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The last major aesthetic decision we need to make for the house is how to finish the stairs. The linoleum has been removed from most of them, leaving us with what you see above. We’re going to keep the banister its current dark wood color and will probably paint the vertical back of each stair white. What do people think we should paint the stairs and the spindles? Keep in mind that the hallway floors on each landing are going to be natural wood with poly. Thanks.


While in Virginia last week, we visited a great salvage store at 122 East Main Street in Front Royal called Architectural Old House Parts. Run by a woman named Patricia Failmezger, the mid-sized store has a ton of good stuff for a whole lot less than you’d find in New York. We picked up a glass french door, a porcelain sink and several porcelain bathroom sconces. Well worth the visit.
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The kitchen on the second floor is hopefully only temporary–until we can afford to take over the entire parlor floor. So like many budget-conscious kitchen renovators, we went the Ikea route. We were very close to pulling the trigger on the red lacquer finish, but in the end made the safer choice of the dark brown wood Hallarum finish instead. We are splurging a bit on the counter, though, having it made out of some slabs of marble salvaged from an old theater in the West 40’s.
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We saw these 5-panel doors on Craigslist last night and almost grabbed them for ourselves but the sizes aren’t quite right. The seller has 10 of them, most with original hardware. They look perfect for brownstones though we think the price is a tad steep for a person-to-person sale. But if the hardware’s nice it could be a fair price. The seller is replacing them with new doors. Ughh!
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