Know a Great Contractor for Unusual Space?

We are looking for a contractor who is experienced with renovating buildings with lots of character and lots of damage.
We have a water damaged, balloon frame, double height, 35 x 50 building to be converted to a 2 family.

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  1. the crew from Heights Construction may fit your bill. They are easy to work with and will help you find ways to do what you want to do. They can also read Architectural drawings and co-ordinate well with all the trades. Call Abdul Feda,646 235-2767.

  2. I can second the recommendation for Rich Taglieri.
    I used him for a project in Manhattan and he was everything I wanted.

  3. If you are replacing walls, you want someone who can remove the old trim without damaging it, number it to record its place, then put it back. Sheetrock or whatever you use should be coated with plaster so it doesn’t look like Sheetrock. If the water damage has not affected the framing, you can keep the plaster and the trim rather than replacing it. The first coat will be a mix of plaster and joint compound and you must embed fiberglass mesh everywhere, or the cracks will come back. Next two coats are joint compound.

    Who you hire makes all the difference. I have heard good things about Rich Taglieri and Mike Crovatta from friends, although I haven’t used them myself.

    We used WCK Electric and thought they were great.

    If you’re moving plumbing fixtures, walls, and things, or spending more than $70,000, you’ll need an architect. They’ll put it out for bid.

  4. Hi,

    if you are looking for inspiration on your design and build, take a look at bischell

    Make sure the contractor understands your spaces and combines your design with value engineering for cost effective design.

  5. Talk to Ronald Baker of Baker Design Build. He’s a great guy, a really great contractor, and is always doing very interesting work.

    I’m an architect, and I’ve been using him for most of my jobs for years now, and I and my clients have always been thrilled with his professionalism and creativity.

    Ronald Baker
    (718) 404-4572

    Tell him I referred you.

    Jim Hill, RA, LEED AP
    Urban Pioneering Architecture

  6. Repair damaged walls, roof, and floor. Bring in all utilities. Build 2 bedrooms, kitchen 1 1/2 bath in each unit. new staircases to mezzanine and basement. boiler room. Add windows.

    Basically, everything while maintaining the cool esthetic of the building (wrought iron balcony, wood beams, cupola)