Contemporary Addition Rises on 5th Avenue in Greenwood Heights


    This interesting addition is rising on top of a townhouse at 1 Woodrow Court in Greenwood Heights, at the corner of 5th Avenue and 30th Street. The little two-story brick townhouse is being enlarged with a third floor and 836 more square feet, according to alteration permits. The architect of record is Eric Safyan, and his website includes more construction photos and a schematic, which we’ve included after the jump.

    As you may recall, Safyan is also designing the new townhouse going up at 259 Hoyt Street we wrote about Monday.

    When this renovation is finished, the house will have a contemporary exterior, including a row of windows on the ground floor, the indented cube on the second floor, and what looks like an angled glass canopy over the front door.

    We’re not sure what the facade material is made of, but it appears to be riveted to the building, and the corners are interwoven like logs in a log cabin, according to the detail drawings on the architect’s website. What do you think of the design?  GMAP

    1 woodrow court plan

    Schematic by Eric Safyan

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