Yesterday marked the final post on the Windsor Terrace Renovation Blog. In addition to be thrilled at Mrs. Limestone’s prolific nature, we, along with many others, have been blown away at what an incredible job she’s done on her townhouse. It’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that she was embarking on the top-to-bottom renovation of her 1910 limestone house. (For a look at the house pre-renovation, click here.) Anyway, best of luck to her and Mr. Limestone and thanks for playing along.

Here are some of the topics posted on the Forum today:
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Crime Around Bedford Armory in Crown Heights?
Iron Security Gate/Door for Sale
Removing a Clothesline Pole from Cement?
Help! DEP Not Cleaning Up After Itself
Trouble Painting a Bathroom Ceiling


We’ve been trying to think of the next area of the house we should focus on for reader-submitted renovations and finally received inspiration from yesterday’s post on the Windsor Terrace Renovation Blog: the vestibule. We’ve also been talking with Mrs. B about simple, inexpensive ways to make our own entryway look a little less haggard, so the timing seems good. So bring on the photos and descriptions of what you’ve done in your vestibule and why. We’ll start running submissions next week.
Gussying up the Vestibule [Windsor Terrace Reno]


Over on the Windsor Terrace Renovation Blog, Mr. and Mrs. Limestone are debating the relative merits of the standard round toilet versus the more faddish long bowl. Mrs. L favors is a traditionalist while Mr. L is leaning towards the comforts of the more elongated model. Taking a break from contemplating the graver questions of our time, we thought we’d see where the Brownstoner community stands on the issue.

Bowl Poll [Poll Daddy]
Battle of the Bowls [Windsor Terrace Reno]


Ooh, are we jealous! Since our salvage infatuation hit us after we already had young kids, we’ve never been able to get away for a good old fashioned architectural salvage road trip. Over on the Windsor Terrace Reno Blog, Mr. and Mrs. Limestone took a tour de force through New England recently, hitting such hot spots as the Old House Parts Company in Kennebunk, Maine, Portland Architectural Salvage, and White River Junction-based Vermont Salvage, among others. Awesome!
Architectural Salvage Romp in New England [Windsor Terrace Reno]


Not sure how we’ve gone more than two years on a blog about the home without mentioning Martha Stewart. But now Mrs. Limestone, in yesterday’s post, finally has. The reason? She used a Martha technique of boiling off old paint to strip her old doorknobs and plates. Awesome! Something tells us we’re not going to be the only ones following suit this weekend. Check out the WT Reno on the link for play-by-play photos.
Boiling doorknobs ala Martha [Windsor Terrace Reno]


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got another reno blogging team on board and they’re off to a roaring start. Mr. and Mrs. Limestone just closed on their 1910 limestone house in Windsor Terrace and, judging from the pics already up, the place is absolutely dripping with architectural details. Their plan?

Total renovation of the kitchens and baths. Add a master “suite” with bathroom and closets. Create a kitchen/dining room on the parlor floor. Restore the details that can be saved like the doors, floors, etc.. Replace what can’t be saved with house appropriate choices. Get it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Toilets that flush. Windows that open and close. Ceilings that don’t leak. You know, the usual.

We can’t wait!
Windsor Terrace Reno [Brownstoner]