Wednesday Links


    Food Start-Ups Find a Home in Brooklyn at the Old Pfizer Plant [NY Times]
    Foreclosure Deal Credits Banks for Routine Activities [NY Times]
    Judge Orders End to 16-Month Lockout of Flatbush Gardens Workers [NYDN]
    Phone Booth Blocks Pedestrians From Busy Downtown Intersection [NYDN]
    Dispute Over Bedford-Stuy’s Historic Slave Theater is Reignited With Arrest [NYDN]
    Domino Builder Gave $100K to Pro-Development W’burg Groups [BK Paper]
    ‘We’re on schedule,’ Says FCR Exec, But Doesn’t Sound Certain [AY Report]
    Survey: Deadly McGuinness Boulevard Is Out of Control [Streetsblog]
    CPEX Moves to Larger Office in Downtown Brooklyn [TRD]

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