Hooters in Park Slope? Residents Say ‘Fuggedaboutit!’


    Well now! “A move by Hooters to open near the new Nets arena has gone bust so far — but brownstone Brooklyn is melting down at the very thought of the risque restaurant invading their neighborhood. Hooters reps have been trolling through the stroller-friendly neighborhoods of Prospect Heights and Park Slope for a possible storefront — but local moms say they are ready for battle.” So begins a Daily News story about how Hooters, which has three other outposts in the city but none in Brooklyn, has been on the hunt for a space to open in Park Slope or Prospect Heights, near Barclays Center. The North Flatbush Business Improvement District says Hooters ain’t gonna happen in the ‘hood. But let’s have some more quotes from Park Slope residents! “Phoebe McGraw, 62 — who has lived on Bergen St. for more than four decades — described the eatery as ‘trash traffic.’ ‘From here they’ll go to strip joints,’ she said. ‘It’s heartbreaking. They’re destroying something special.'”
    BOUNCED! Brooklyn Folks Around Nets’ New Home Say Bra Humbug to Hooters [NY Daily News]
    Photo by Elitist Czar

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