Plans to Preserve the Queens Hospital T Building Are Still on the Table


    In late January a preservation group announced its plans to try to save the T Building, a 10-story Art Moderne structure possibly slated for demolition at the Queens Hospital Center. Well, it may be saved but its use may not be what nearby Jamaica Hills residents had in mind. Queens Courier reports that the Queens Hospital is still considering a proposal to build out housing for mental and chronic health patients here. When the proposal first surfaced it was met with strong resistance from nearby residents. But now, according to the Courier, “hospital officials hope to compromise and house fewer patients than originally proposed. The number is still up in the air, but a source said there would still be more than 100 patients.” There are other proposals for the building on the table, but it does look like this housing plan is front and center. No funds have been secured to convert the building, though.

    Last month, Community Board 8 approved plans to demolish the T Building, which is in serious disrepair. Queens preservationists hope to get the structure landmarked.

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    Photo by Karen Frantz for the Times Ledger

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