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Hi all,

Many of you gave me some good tech advice on an issue I am having re: a leak in a vent pipe on my roof. I finally went up there; I had remembered that the pipe was “recessed” (that was the drain pipe, duh….). The pic posted is the vent pipe. My idea of putting a “hat” on it was good, but it already has a hat.

So, my issue is more unclear. Why the hell is there slight leakage into two top floors???

I looked at the pipe and can’t find any cracks on the outside….

What to do???


Does anyone have any advice for sealing brick that has been previously painted and the paint has pulled off the glazed exterior of the brick. It is underneath the front stoop to the entrance of the garden apartment, and layers of just some of the brick have pulled away. It is not bad enough to have to replace the brick but realize the brick must be sealed. Any suggestions on how to treat the brick after the paint has been removed? Thanks!


Hi. I live in a new construction condo in Williamsburg. Basically there is a leak in my terrace and my builder has sealed the concrete slab. He thinks there may still be a leak coming from the exterior walls. He wants to apply waterproofing to 2 of the 4 walls that surround my terrace. I am really perplexed why he will do only 2 of the 4 walls. I asked him why and it basically comes down to effort. The other 2 walls are tall and he would need to get a permit and scaffolding. Also he told me that these 2 walls are made of eifs and they would be waterproof. I am asking to check on the validity of this Should I be concerned?


There is currently no connection between our flat brownstone roof and the leader or the downspout in the rear of the house. The previous owners did some work on the roof, removed the “cricket” (angled piece of roof which directs the water into the drain for the leader), and roofed right over the drain. Now the rain pours off the rear of the house in sheets and pools onto our patio. i have spoken with a couple of roofers, who all suggest removing the wooden cornice (which is rotting) and adding a gutter. This seems sad from a detail perspective. I am told replacing the cornice would add at least $5K to the project. Any thoughts on how to make this look the nicest? We’re thinking perhaps a copper gutter.


SO, this is weird, but I have this old vent pipe that runs up to the roof. I have no idea what it’s for. My issue is that there must be some sort of crack in the pipe somewhere, which is causing a small amount of water to run down my bedroom wall.

I thought about having someone weld some sort of “hat” on it to let it vent, but keep the water out, but from what I remember, it is recessed into the roof..

Anyone else have similar issue??


Has anyone used dry ice to remove layers and layers of paint from their exteriors? One of the bids that came in to restore the exterior of my brick and limestone home was using a dry ice method. My contractor is not familiar with the method (isn’t even sure it’s legal), so I’m hoping to get some advice.


Spring has sprung and its now time to face the reality. In the rear of our house our two window wells and basement stairs are collapsing due to erosion of the surrounding soil etc.

We are looking for a contractor that could handle removing the existing concrete steps that lead up to the 1st floor. Repairing and possibly moving the steps that lead to the basement. Repairing the window wells, and re-pouring the 10′ area of concrete out from the house. Any contacts or referrals would be appreciated.


So after spending A FORTUNE redoing our front stoop, I dropped a bottle of oil which smashed everywhere and seeped into the new brownstone stairs. it looks awful, and scrubbing with soapy water did nothing. any ideas?


I need to build a small concrete curb along the property line in our back garden, to prevent water flowing from our side into the neighbor’s yard. (The land slopes toward their side.)

Any recommendations of someone who will do a neat and nice-looking job, and maybe be a little creative to make it work in a space with a fence, gutter pipe, and French drain?

Would a concrete sidewalk guy be the right person? Or a general but skilled handyman?