Bank Does Not like Window Grilles


    Has anybody run in to this: I’m trying to refinance a 2 family brownstone, but the bank is stuck on the window ironwork. They see it as a fire safety problem even though the apartment in question (garden) has two means of egress-front and back doors. They’re demanding a letter from someone official that this is compliant with the NYC building code (it is: only one form of egress required). My architect (RA) wrote one letter but it’s not “official” enough. Who could write such a thing?

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    1. tell them they are idiots for rejecting your architects letter and find a new bank.

      dont wate time with junior paperpushers and let your feet do the walking.

    2. Hurricane, my dear, it’s obvious that the underwriter causing all these problems would. The real question is what kind of people would put a person who is not in her right mind in a position to make important decisions that will seriously effect other people’s lives? Maybe they would all go for the window…

    3. I recall that my bank said that it was the underwriting folks who were causing the trouble with egress matter. Just clearly explain to them that if you have front and back doors, who in their right mind will decide to jump out a window if you are on the ground floor?

    4. Have the architect that signed that letter attach a his resume which shal another 6 glossy pages and shall use all different code terminologies and that may help. a city agency will never ever give you such a letter. You may write uo a CCD-1 to DOB but don’t think that will help.

    5. Who is the bank? Sometimes you get a rooky underwriter that wont sign off on the bars because they just dont know what egress is. If there is an open floor plan and front and rear doors your good. If bars are on bedromms, they must be removed or a quick release must be installed. I have a cheap, good guy in brooklyn who can have the bars down in a day. His name is Dwayne, he is the owner of Brooklyn Security and his number is 718-755-3034.

      Tell him I sent you.

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    6. Thanks to both of you for responding. Hurricane, that is exactly what I am trying, complete with citations from the NYC building code, Fire Code and the LPC–the only thing missing is the 8×10 glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one. What is really maddening is that this is after this particular bank borrowed 3 billion dollars from you and me and the rest of us in the form of federal bailout funds. I may be in touch with you, Adam if this falls through.



    7. Yes, this happens with a lot of the lenders. Citimortgage is really particular about it.

      I have a few banks that I sell to that don’t care if you want to talk.

      -Adam Dahill