Carroll Gardens Pushing for Green Market

From blogger 423 Smith comes word of movement to create a farmers market on Smith Street between Second Place and Fourth Place. A local designer and realtor are leading the effort to secure the space and bring in Greenmarkets which already runs 54 markets throughout the city. So far, according to the Courier, the only dissension is coming from people who think the market should be in Carroll Park instead. What do the CG’ers out there think?
Smith Street Farmers Market [423 Smith] GMAP
New Farmers Market Eyed for CG [CG Courier]

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  • Hallelujah!!!! CG is in dire need of a place to buy a wide variety of FRESH, SEASONAL produce!!! I can’t wait! I personally prefer the proposed location at 2nd Place/Smith which I think would be more spacious than using the ball field in Carroll Park. I think cleaning up after the vendors might be an issue in the Park. Although I love the Union Square Greenmarket, a CG Greenmarket will be a long overdue and welcome addition. Next, let’s have a convenient local place to buy FRESH fish!!

  • While not I CGer (I’m a PLGer) I think Farmers’ markets are great ways of enhancing a community. We are trying to get one in PLG on the weekends in the newly redone section of Lincoln Road between Ocean and Flatbush. Good luck to these organizers!

    Kudos to JB also for the Photoshop job on the imaginary CG market above :-).

  • Just wait…the complaints will come…a lot of my FG neighbors HATE our farmers market…their complaints:

    -Idling early morning trucks
    -Limits PARKING on saturday
    -Poor clean up

    Sad but true…

  • those complaints make it all the better to have it at 2nd and smith – which is already a bit desolate – instead of the crowed carroll park. I say, bring on the Veg! it beats driving to rossman’s

  • About time. Closest GM is in Cadman Plaza, a long roundtrip hike in the height of summer. Market should absolutely not be in the park, it is already overused and it would bring back the rats. In the meantime, I have joined the Cobble Hill CSA, and am looking forward to a weekly bushel of tomatoes….

  • cocco, I love the ch csa and will be back this year, but there are no bushels of tomatoes! last year we had almost none. it’s up to the weatherman.

  • Wussy-ass yuppie bullcrap. Put the local guy out of business while you put a dollar in the pocket of freagin Farmer Brown in Jersey. Hey, maybe Old McDonald will sell you a nice fresh pepper, but is he going to machine-slice it and shrink-wrap in on a green styrofoam deli tray for you? No! You gotta go to Pop for that, jerkoffs!

  • I think a farmer’s market is great idea. I know they are getting one in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on Lincoln Road (by the park). These are quite good for Brooklyn.

  • Is this supposed to be along side the subway line wall on Smith? Doesnt seem like a lot of space? Am I way off here?

  • Isn’t there also a greenmarket in the traffic circle by the Library on Eastern Pkwy?

  • Great, they wait until after I move out of CG to do this !

    I hope it has better selection than the Borough Hall one, that one has baked goods and apples/apple cider and not much else.

  • I really don’t understand those who have a problem with the FG farmer’s market. I’ve lived across the street from it for two years, and it’s really not noisy or dirty. Sure, you can’t park there on Saturday mornings, but it’s not as if that’s a time when parking spots are at a premium. And it’s not as if it’s in front of people’s homes–it’s across the street!

  • I’d love one in Crown Heights too. The produce tastes better and is less expensive than the local stores. Not that I don’t want to support them but if I’m paying close to $4 for tomatoes I would like them to be fresh and have some flavor.

  • Bx2Bklyn, as usual, you have stunned all of us with your penetrating insight.

    Please, I beg you, say something else about buying tomatoes…

  • I think that it’s the perfect place for a Farmers Market in Carroll Gardens! And who doesn’t want fresh produce?! Ever since our grocery store closed getting anything other than stuff from Fresh Direct has been difficult. Help your local farmers!!!!

  • Well said 04:31 PM. We\’re all tired of her crap. People have to learn to THINK, THEN post.

  • You’re lucky Lisa- Freshdirect doesn’t deliver here.

  • If I were a Freshdirect driver, I wouldn’t want to risk my life just to deliver your weekly order of Tiramisu. Get over yourself. These guys have families.

  • Stores like sweet pea on atlantic ave beat any farmer’s market in terms of price & quality in my opinion.

  • Ah, there’s nothing like walking through a greenmarket and actually SMELLING FRESH PRODUCE that doesn’t smell like the plastic it’s packaged in at the supermarket! CG has lost numerous greengrocers (whom I remember when growing up here), and the pickin’s we have now are really slim and pretty sad. The only places left where you can buy produce that hasn’t been suffocated by plastic wrap are Sweet Pea on Atlantic, Park Food on Court, and Met on Henry. Nonetheless, I think a greenmarket in CG is a great idea. The more choices we have, the better, I say!

  • In reply to the rude post by anonymous above, is the offensive tone really necessary. Do you really expect anyone to listen to your point of view as you spew insults at them?

    About “putting the local guys out of business”, these farmers are local guys. What, do you think they fly in for the farmers’ markets? They grow the food themselves and they drive in. In the meantime, “the local guy” you are referring to sells food that travels an average of 1200 miles and exchanges hands an average of 6 times before you buy it. In any case, if the local guy’s product is truly good and cost competitive, then the local guy should not fear competition. Competition is not unhealthy. It increases quality. Note, this is not competition from a major corporate supermarket.

    You totally lost me on the shrink-wrap styrofoam comment. If you think this is an asset for your argument, I have no comment.

  • I actually live across the street from the proposed site (you can see my apartment in the photo above) and am thrilled about the prospect of a Farmer’s Market. The proposed site is otherwise desolate but has the potential to be a really nice public space. And, we just lost our local supermarket so it would really fill a need, particularly for the elderly in the neighborhood.
    But I’ve already heard complaints, primarily about parking. God forbid we make use of public space for the community if it involves taking away the opportunity for a car to sit and do nothing.