Summerbeat: Eat Meat, Drink Beer and Enjoy Ice Cream in Sunnyside on July 11th


    It’s one of those competitions in which everybody — and every stomach — wins. It’s also the chance to celebrate the two culinary icons of the season: BBQ and beer. This Thursday, five local chefs will spit-roast five meats — including whole hog, pecking duck and lamb — as part of the Summerbeat: Eat Meat, Drink Beer festival, organized by Edible Queens. At the same time, Queens-based breweries will quench attendees’ thirsts with samples of their suds, and artisanal food makers will offer ice cream and iced coffees to beat the heat. Some intrepid tasters might get the chance to try an ice cream beer float. The event will take place at Sunnyside Gardens Park, a 3.5-acre green space with one of the last remaining picnic groves in New York City. Details: Summerbeat: Eat Meat, Drink Beer, Sunnyside Gardens Park, 48-21 39th Ave., July 11, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm, $40, buy here. Participants include Alchemy Texas BBQ, Beyond Kombucha, Bridge and Tunnel Brewing, Big Alice Brewing, Canton Gourmet, LIC Market, Malu Ice Cream, Native Coffee Roasters, Odradeks Coffee House, Ovelia Psistaria, Rockaways Brewing Co. and The Arrogant Swine.

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