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    Finally converted to gas heat from oil (Parkset Plumbing, so far so good) and want to fix up the basement as play area for children. A few months ago someone recommended somebody for this job (nothing fancy) but I can’t find the post. Does anyone have any advice or reommendations for this kind of job? Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Cobblekrill. I know this was your post, and so I realize I’m co-opting a bit. I’m sorry I can’t help you out with your question.

      I do have one more quetion maybe you can help me with. Is your basement an actual cellar that is totally underground? If so, what hurdles are you having to go through with DOB, permits, etc, to finish it? I’ve thought about finishing mine and I would just use it for myself, but don’t know what the rules are.


    2. I paid about $7700 for the conversion (4 story 20X40). I think Park Set was ok, they seem to be the go to people National recommends so I have to assume they are good. A few things. THe job is MESSY. They left oil stains on the blue stone out front which time will hopefully heal. It took three full days of banging around in the basement and I think they sited the boiler oddly so the controls face the back wall and it won’t be comfortable for someone to see them, but what do I know? The real test will be in the winter, when I need heat but the warranty lasts a year . Oh yeah. They did not get the air out of the gas line after the first day. Was having people for dinner that night. When I went to start cooking there was no gas. We ordered take out instead. But they did show up an hour later.

    3. I tried calling National Grid for a conversion quote but they said it varies since I would have to hire my own license plumber to take care most of the work. I am looking to convert to a gas from oil for a 2 family brick house in Bensonhurst, hopefully they can take care of removing that huge oil tank and have a total of 2 gas heater for each floor. Would it be doable for $12K? Thanks in advance

    4. Hey Cobblekrill, I think you can find the post you’re looking for if you click on your username when you log in. I think the post you’re looking for might be from 4/2/09?

      To “Oldlady” I went with National Grid for my conversion also, I paid a bit more to reline the chimney though. As for the asbestos removal, I think $1500 is a bit pricey for just 10 feet. Try Abatek Corp. (were listed and licensed as of a few months ago). They removed a lot more asbestos in several locations for around the same price

    5. Can you tell me how much you paid for oil to gas conversion. National Grid just gave me a $10,500 bid to convert a 4 story brownstone (3 family) 20 foot wide. That includes $2,800 to reline the chimney flue. It does not include possibly another $1500 to remove 10 feet of asbestos.

    6. Martin does excellent work, far better than anyone else I’ve worked with. Look at the workmanship, not the style of the installations. The fact that the photos on his website reflect the taste of some of his client’s isn’t his fault. The pics of the work he did at my house aren’t posted on his website but he created an entryway in the main hallway on the parlor floor of my house from salvaged materials that looks original to the house (1890’s). It’s beautifully and thoughtfully constructed.

    7. Martin Skusa just finished a bunch of work at my house. He’s incredibly talented and can tackle just about any job. He’s got a great eye, is creative, easy to work with and reasonably priced. Most importantly, he REALLY knows what he’s doing and can build anything. He just launched his website that has a section devoted to basements (click on the photos section). I highly recommend him:

      I will only work with Martin moving forward and I know other clients who feel the same way.