Second Borough Park Explosion Victim Found, Investigators Considering Suicide as Cause


    Investigators in Borough Park have found the remains of the second victim of this weekend’s fatal gas explosion.

    The deadly blast, which blew out the front of the three-story building at 4206 13th Avenue, took the life of 64-year-old Ligia Puello and one still unidentified other, in addition to injuring 13 other tenants. Francisca Figueroa, 48, is still missing.

    It took more than 200 firefighters to put out the blaze on Saturday, and rescue teams were unable to begin searching for Figueroa until Sunday as the site was still smoldering.

    According to NBC, Figueroa was allegedly in the process of moving out of her apartment, following strained arguments with her landlord.

    She’d also allegedly posted suicidal thoughts on social media, NBC reported. Investigators believe the explosion may have occurred when a stove in Figueroa’s apartment was improperly disconnected from its gas hookup. They are now considering suicide as a possible cause.

    [Source: NBC | Photo: Kate Leonova for PropertyShark]

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