Free Mahogany Hand Rail


    I’ve salvaged 24 feet of what looks like mahogany hand rail from an 1880’s Bstone. It is free to anyone who will use it (not sell it). It is a heavy rail, about 5″ at the bottom and about 5″ high. one piece has the “gooseneck” on it which attaches to the landing newell. I could not let it go to the landfill.

    good condition.

    Pick up is in Middle Village. Delivery to Brooklyn is $40.00


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    1. Hello,.
      I am in need of a handrail for my top floor. I have discovered after I stripped the paint that the paint was the only thing holding the handrail together. I am very interested in your hand rail. I know Beggers cant be choosers….But do you have images of the handrail that would be great. I just wanted a visual to know if it could work with my existing hand rails.