LICH Developer Plans Two 50-Story Towers in Cobble Hill to Offset Cost of Hospital


    The firm chosen to develop the Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill is planning to build two 50-story residential towers to offset the cost of keeping a full-service hospital there, according to a report in Crain’s. The height would certainly be taller than anything seen before in the neighborhood, where LICH buildings currently rise to about 12 stories.

    The report was based on documents and emails from a financial advisor to the project, said Crain’s. Brooklyn Health Partners downplayed but did not deny the report, saying that it is not yet “focused” on the residential part of the development. “BHP’s sole focus is closing with the State University of New York so it can begin to provide medical services to the citizens of Brooklyn, as promised,” said a spokeswoman. “When the time is appropriate, we will sit with the various community stakeholders and discuss how we will build a 21st-century collaborative product that all of New York can be proud of.”

    The firm envisions a 40- to 50-story condo tower on the site of a large parking garage on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Hicks Street, pictured above, according to the story. The building would be 20 percent affordable. There would also be a rental tower, 40 percent of which would be affordable. “We are spoon-feeding our deal to de Blasio,” said one of the partners in an email about the proposal. The proposal seen by the public during the bid process did not specify the height of the residential buildings, but said merely that there would be 1,000 units built on open space and the garage site.

    To secure the deal, Brooklyn Health Partners must deliver a nonrefundable deposit of $25,000,000 by May 4, “or the state will negotiate with the Peebles group,” said Crain’s.

    50-Story Towers Eyed for LICH Site [Crain’s]

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