Steiner Head Talks About Studio’s Big Picture


The Local ran an interview with Steiner Studios honcho Douglas Steiner about the Navy Yard facility’s plans for the future, particularly its big expansion that includes the creation of several new sound stages and its partnership with Brooklyn College that will result in a graduate film school. Steiner says five new production stages should be completed by next May, allowing the studio to draw bigger feature films and that they’ll “be able to do more outdoor sets that mirror key New York neighborhoods – Chinatown, Wall Street, Midtown, Brownstone Brooklyn.” Steiner also says that aside from the partnership with Brooklyn College, he’s also in talks with Carnegie Mellon for the university to bring “their entertainment technology programs here.” And, finally, this impressive stat is trotted out: The studio expects to have around 6,000 people working there within the next 10-12 years.
Beyond the Fence: Q&A with Doug Steiner [The Local]

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