Traditional Music and Dance From Ecuador in Astoria on July 13th


    Put on your dancing alpargatas and get ready for a magical night of Ecuadorian music and choreography. This Saturday, more than 30 members of the group Ayazamana, which means “peaceful rest of the soul” in the Kichwa language, will perform a wide array of dances from Ecuador’s three main regions while wearing elaborate headdresses, colorful masks, straw hats and traditional outfits. At times, they will balance bottles on their heads while grooving to the sounds. On the same stage, the band Andes Manta will use marimbas, drums, guitars and wind instruments such as the quena to create the enchanting music that has reverberated through the Andes for thousands of years. (Many South American indigenous groups believe their music preserves their ancestors’ hearts and souls.) Details: Ayazamana: Music and Dances from Ecuador, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, 35-12 35th Ave., Astoria/LIC, July 13, 7:45 pm, $15/$10 children.


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