No Need to Leave Long Island City This Month


    If the snow leaves you stranded in Long Island City, don’t fret. Your entertainment plans are set for the next 22 days. On Saturday, you’ll attend a concert by Das Audit, an NYC-based instrumental ensemble with alto sax, flute, bass, guitar, and percussion, at SculptureCenter at 4 pm. About four hours later and just down the road, Dublin resident Susan McKeown, a singer/songwriter who specializes in traditional Irish music, will perform at the New York Irish Center. Take a few skips to the north and the west, and on Sunday the Dorsky Gallery will host a conversation between Chris Freeman and Jeannie Simms at part of a greater exhibit, The Body: Disruptions of the Intimate. Both artists explore the body as a site of memories and desires. Freeman will discuss how his awareness of the body and mortality affect his choice of art material, among other topics. Simms will describe her collaborations with Indonesian lesbian domestic workers to create portraits of their personal lives. Another photo and information from March 10th through March 28th are on the jump page.


    On Monday, The Chocolate Factory Theatre starts an 11-show run of Aaron Landsman: Running Away From The One With The Knife. With 8 pm showtimes, this performance piece about suicide and religious faith is a memorial and an exorcism for a woman named Christina. Utilizing monologues, repeated short scenes, and hastily scrawled signs, playwright Landsman tells the story of Christina’s sister and a monk who is their friend.

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    Top photo: The Chocolate Factory Theater; bottom photo: Chris Freeman/Dorsky Gallery

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