I’m glad no one was hurt.

  • For a number of years there was a sidewalk shed along the Pacific St side of the building. FCR ripped it down, got a permit to replace it, and then — whoops — didn’t get round to building the new one before this accident occurred.

    You should also know that the asbestos abatement going on at other FCR owned builidings in the footprint is being carried out without any concern for the public. I walked along Pacific St to the Atlantic Ave subway this morning only to realize that asbestos work was happening on the roof of the one-story “Tasty Provision” building (nr the corner of 5th Ave). The sidewalk wasn’t closed off; there was no worker there to warn people; I saw no signs alerting the public of what was going on just feet away from us.

    The Atlantic Yards EIS promised that the ESDC would appoint an independent enviromental monitor for the project. But no one is aware that such a person exists or, if they do, how they can be contacted.

  • I agree with poster at 5:20pm. Why does FCR have no responsibility for public safety? I wonder if this warrants more legal action. Current residents of Prospect Heights are entitled to be able to safely inhabit their homes while his supposedly approved construction/demolition/whatever is going on. Any attorneys on here who can tell us if these homeowners’ rights can be enforced somehow?

  • This clearly shows that this building is blighted and needs to be demolished. I’m glad that Ratner is moving forward with removing these derelict buildings.

  • It would really be helpful if DOB socked it to Ratner. So high profile – make him an example and deter more rampant construction abuse and endangerment of NYC residents.

  • Fine FCR a $135 million so they can build the new arts library by BAM.

  • DDDB up to their old tricks again! Sabotaging a construction site to further your own selfish political gains? You guys are despicable!

    Someone just tell me how do I get season tickets? When’s tip off?!!?