Stinky Brown Goo Moves Indoors in Gowanus


    A stinky brown goo that residents say smells like “rotten eggs,” “poop” and “barf” is oozing out of toilets and sinks of homes and businesses in the Gowanus area. Streets in the area have flooded for years during storms, but recently the problem has moved indoors and is getting worse, according to a story in The New York Post.

    The problem is common during heavy rains, which we had last week, and is likely related to sewer overflow.

    “Just yesterday, I had to pull a drain out because there was a foaming goo coming out of it,” the owner of the Brooklyn Colony bar on 4th Avenue near Carroll Street told the Post. “It overwhelmed the whole bar. I think it was sewage. The smell was horrible.”

    Residents said they are concerned the 700-plus luxury units Lightstone is adding to the area will make the problem worse. The city said it is investigating the cause to see if it is anything other than “heavy rain in short duration” and therefore something it can fix.

    Stinky Brown Goo Bubbling up From Drains Around Gowanus Canal [NY Post]

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