Hope Street Bohemoth Sells for $26 Million

buildingA group called Hope Street Ventures has signed up to pay $26 million for the 113,000-square-foot building at 59-65 Hope Street in Williamsburg that is particularly recognizable for its exterior stairs. Not surprisingly, they plan to convert is to residential condos, most of which will be two-bedrooms. We remember visiting a loft here in the late 1990’s where the occupant had his motorcycle collection and repair shop just feet from the mattress where he slept. But it was a big space and, as we recall, very cheap! GMAP
Industrial Building to Be Converted to Condos [Multi-Housing News]

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  • well, i remeber going to a party in one of these huge lofts in wburg sometime in the 90s.

    the loft was so huge that even with 200 people going insane, the full-size half-pipe looked like a piece of living room furniture.

    space, the final frontier!

  • I think my favorite I-know-little-about-NYC line in the article was “Williamsburg is an up-and-coming area and comparable to Greenwich Village in Manhattan”.

  • no idea how much my friends were paying.

    but most of the struggling artists i knew back then 92-96 had long lines of credit with momandpop hanovers trust.

  • I can’t believe they sold that building! Actually I can believe it, but as most recent developments in W-burg it makes me sad. I used to live in this building in 2000, I was paying $500 for a huge room, probably about 400 -500 sq feet, I also had access to an equally enormous living room with a view of Brooklyn. On the downside I had little money, no furniture and the bathroom had the biggest waterbugs I’ve ever seen. I lived upstairs from the guy who lived in his bike repairshop and across the way from a tanner. There was a sweatshop on the top floor so i woke up to the sound of factory machines every morning. Also the view from the roof was amazing. Ahh, those were the days…