A Shrine Shines In LIC



    Choreographer Natalie Green used to respond “I’m building a shrine” while laughing at herself when people asked about her creative process. But after a personal crisis, the one-time Dance Theater Workshop artist realized that she really needed to build a shrine, abstractly and kinetically. So the SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory graduate crafted a performance piece as if she were building an altar, stacking crystalline images on top of dark ones, using expressive textures like vibrating, undulating, circling and pulsing. Tonight, the Chocolate Factory Theater starts its four-show run of Green’s first evening-length dance, entitled “I’m building a shrine.” Personal and expressionistic, this mix of devotion, loss, penance and destruction is meant to be experienced as a dream. Details: Chocolate Factory Theater, 5-49 49th Avenue, LIC, May 29 – June 1, 8 pm, $15.

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