See The Video: Navigating a Home Renovation During COVID-19


    Viewers got an earful of information during a free webinar, Everything You Need to Know About Home Renovations During COVID-19, on Thursday, August 13.

    You can view the entire webinar here for free.

    The webinar featured Anna Karp, cofounder and CEO of Bolster, Jeronimo Aguilar Gutierrez, Bolster VP of pricing and procurement, and Julieta Dominguez, Bolster build manager.

    Topics included how much a gut renovation costs (about $400 to $500 per square foot for a full renovation), how to prioritize budget, duration of project, permits, codes and laws, and who you should hire first.

    As for COVID-19 considerations, Bolster recommends that families not inhabit the home during the project. “If the family is in the house, we follow all Department of Building guidelines to protect them,” said Anna Karp.

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    In terms of allocating budget, Bolster’s recommendation is to start with the structural elements — electrical, plumbing, mechanical, concrete and steel. “Do those one time and do those right,” said Jeronimo Aguilar Gutierrez.

    They also addressed the issue of landmarked buildings. “You’ll spend time on compliance, that’s why the pre-construction process is so important,” said Karp. “It’s important to be aware there’s an aded level of complexity.”

    Renovation company Bolster was the exclusive sponsor of the webinar.

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    [Photos via Bolster]

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