Demo Continues on Halsey Street


    Check out this Flickr feed of the ongoing demolition at 834-836 Halsey Street. The badly damaged yellow home on the left, 836 Halsey Street, is totally gone at this point. But as for 834 Halsey Street, our tipster wonders: “It looks [like] they are trying to save 834. There appears what looks like some sort of stabilizing feature being introduced into the building from top to bottom. I am not an architect or structural engineer, but it is obvious that this — as well as weatherproofing on the north side of the house — is taking place (where 836 had connected to it).” You can see a detailed image of the new siding on 834 Hasley here. The DOB has not issued a demolition permit on the property but there is a full vacate order. So it looks like No. 834 may be renovated and saved, meaning there will be no five-plot empty lot here, as we previously speculated.
    Demolition for Two Bed Stuy Homes [Brownstoner]

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