McCarren Pool Park: How to Spend That $50 Mil?


Before McCarren Pool was landmarked last month, the Parks Department was already trying to take the pulse of Brooklynites to figure out what kind of offerings to prioritize in the impending makeover. Ideas that came out of the first design charrette back in June included creating multiple smaller pools, a space for outdoor concerts and a spot for skaters to do their thing. The dialog with the public is a worthwhile process, to be sure, given that the city is planning on dropping $50 million on the renovation. A group called the Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn (which has been working with both the Parks Department and Community Board 1) has been trying to bring as many views to the table as possible by running a survey on the issue. The are only three aspects to the future plan that are now a given: (1) the bathhouse and entry arch must be preserved; (2) there must be a pool; (3) there must be a year-round recreation center. To date, about 500 people have responded. Hopefully readers who live in the area will take a couple of minutes to give their feedback. Feel free to opine below as well.
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Photo by Endira Udal

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