Retailers Near Barclays See Mixed Results


    Barclays has increased business at nearby restaurants and bars during events nights, but not so much at other shops, The Wall Street Journal found. Concert goers are bigger spenders than sports fans. “How much boils down to whether the main act is a Barbra Streisand concert or a Brooklyn Nets basketball game. The bottom line: Streisand fans are much heavier spenders than Nets fans,” said the Journal. But even if a place is packed, that doesn’t necessarily mean higher receipts for the business owner. When there’s an event on at Barclays, “my customers who would normally have come in will look and say, ‘It’s too busy in there, let’s find some other place,'” said Andre Jordan, a co-owner of German beer hall Die Koelner Bierhalle. The area is still changing, but vacancy rates declined this year on the blocks closest to the stadium, said the Journal. The retailer study was done by Forest City Ratner.
    Barclays Arena Gives Some Assist to Retailers [WSJ]

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