A Movie Theater (Kind of) for Long Island City


    Last month, the Laughing Devil Comedy Club announced that it wasn’t selling the business and instead would undergo a renovation. We knew the owners planned to screen movies in the new and improved space, and they just announced exciting plans about their new movie screen. According to a press release, “Long Island City in Queens lacks movie theaters, and Laughing Devil Comedy Club set out to change that. This week, Laughing Devil is undergoing a renovation to install a 99 inch movie screen and a high definition projector in order to bring the theater pub experience to LIC.” Laughing Devil will begin screening classic comedies during brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets for brunch movies will be $7. They’ll also screen classic comedies on Wednesday evenings, only charging $3, and begin hosting sports nights on the big screen. In the coming months, they’ll offer an independent movie series, a documentary movies series and a children’s film series. Next year they will host an inaugural Laughing Devil Comedy Film Festival. You can see a schedule of all the coming films at the Laughing Devil website — the first movie will be Spaceballs on Saturday. Above, a shot of the theater installation in progress. The screen’s height will be roughly halfway up the wall to the ceiling.

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