Closing Bell: Pier Five Playing Field Opened Today


Today the Pier Five playing fields opened at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s a five acre space with three multi-purpose sports fields and playgrounds, as well as bait prep stations. The fields are adaptable to different types of outdoor sports and are lined by bleachers and benches. Twenty-six shade sails also line the northern and southern sides of the pier to provide cover from the sun. The Picnic Peninsula (now the park’s largest picnic area) has umbrellas, picnic tables and Hibachi-style grill tops. There’s also a 30-foot-wide promenade with, of course, views of downtown Manhattan. Talk about exciting news for Brooklyn Bridge Park, not to mention the impending completion of the Squibb Park Bridge. Check back tomorrow for up-close shots of Pier Five.
Pier 5 (Open) [Brooklyn Bridge Park]
Photo by Julienne Schaer via BBP

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