Monday Links


    Brooklyn’s Home Court Advantage [NY Times]
    The Maestro of Flushing [NY Times]
    Greenpoint: A Factory Where Lox Is the Lure [NY Times]
    Bankrupt Interfaith Hospital Rehires “Mismanagement” Team [NY Post]
    Brooklyn Mansion Built from 1830s Schoolhouse [NY Daily News]
    Brooklyn Man Jumps in Front of L Train in Apparent Suicide Attempt [NY Daily News]
    Brooklyn Couple Makes Breakup Video to Announce Split [NY Daily News]
    Rough Ride for Arcades at Coney Island [WSJ]
    Zebulon Closed Because New Williamsburgers Aren’t Like Old Ones [Brooklyn Paper]
    Woman Dead, Seven Hurt in Gravesend Crash [DNAinfo]
    City Ads Send Shoppers to Businesses Suffering Since Sandy [DNAinfo]
    Plans to Proceed With Environmental Impact Statement [AYR]
    America Works Expands in Brooklyn, Queens [TRD]
    Photo by MarcusOfBrooklyn

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